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New in-game Heavy Rain Screens

JeuxVideo has posted new in-game screens for Heavy Rain. (Heavy Rain , PS3)

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Sunny_D  +   2084d ago
MMMMMM, yummy.
J/k, lol. I'm not gay. -_-

But this is.
SnuggleBandit  +   2084d ago
hahahaha omg that was funny sh!t....looks like there's a fair amount of nudity in this game (EU version it is!)
Saaking  +   2084d ago
The game looks awesome. There's way too many great games coming out next year, it's gonna be hard to decide which will get GOTY.
FACTUAL evidence  +   2084d ago
Yeah, day one....well these "in game screens" proves that the graphics actually are godly...dayum!
dgroundwater  +   2084d ago
Is that... Alan Wake? What are you doing here you aren't on PS3 :0

All these screens look good.

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Kevin ButIer  +   2084d ago
Great game here...
Open mind for a new gen of gamming
deadreckoning666  +   2084d ago
When this coming out? I'm gunna cancel my Bayonetta pre-order and move my 5 bucks towards this game. In fact, I ain't buyin any multiplats in 2010. All PS3 exclusives! I can't believe I was actually contemplating buying Bayonetta over a PS3 exclusive. Ive seen the light =D
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MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   2084d ago
"can't believe I was actually contemplating buying Bayonetta over a PS3 exclusive. Ive seen the light =D "


where did that come from?

what this is what made changed your mind?

over this.

or are you trying to make a comparison of gameplay?
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mikeslemonade  +   2084d ago
This game looks good enough to be released now. The graphics will only get better because it's still months away.
ChrisW  +   2084d ago
I'm beginning to get this whole Shenmue feeling from it...
GVON  +   2083d ago
I've not read yesterday's previews (don't want spoilers) but it seemed that comments were extremely favourable.

"For about the first hour or so, if it weren't interactive, and the characters weren't polygonal, Heavy Rain could pass for a serious and intense modern-day police drama. Its ability to convincingly stage such day-in-the-life activities as waking up in an empty house and starting your day, taking a trip to the mall, or talking to the grieving mother of a murdered child is so engrossing, that I actually found it kind of jarring when some game-friendly, improbable crime-solving technology made an appearance. It's a very dark, cold, sad, and serious game unafraid to dwell on personal loss, alienation, addiction, and other uncomfortable aspects of the human condition. In a format where escapism and power fantasies are in particularly high demand, Heavy Rain is, least in its early going, an M-for-Mature game in the best possible sense."

My favourite screen

rezenu  +   2083d ago
Can't wait for this game. We've seen these screens before though.
Ravage27  +   2083d ago
need to stop checking out those screenshots, i want to avoid all possible spoilers.

MAG -> Heavy Rain -> WKC -> GOW3 -> FF13 -> ModNation Racers

makes me kind of glad GT5 got pushed back a bit, my wallet needs a break :p
ginsunuva  +   2084d ago
Holy Shat!!!!!!!! GOTY 2010!!!!

And, uh, was that the shower scene? Why is he completely devoid of hair on his body? is he a supermodel or something?!

LOL, and in one of the pics, the player failed at doing the right prompt to dry himself with the towel. YOU FAILED AT DRYING YOURSELF WITH A TOWEL?!? Come on!
Bathyj  +   2084d ago
Its not like the game is over.

Maybe it means you walk around wet for 5 minutes and slip on the tiles. Or dont.
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TapiocaMilkTea  +   2084d ago
Haha....unbelievable...there IS motion control at the shower scene......
Besides drying yourself with a towel, there should be a lot more interesting things to do that involves shaking the controller.
kaveti6616  +   2084d ago
Those screens look amazing, but if gameplay involves drying a guy off with a towel or having my character eat cereal one spoon at a time, I'm not going purchase this. What is this bull? Make a game, not a boring life simulation.
cyberwaffles  +   2084d ago
play indigo prophecy. that is all
Mikeyy  +   2084d ago
WOW, that game looks really good. Cannot wait.

