The Gamer Scene - Bayonetta – Video Review

Another week another video review! This time its one of the biggest games of the new year, the near perfect Bayonetta! Join Dits and special guest star Silenthitoshura as they talk about the game that is getting perfect scores from many of the critics. What is TGS going to make of this? Sit back and enjoy!

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Rikitatsu3290d ago

This is one of the few games that came close to perfection, and it raised standards too.

Hideki Kamiya and the guys at PlatinumGames proved that the Japanese games still shines, this game reminds me of the old Capcom, in a good way.

Dits3290d ago

It is so much fun, and that's its biggest asset. No need for a deep involving story, just enjoy the fireworks display and smile. As ya say it oozes old Capcom and Sega which is never a bad thing

THE MAX SPEED 213290d ago

Riki my friend you remember what we both said the other day?

Only Fools Doubt the men behind DMC.

this game is only WIN.

Cold 20003290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I played the demo and really enjoyed it, far from being mediocre like some say on N4G.

But is it really THAT good ?? I'm having a hard time believing so..

Chubear3290d ago

Don't fall for the hype. Bayonetta is a 8.5 type game at best that's being force hyped to hell. You're going to go buy it thinking it's a 9.8 game and out going "It was fun but nothing near a 10 type game"

Mark my words on this one.

Darkeyes3290d ago

Boy I am going through Rikitatsu's comment history and the only thing I can see are the comments on how GOW3 sucks and how Beyonetta is infinitely better than it (like even here below).

Look I don't give a sh!t of how great this game turns out to be, even if it strikes a 100 on meta I ain't buying it cause the demo sucked and too many AAA games on my list early next year so I don't have a dime to spend on this.

Rikitatsu are you some Japanese Beyontta employee or something, cause all you do is spew crap about GOW3 here and at GT forums. Seriously man get a life. If you find Beyonetta so good, then play it and remain happy.

And tell me what difference does it make for PS3 gamers if Beyonetta is better than GOW3 (which I highly doubt as apart from the combos, Beyonetta falls short in every other category be it graphics, Story..)? PS3 owners can play both and decide so stop spewing crap here and then be a baby and whine 'bububu N4G is of PS3 fb who say GOW3>Beyo".

hatchimatchi3290d ago

I own the game and it's great.

Rikitatsu3290d ago

I never said GoW sucks, stop conjuring up facts.
I only praised Bayonetta, and I see all kinds of hate, stop b!tching if you disagree with my opinion and give a constructive criticism instead .

Chubear3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Ask yourself, what is bayonetta doing as a 4th gen new IP that the likes of Heavenly Sword didn't surpass as a 1st gen new IP title. Then ask how come Heavenly Sword back then was looked at as a 8type game and why bayonetta is supposed to be the ultimate and a 10type game.

Answer your own question on this and it should be very clear to you the absolute disingenuous BS that's taken hold of the gaming industry.

If a game's a 8 type game that's fun then call it a 8 type game that's fun but dont' BS and say it's a 10 as if it's not a 10 then it's a 2. But we all know why they don't give games like bayonetta 8s but instead push it as a 10 - SALES.

The gaming media know how to manipulate the gaming community especially the teenagers on their gaming forums. They know it's a numbers game and rates really dont' mean jacks* anymore. They know if bayonetta is given a 8.5 and called the best fun ever it still won't sell like it would if they put a 10 on it.

There are so many gamers, even on here, that have played the demo and seen many vids of bayonetta's gameplay and to them it looked alright and decent but didn't really interest them... but reveiws come out with 9.5s & 10s and all of a sudden they're not sure about what their own eyes and hands had told them so they go buy bayonetta cause teh almight reveiwers said it as a 10 so it must be so cause they are "professionals"; even though they've seen for themselves it's not.

The gaming media have the gaming community have the balls and they've sunk their fangs far too deep that I don't think the community can ever think for themselves for a very long while. They play mind f8 games and dictate what they want you to play and not what YOU want to play.

Rikitatsu3290d ago

I can tell what makes Bayonetta a better game than Heavenly Sword.

First, The combat system in Bayonetta is ages ahead of any game in its genre, the controls are fluid and nearly every move is cancel-ble, it is so intuitive, and deep at the same time, not to mention another factors like Witch time (which is a big part of the game's system) and the beast transformations which not only support you in combat, but in actual platforming too.
Heavenly Sword's combat is shallow, it doesn't take a lot of skill, just like God of War. It lacks the variety and depth found in Bayonetta.

Secondly, the length. Heavenly Sword is just too damn short, I feel like the game was just made for the shiny cutscenes, While Bayonetta is over 12 hours average and with ZERO backtracking (something games like DMC has sufferd from).

Pacing in Bayonetta is also ages ahead of any game in the genre, the game constantly switch between combat, platforming, and action-oriented puzzles flawlessly and throw in mini-bosses in the mix. The tempo of the game never let down.

Bosses in Bayonetta is on a totally different level, I'm sorry but it sh*ts all over every game out there, not just action games in terms of scale. The only thing I can see it rivaling it is SoTC.

There are other subjective things that I find great about Bayonetta, Art, sounds, and story, but yeah, they are "subjective" which is why I did not stress those points further.

So its about time you stop downplaying a game when you did not play it Chubear, just because you think its a 8/10 game from playing a demo doesn't mean that its FACT this game is not worth 9.8/10 or such scores.
Its amusing that I do not see you complaining about perfect scores for PS3 exclusives.

