Exclusive All-Pro Football 2K8 Trailer

The legends of the gridiron have all come together for a sports game of epic proportions!

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Diselage3882d ago

I still curse EA and the NFL for their deal but with game and games like it hopefully theres still a way to get my football on with out madden.

limpfalife3882d ago

This game is the true sequel to NFL 2k5 the animations look flawless. Even though this game does not have the NFL license it still looks great. Im buying this the first day it drops. 2k Football > Madden

ThaGeNeCySt3882d ago


FCOLitsjustagame3882d ago

Weather and field are unimpressive. The sidelines do look more livel (nice fan to keep the players cool). I admit I like the possibilities of the freaky over the top stadiums. I hope you can sort of design your own. Good to see officials on the field but the linemen look a little light. Whereas Madden everyone is huge in this game some look a bit small but all still look similar. Would it be that hard to have multiple body types in a game?

Mishmash193882d ago

yea, it looked like everyone had the same body frame. everyone (qbs to linemen) were all skinny and lanky. football players do have size. any way, i hope this can give madden some competition. i like both games, but i always end up only buying ncaa football each year. i have nfl2k5, and the last madden i bought was 2004 i think. any ways, im hoping a lot of new features r brought out in each game this year because these games have been lakluster on improvements over the past few years.

Snake_Doctor3882d ago

NCAA 08 > other football games

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