Any idea about how long it is?
Saaking  +   2084d ago
It's gonna have a lot of alternative endings. Every decision you make will affect the course of the game thus giving it a LOT of replay value.
GVON  +   2083d ago
I think it's 20 endings,but because each scene has so many variables,or if you lose a character,you could play it multiple times to see every scene or possibility.
ginsunuva  +   2083d ago
Developers said around 10 hours. 4-9 hours if you get everyone killed.
foxtheory  +   2084d ago
WOW.....just wow....
Simply the best in-game graphics I've ever seen. The only game that can compete with this on a graphical level is Gran Turismo 5, and that comes out next year, too!!!
wxer  +   2084d ago
on the
}|{ P . S . 3 }|{
Dirk Benedict  +   2084d ago
I'll be playing this naked for a few obvious reasons.
omc_03  +   2084d ago
oh god
Zydake  +   2084d ago
You and me my friend.
RememberThe357  +   2083d ago
jalen247  +   2084d ago
I have seen a screen shot where you can see the red blood vessels in the eyes....talk about unparalleled levels of detail. This game has the most realistic graphics that I have ever seen.
r0s3b0wl23  +   2084d ago
Damn this looks amazing. Been waiting for a game like this that mimics real life in scenery and emotion.
jalen247  +   2084d ago
I would like to see third parties get in on this action...Make the PS3 lead platform with extra visual polish if you have to...or PS3 exclusives will start to really leave other games in the dust because the gap between visual fidelity between PS3 exclusives and multiplatform/xbox exclusives is starting to be extremely noticeable now. First it was Heavenly Sword then Uncharted then MGS 4 then Killzone 2 then Uncharted 2 soon to be Heavy Rain and then GOW III and then GT5. Wow...I don't see third parties being able to compete for PS3 owner's dollars if they don't begin optimizing for their PS3 games.
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Zydake  +   2084d ago
Well this playstations 1st party devs response to the 3rd party devs " -yawn- http://vgtribune.com/wp-con... "
^,^Or they can accept some cash, churn out a couple episodes of DLC, and not work any harder at all.
ClownBelt  +   2084d ago
Think of this and Project Natal. Godly combination.
beardpapa  +   2084d ago
lawl. swaying hips and thrusting motions. hahahahaha
bpac123456789  +   2084d ago
That's actually a really good idea. This plus project Natal would be incredible. Imagine controlling your character using yourself instead of buttons. That would be a great addition to this game. To bad Sony isn't going to have something like that and too bad microsoft would never significantly fund a game that doesn't have mass appeal.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2084d ago
Sony DOES have something like that.

It's called the PlayStation Eye...

You know, that little device 4 or 5 of us actually purchased?

I love the thing!

Yes, it has 1:1 tracking.

"Natal" is great and all, but Sony has a one-up on MS. They have a motion controller also...or at least they will by the time Natal comes out. : )
RememberThe357  +   2083d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if it was motion control compatible
Seems like a good idea. Maybe they'll put in an update when the PlayStation Motion Controller comes out.
whothedog  +   2084d ago
I haven't looked at anything yet, I want it to be a surprise.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2084d ago
Potential GOTY 2010.
Zydake  +   2084d ago
I got 1 question regarding my descion of buying this game. Do we get to play with the character any way like left analog to walk and like x to walk faster etc OR is it like a game with movement of the left analog stick and x triangle square and circle are like some minigame scenario.
ginsunuva  +   2084d ago
L2 walks/runs, and the analog sticks are for direction and camera. The other buttons are for the "minigame" scenarios called prompts.
GVON  +   2083d ago
R2 walks forward (no matter the camera position)
Left stick controls head,

it supposedly it works like a racing game,but it means they can switch the camera at any time and it won't affect how you walk.
Zydake  +   2083d ago
Thanks for the info
GVON  +   2083d ago
No worries
here's GT's E3 vid,it explains how it works.