Darkeyes3290d ago

Comment History:

"Wake me up when GoW3 offers deep combat system, and a level design and platforming as good as Bayonetta's.
To be REALLY honest, GOW3 played like GoW 2 in HD, it felt like a last generation game to me, fans will love it, but you will need more than that to claim its a better action game than PlatinumGame's craft (Bayonetta) "

"gameplay of GoW3 in the demo, lackluster to say the least"

"GoW3 is 10X times more hyped than Bayonetta"

"In the end There will be only QTE button mashing"

You still want me to dig in further? And people that is just 3 pages of the comment section he has spent in down marketing GOW3 and shouting Beyonetta rulz. Seriously kid if someone wanted to hear what you wanted to say, then they got it the first time you said it, but you repeatedly show up in every GOW3 thread, Stealth troll by saying "Ya it's good but can't touch Beyonetta". Seriously we know you like Beyo more so just STFU and carry on.... For the past 1 YEAR YES PEOPLE 1 YEAR HE HASN'T COMMENTED ON ANYTHING BESIDES HOW Beyonetta is great and GOW doesn't come close...

"259 days 12 hours ago
Mark my Words and Quote Me everytime
BAYONETTA Will be the best action hack and slash this year. No doubt about it"

259 DAYS BACK!!!!! Sh!t I didn't even know Beyo existed before E3 LMAO.. Now I really think you are from the Beyo camp mate.... So how much did they pay you?

Rikitatsu3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

All of those comments are me responding to others claiming GoW will be better or have a better combat system, and what I said is true, you cannot possibly think that GoW got a better combat system than Bayonetta? surely you can argue the rest of the game is better, but the combat is what I said is lackluster in Bayonetta, otherwise I like the game, even though I prefer Bayonetta overall.

And how the hell saying GOW3 is 10X more hyped than Bayonetta is a fanboyish thing? its a fact, my god, stop being butthurt.

You've tired yourself and searched through my posts, but where is me claiming GoW sucks?

People are not allowed to have an opinion here.

My post limit has ended...

PrimordialSoupBase3290d ago

For those who seem to hate on this game so readily, offer a cogent argument as to why. All I've seen so far is baseless, to rambling, nonsense.

Homicide3290d ago

Look at the insecure GOW fans. Eat crow haters. Bayonetta is an awesome game.

Veneno3290d ago

how can this game be perfect when the graphics and overall presentation don't even come close to Uncharted 2, the new highest standard in gaming? oh that's right it's on xbox, where you can half-buns everything and still get a perfect score.

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darkequitus3290d ago

Funny how so many haters call this nothing more than a button masher while playing easy-automatic.

1. Not a button masher when you crank up the difficulty
2. No QTE. Nice to be out of the hack-slash-QTE routine.

The_Zeitgeist3290d ago

Nah I'll just call it a Devil May Cry clone.

darkequitus3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Clone? Made by the same dev, meaning it is an evolution of his own creation.

By your logic all current games are clones of the ones that preceded them.

KZ2, Halo 3 = Wolfenstein clones - All FPS
Forza 3, GT5 = Pole position clones - All Driving
Heavy Rain, God of War = Dragons lair/Shenmue clones - All QTE fests

See how you and that list makes no sense; or maybe it does to you.


The_Zeitgeist3290d ago

No dude when I say clone I mean it feels the exact same as Devil May Cry. Just like Dante's Inferno feels the exact same as God of War. I could care less if its the same developers. The only impression either demo left me was that both game are clones.

siyrobbo3290d ago

i think by clone he means it feels like the same game just with different art assets, much like how all the lego games are the same

Katana Yamato3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

@ Darkequitus: What game were you playing? Bayonetta does have QTE's.

hatchimatchi3290d ago

bayonetta does have QTE's, they are few and far in between but nonetheless they are still there.

PrimordialSoupBase3290d ago

Unfortunately it does have a few QTEs and takes some unfortunate notes from God of War's deficient formula. But it's the king of feedback and response, truly leagues better than any other action game out there right now. And for those who disagree, it might do you some good to play the game first. Not the demo. The Game.

Christopher3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

How you can claim God of War games QTE fests when 99% of the game involves performing combos and not QTEs? Did I miss something or did the majority of my battle with Zeus rely on my dodging and comboing his butt down and not just one huge QTE?

Also, calling Heavy Rain a QTE fest just shows how freaking ignorant you are about the game. Heavy Rain is intended to be akin to one of those 'you choose the path' novels where you determine what happens next with buttons representing the link to the next part of the story. You DO NOT have to hit specific buttons at any time to progress or even succeed. In fact, sometimes missing them may result in a storyline that nets you a more successful result.

In conclusion, I think Bayonetta can be a great game, but I think it's greatly misplaced to compare it to God of War. They're two completely different gameplay styles serving different purposes. Honestly, these comparisons didn't exist last year for DMC4 but all of a sudden people need something to compare Bayonetta to in order to:

A) Use a very well known IP to advertise a completely new IP

B) Inappropriately denounce a game that isn't even out yet and isn't even really the same type of game considering the difference in gameplay that's not focused on free flow combat manuevers like DMC.

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3290d ago
divideby03290d ago

look at the score and compare it to other full featured games...based upon both demos I played...most def a fun game, but not worthy of anything over a 9.0
compare this games score with a game like UC2 score and UC2 has 10x more content than Bay...
many forget that Heavenly Sword was bashed since it was just an arena fighting game...well so is Bay..which is NOT a bad thing in either case

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