FFXIII Collectors Edition Confirmed

The Lost Gamer writes "I'm sure many would have expected there to be one, yet today Square Enix have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII is set to receive its own Collectors Edition - presumably for both the European and North American audiences."

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Sangria2871d ago

Square Enix Shop has plenty of quality stuff, from jewelry to figurines and plushes, no doubt this collector edition will be high quality.

Menech2871d ago

I hope the collectors edition box comes with the original Final Fantasy box art of just a symbol instead of lighting stuffed all over the front.

velcry2871d ago

Me: The 360 Collector's Edition probably has something of great value inside... maybe a PS3 version of the game.

Friend: Yea, and the PS3 version has this poster from E3 2006? It has the FF13 logo on it, and the words "ONLY ON PS3" at the bottom.

My friend and I, we're like a walking Gamer Zone sometimes haha.

vhero2871d ago

I agree they have quality stuff but this is S-E we are talking about.

Rt00272871d ago

Definitely picking up a CE for sure!
Though still debating on getting a import whether the JAP version will have english subs,
Anyone have any idea yet?

jc485732871d ago

sigh...I need start making money.

Dugglas2871d ago

You and me both need start making money! But then we wouldn't have the time to play.

sikbeta2871d ago

We are 3 now, but like Dugglas said, we wouldn't have time to play these games

GrandDragon2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Splendid Native 1080P Cut Scenes with seamless transition and undisturbed none compressed 720P game play, only possible on the PS3


Foliage2871d ago

The "Limited" Edition is once again exclusive to the 360.


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The story is too old to be commented.