I would imagine the walk controls could be mapped to the L2
Tripl3seis  +   2084d ago
People open you're eyes see what the ps3 is doing this gen that's the power of the cell for you right there this game is gona be awesome the one of the best graphix I have ever seen on a video ever holy sh!t I'm sawrry but this game and ps3 exclusives are brakin boundries in the gaming industry left and right and also wait until you see god of war 3 now that game is gona blow peoples mind away just wait and see.
dirthurts  +   2084d ago
I really didn't think the current consoles could push that kind of detail. Amazing.
rhood022  +   2084d ago
Aside from the obvious similarities to Indigo Prophecy, this game is reminding me a lot of Shenmue.
Shakin' your junk with the sixaxis. Kinda like boob-jiggle, but you know.. Not. Like. Boob....jiggle..

Do I really want to walk a man through the few steps of showering?

Anywho, I liked these screens. Playing with your son looks fun, and non-violent. A breath of fresh air? I sure hope so. I can't get my mind off that tech demo of the casting session. Man. I hope they can pull you in like that tech demo pulled me in. Too effin' cool. I remember seeing it for the first time like 2 years ago or something, and IMMEDIATELY showed everyone I knew. It was THAT awesome. To be totally honest, that tech demo got me more excited than the infamous kz2 target render video.

Here's the tech demo in case some of you missed out on it a while back.

Jihaad_cpt  +   2084d ago
the gamer in me needs...
Yakuza 3
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

then I think I will be fine...
Those look like Japanese titles. Who cares about those anymore?!

(heavy on the sarcasm there)

DS is probably my GOTY. Japanese-developed game too.
SuperSaiyaJinX  +   2084d ago
she's pulling her panties down, she's pulling her panties down........
all was looking good till this....

http://www.jeuxvideo.com/im... Realism has it's draw backs or in this case draws down!
Doc Sony  +   2084d ago
So you play games to escape from the concept that everybody poops ? is that it ?

Game looks phenomenal by the way.
Bigpappy  +   2084d ago
Not a bad looking game
What I see people do in the game worries me. I figure if I am going to be spending my time drying a guy off and spinning a kid around, this game is not going to work for me. But, that's just me.
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Doc Sony  +   2084d ago
Well you don't have to dry yourself of or spin the kid around if you don't want to.

But there might be consequences later on if you don't. Consequences that may lead to your death eventually.

You may choose to not dry you hair properly, go outside with a wet head, catch a cold and sneeze in a situation where you need to be absolutely silent.

But even then you can do stuff to hold in that sneeze or let it go and deal with your situation some other way which will lead to a whole new set of consquences. Just like in real life.

Think about it: You yourself may very well already have caused a chain of events that will eventually lead to your untimely death or death of someone you love.

Thats the best part of this game.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2084d ago
It's about connecting to the characters.
Lavagasm  +   2084d ago
It's a shame the screen shots are poor quality. They make the game look muddy. I can't wait for some more official ones to come out. And more importantly the game!
_Eternity_  +   2084d ago
I hope
They v-lock the game, some of those screens are torn in half.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to this.
probably screenshots from a digital camera.
playnation  +   2084d ago
just awesome!
Sangria  +   2084d ago
I just would like to say to be careful with those screens. I used to work for JeuxVideo and their PS3 capture device always make blurry half-ass screens. Take a look at any other PS3 game on their site and you'll see that excepted for publisher screens, their screenshots are crap quality.
DevilWillCry289  +   2083d ago
I dont like some textures
If anyone notice, some textures and character models are low resoution and old. If you look at the textures of the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket pics, they have low resolution textures. I know some of you dont care about this, but I do.
AmazingBrian  +   2083d ago
I didnt really look at the screen shots but I have watched all of the videos on it. This game will be amazing.
jlemdon  +   2083d ago
1st pic is amazing!!!

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