So, What Exactly Can We Expect From Reach?

Abstract360 takes a look at the latest Halo: Reach trailer and predicts what we could possibly expect from Halo: Reach.

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Jerk1203109d ago

Sh!tloads of 360's sold. (SUCCESS)

Sh!tloads of copies sold. (SUCCESS)

Greatest FPS of the year. (SUCCESS)

And the death of the Ps3. (SUCCESS)

Overall, expect a success.

r0s3b0wl233109d ago

Success yes, but a quality game? No. It will be like any other Halo game: average but because of marketing and hype it will sell millions. I feel bad for 360 users, they are being bought off by Microsoft's awesome marketing and getting railed by the back like cheap whores but loving every minute of it.

Profit Lost No Games3109d ago

That what the bots said about Halo 3 (MW killed it) & RRODST (Flop of the year, bad scores + ignored by 8 million Halo fans)...

I expect the same things from the old tired milked franchise with a better paint... that it.

Chubear3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Well F U all! lol

I will never forget the 1st 2yrs of the PS3 when you all tried to kill it off. Now, every chance a get to smash your hypocrisy in your face, I will. Halo Reach is yet another thumbed down kiddy shooter with laughable story line fit only for young teens.

F* the 360 fanbase, F* the 360 and F* MS. I won't stop pointing and speaking out to show your vile hypocrisy. I won't stop 'till the 360 base and the 360 die off. F U all, halo is rubbish kiddy garbage. :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii3109d ago

Oh how sad Chubear looks like the Halo Reach graphics made you wet yourself, here take this clean some of that up before it starts to stink... oh to late.

SaberEdge3108d ago

You're an f-n moron, Chubear. Truly a delusional, lost, sad, pathetic, sheep. You're not a gamer, you're just some loser with a keyboard and an unhealthy hate-filled agenda. Vete a la chingada, pendejo.

Halo Reach looks great and nothing you can say changes a thing.

Hoggy19833108d ago

Let it all out....jackass.

AngryTypingGuy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@r0s3b0wl23 - Sorry, but hype and advertising will only carry a series so far. If Halo was lackluster, it wouldn't sell as much as it does, it wouldn't create as much online traffic as it does, and the games wouldn't get as high of scores as they do, period.

LOL at Chubear. Sorry, but words of people on a gaming website won't determine if a console gets killed off. No one tried to "kill off" the PS3. It's a freakin gaming console for crying out loud. Did it get made fun of early on? Yes, but it deserved to. It's originally conceived controller was shaped like a boomerang, it had busts like Lair and Haze, it was extremely overpriced and it had a lack of good games, and the 360 consistently beat it (and still does) when multiconsole games were compared on the two.

Now the PS3 has hit its stride and is doing very well. I suggest you go play it instead of worrying about a console that doesn't matter to you anyway.

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Vespertine3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Chubear, how is any of that related to this article?
Don't you have games to play on your PS3? If so, why don't you go play them instead of spewing your nonsense all over N4G?

mint royale3109d ago

Man ChuBear is imploding. This is very funny to watch.

Especially seeing as he is talking a load of crap/spam that no one cares or wants to listen to.

Halo Reach looked good but we don't know enough about it yet to comment in depth yet. Wheres this paranoia come from? Is it cos its Halo? Or cos its on the xbox?

Menech3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

You sir are need to stay the hell out of 360 thread's no one what's to read your complete and utter tripe. Let the Halo fan's enjoy there articles. There all considerate enough to not spread complete crap like that in threads bout Uncharted 2 and other great PS3 titles. So why on earth are you here talking out of your A-hole?

I mean dam maybe its insecurity for buying a console that's in last place. But you shouldn't feel that way the PS3 is a great system I love it I use it as a media hub and for PS3 exclusives all the time.

Despite what you may think spouting off rubbish like that ain't supporting your beloved Sony, Your giving them a bad name knowing there brand can create completely illogical e-thugs like yourself.

NATAL-FTW3109d ago

first impression from the trailer where not that good but after closer look of the trailer if everything is in game the game looks pretty damn good.

