PALGN: Blast Off Review

PALGN writes: "If you've got a PSP Go, there's a chance that you've checked out the PSP Minis store that appeared upon its release. Of course, if you've got a PSP Go there's a chance that you're a member of an elite alien conspiracy known only as 'The Manifest', but we've got a review to write so we'll just skip all these possibilities and get into it. The philosophy behind the PSP Minis are small, cheap games which have simple and addictive gameplay concepts perfectly suited to handheld gaming. Of course, the Go isn't the only platform they're compatible with, as regular PSPs and now even the PS3 can play these smaller titles. Blast Off made by Australian developer Halfbrick, takes the Minis' philosophy and runs with it, delivering a fun and addictive game, that doesn't outstay it's welcome."

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