PS2, Halo 3 Commercials Best Of The Decade

Adweek announced their top picks for the past decade's advertising today. Television spots for Sony and Microsoft products received nods.

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Zalset3014d ago

Halo 3 commercials SUCK. UC2/KZ2 had so much better.

=D lol

electricshadow3014d ago

Both are very impressive ads.

Lifendz3014d ago

were one of the best of the decade. Stil a very impressive ad.

3014d ago
rockleex3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

The PS9 commercial!!!


Lifendz3014d ago

That's it. Just an amazing piece of work that went into that commercial. I was hoping Sony would do something similar for KZ2 because Epic really nailed it with that.

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devilhunterx3014d ago

And what about Uncharted ads? Sony's It Only Does Everything ad?

callahan093014d ago

My favorite video-game commercials of the decade would have to be the ones for the first couple of Ratchet & Clank games. Those were really creative and funny.

kewlkat0073014d ago

were pretty good I'd say. Funny as hell....demonstrating the different weapons in your

UltimateSin3014d ago

That Halo 3 commercial wins my vote. Dispise the game but love the commercial.

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