What too expect;
-bigger fights, large/huge open battle fields,
-finally more realistic vegetation, wind animations
-larger versions of pelicans with mounted machine gun and small jetengines,
-more character development/hopefully better story,
-4 player co-op, no master chief?, no more lone wolf/more teamwork.

beans3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I'm willing to bet Reach will have a huge world to explore. Looking forward to seeing game play and hoping it's better than CE .

edit above: I would love a cover system kinda like KZ2.

-Seven-3109d ago

We can expect that badd ass dark and gritty halo game that I've always wanted.

We can expect no lame masterchief, and we can also expect some nice graphics.

We can also expect the story to be that much better due to the fact that it's being modeled around the Fall of Reach book(yes?)

LoLerskates3109d ago

dont worry, hes just mad that even though uncharted 2 won goty no one seems to give two sh!ts after seeing the reach trailer

ZombieNinjaPanda3109d ago

@Menech, ah my friend, I wish you could have seen the Killzone 2 articles. Back when Killzone 2 and Gears 2 were going head to head.

Oh the mud slinging that came from both sides back then.

-Seven-3109d ago

I think it is either a glitch or PS3 fans with multiple accounts are running wild with copy and pasting.

OT: Why it is all graphics 24/7 a day here on N4G. Game A does not look as good as game B.

Please, can we just enjoy games for what they are for once.

SO what if Reach only look a little bit better than Halo 3 at the end, as long it has a good co op campaign, new ideas added to the gamplay, and have the legendary Bungie online support and fun factor.. that is all you can ask for.

Graphics can only take you so far. KZ2 really is having a rough time online ever since MW2 came out and Halo 3 still have tens of thousands of players to play with online even after 2 years upon its release.

I have no doubt Halo Reach can achieve graphics close to the one shown in the trailer.

And like Kurt Angle once said, "That my friend, IT'S TRUE"

Jamescagney3109d ago

Chubear, how is any of that related to this article?
Don't you have games to play on your PS3? If so, why don't you go play them instead of spewing your nonsense all over N4G?

Head Shot King3109d ago

Addictive gameplay
Martin O Donnel music
Better graphics
Excellent map design
Cutomizable characters
Covenant Elites
More badass
Masive online community
More features
Cool characters
4 player co-op
Awesome single player exprience
Basically everything

Saaking3109d ago

What to expect? I'm hoping we'll seem some big battles during campaign and a more refined multiplayer. Come on Bungie, you can do it!

NATAL-FTW3109d ago

We have already been through this. Killzone 2 trailer did not match up to the final product. Not that the final product was bad, but the trailer did not match up to the gameplay, nor is it supposed to. A lot of people hyped it as in-game. Trailers never look as good as the real thing and Killzone is no different.

Anon19743109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

From Halo to Halo 2 to Halo 3, what gamers received was more of the same, and there ain't a damn thing wrong with that. I loved all three Halo games but still feel that the first was my favorite. Since then the games have just continued that same story with the same gameplay with tweaked graphics and gamers loved it.

This article is bunk. I can't agree with any of their conclusions based off the video I saw. It's just pure speculation.

Gamers have flocked to Halo three times using the current template, and even bought onto a full priced expansion that only offered 2-3 hours new gameplay. Why on earth would Bungie mess with that?

They wouldn't.

Edit Below: Excuse me? I'm not following. Is there something wrong with the point I brought up? You see, I can't tell considering you didn't actually address what I said, you just attacked me for some reason. Do you have a point? You admit yourself you didn't even read the post. And for the love of god, it's Darkride, like the carnival ride. Learn to read.

Gamers are trying to talk here. Run along.

Cold 20003109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

"Darkrider66" and without even reading his post I new it would be a stealth troll post lol.

Knock it off dude, you're transparent.

Anyway, what can we expect with Halo Reach ? A N4G meltdown, huge tears from haters and massive anti Halo campaigns ;)

edit: @darkrider, I read your post, I meant to say without reading your post I knew ALREADY what you woukd say, and after reading well, Im not surprised.

NATAL-FTW3109d ago Show
DARK WITNESS3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

@ Chubear

stop chatting S£^%t...

yes I have seen the reach video. yes I think it looks great...

