BioShock - Water Effects and Enemies Interview

We learn about the water effects, enemies, multiple endings, and themes in this troubled world under the sea.

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DADO3724d ago

Isn't this game 360 exclusive?

Dr Pepper3724d ago

As of right now, it's coming out for 360 and PC. Details on if it's a timed exclusive or just exclusive haven't really been given (officially).

Kleptic3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

yeah I about flipped out...

...It looks totally awesome...but as far as I have heard it has not been confirmed for anything but the PC and 360 for right now...however several articles stated that the game was originally brought on for all three...meaning PC/PS3/360...and MS paid for a timed exclusive in the console area...But 2k won't confirm this...similarly they won't say that its definitely just for the PC and 360...

nicodemus3724d ago

As of it right now, officially, Bioshock is ONLY coming out 360 and PC. Until an announcement is made otherwise, adding a PS3 tag to a video like this makes about as much sense as categorizing the next batch of MGS4 screenshots under Xbox 360.

Nothing to get up in arms about, it's just a little misleading to do so. That's all.

ben hates you3724d ago

people need to stop, trying to spread rumors about Bioshock coming to ps3, and MGS coming to xbox 360, it gets no were

Rybnik3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Funny, in the June issue of EGM the editors previewing Bioshock state that even though it isn't official, they fully expect the game to follow up with a PS3 version. People usually don't claim such things (especially in a non-PS3 biased magazine) unless they are pretty sure it will happen..
Anyway, game looks awesome and I look forwards to it!

hikikimori3724d ago

Wow, this game looks frikn nuts! I like the horror film look of it all.

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The story is too old to be commented.