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THE MAX SPEED 212964d ago

I liked the 1st game in L.A. Keeping an eye on this one to.

Polluted2963d ago

Rolling around LA as Snoop Dogg was kind of fun, but I never really got into the game.

Mindboggle2963d ago

Ok True crime NY was easily the worst game ive ever played, so im not holding much hope for this...

ape0072964d ago

fun,I liked the main character but not great

the 2nd sucked major @ss since it released after san andreas

I don't know but there is no(open world crime) game that can match the gta quality and humor

this trailer looked ok but it's so generic

lh_swe2963d ago

Sure the production value and polish on GTA IV was greater but I play games for their enjoyment and while the core story was very interesting the side missions made the game extremely boring much like the side missions in Assasins Creed sucked the fun out.

Darkfiber2963d ago

Looks like what Stranglehold should have been.

hades072963d ago

This game has potential, but Im going to wait to see what the controls and storyline are like before I pass judgment, but the it does have an interesting trailer.

belal2963d ago

in tokyo, this is as close i will get yet?

hope this game kicks major ass, atleast a 8 :P

DEADEND2963d ago

Same here man all I've ever wanted was a GTA game for the Yakuza

iceman062963d ago

Yakuza 3??? Don't know if it's coming to 360 though.

likedamaster2963d ago

The first one was great, but this one looks exactly if not worse than the first. Convince me to EVEN RENT this game, and I'll take a gander. Crackdown 2 will have me hooked till the next GTA game.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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