Warner Bros. to Publish Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Worldwide

Following the unveiling of RockSteady's sequel to the incredibly successful Batman: Arkham Asylum this weekend, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today announced that it will be the worldwide publisher of the as yet untitled sequel. Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of 2009's most highly rated and top-selling video games, and was published by Eidos Interactive. The sequel is currently in development with Rocksteady Studios and remains based on DC Comics' core Batman property.

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kevco333049d ago

"as they should"

Meaning that it should be Warner publishing it? Or they should publish it worldwide? Or both?

Personally, apart from the PC delay perhaps, I though Eidos did a pretty good job bringing the first game to market.

koehler833049d ago

Eidos did do a good job. But Eidos isn't Eidos anymore, are they? Square Enix doesn't deserve a piece of this pie.

kevco333049d ago

True, I get your point, but it's still a lot of the same staff working at Eidos as there used to be. Just becuase the bosses have changed doesn't mean the publishing teams can't still do a good job.

bacon133049d ago

As long as they deliver a solid sequel the stellar Arkham Asylum, I don't care who publishes it. Just make it sweet!

NecrumSlavery3048d ago

Square is big on publishing now. They are trying to make up cash for their losses in sales for the last 2 years. All that will be rectafied through FF13.

Still Eidos did a great job, I hope WB gives Rocksteady a lot of leeway, because those guys really know how to run with the batman ball.

SpoonyRedMage3048d ago

Necrum, unlikely that FFXIII will be the game to alleviate SE's financial issues, Dragon Quest IX will be undoubtedly their most profitable game(likely ever).

SE will still be getting a cut of the profits from AA 2 anyway as they have a 25% stake in Rocksteady and might still have a deal with Warner Bros.

sikbeta3048d ago

WB can manage it, well I don't care, just give me the Game and I'll be fine

Noctis Aftermath3048d ago

SE lost money on the last few 360 games because of some exclusive bullsh1t, now they know they can't just ditch sony to try and make a profit.

darthv723048d ago

I still have yet to finish the first. Can't wait for the second.

Hate to ask (ashamed actually) do you defeat Bane? I am stuck getting my butt handed to me by this guy every time.

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user8586213049d ago

wierd, i thought it wud b Square publishing it but with WB on the cover aswell

deshon093048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

but with wb be such a large company it is rare that thay do co publishing same thing with there movies i was very surprised they did not publish the first one

deshon093048d ago

it time warner they are huge they can do it

tdrules3048d ago

yeah it said it on the teaser
how is this newsworthy *sigh*

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