I am a big halo fan, but NO, i will not pay $100 for live.

first of all, lets see if they do try to charge that amount for live anyway..

secondly, you said look at how all the 360 fans are going nutz over reach video and then go and quote me.... find me one comment from myself in any other reach article.

take your hate move to the open zone.

Anon19743109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I still don't understand what your issue with my post was. Let's try this again. Maybe I can simplify it for you if you're confused.

Halo sold lots. Excellent game loved by millions, myself included.

Halo 2 came out. Slightly better graphics. But same game pretty much. Nothing wrong with that. Loved and bought by millions. Still played now.

Halo 3 came out. Again, better graphics but similar gameplay. Gamers said "No problem with that! These games are awesome." Sold millions.

Now Halo reach is coming out. Why would Bungie change a damn thing? I don't want them to change anything! I know all I want are new missions, new maps and maybe a bit longer.

Now, that's as simple as I can put it.

Perhaps you didn't understand my original post. If you have a reason why you think Bungie would change things up, by all means tell us. These forums are for gamer debate. I'd love to hear why you think they'd mess with so obviously a winning strategy.

Unless your whole point on these forums is not to actually talk about games but just to belittle other members. If so, knock yourself out. Open Zone is that way -->

Edit: And yet another phantom disagree. Seriously, if you don't speak up, how is anyone to know what you're disagreeing with. Did I miss something? Are my conclusions wrong? Is my reasoning wrong?
Why are some of you so afraid to actually talk to other gamers? That's what these forums are for! If anyone actually wants to talk about what they expect from Halo Reach instead of just acting like jr high kids, maybe real gamers should just make the Open Zone our home for debate and maybe these fanboys will leave us the hell alone there.

Rumor3109d ago

uuuuum........ ahelluvalot! ;)

hate_me3109d ago

old man, I haven't been on n4g for a few months now, but the very first halo thread I read your name just jumped out( like the gfx for REACH) Give it a rest man, all this " I love Halo, but I hate it more" crp was old then and it is still just as old now
on tipic: WOW this game is gonna be awesome

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Redempteur3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

What to expect ?

I don't expect anything ... i just want bungie to list what changes they've made to the gameplay and story and that's it ...

All of you will expect too much and some of you will be disapointed over nothing ...
the others will buy it anyway so ....

3109d ago
hate_me3109d ago

darkride:"The "G" stands for gamers. That's what it's all about. Leave your ridiculous "console wars" out of this."
And that statement comes out of a guys mouth that runs a pro ps3 anti 360 blog-thing...or ran it? You still updating it?

3109d ago
uie4rhig3108d ago

a Halo game where you don't get to play most of the time as Master Chief should not be labelled Halo. besides too many Halo's coming out too quick even though they're not really Halo games (Halo wars anyone? wasn't even developed by Bungie :/).. if any game gets more than 1 game per year, its called miserably milking the game..

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THE MAX SPEED 213109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I expect it to ge great but I also expect a better game with better graphics and better everything than Halo 3 X odst. Give me that and I'll hop on the Halo Train because I've never been a fan.

Mike134nl3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

first impression from the trailer where not that good but after closer look of the trailer if everything is in game the game looks pretty damn good.

What too expect;
-bigger fights, large/huge open battle fields,
-finally more realistic vegetation, wind animations
-larger versions of pelicans with mounted machine gun and small jetengines,
-more character development/hopefully better story,
-4 player co-op, no master chief?, no more lone wolf/more teamwork.

maxcer3109d ago

one thing i got from the trailer was "this our new No.6?" so i'm thinking 6player co-op?

Mista T3109d ago

hopefully Halo doesn't lose its colors because in the trailer I only saw darkish grayish colors.

can't wait for the beta though

Chubear3109d ago

You're going to be disappointed cause they definitely toned down the rainbow colour scheme significantly.

Lou Ferrigno3109d ago

pfft aww man :(

Go go power rangers!

Chubear3109d ago

Reach will still have Purple, Green, Blue and Pink armour just not as ..erm, fruity.