Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Debut Trailer

GamingShogun writes:

"This is the debut trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 from the Spike TV 2009 Video Game Awards, which we are LIVE blogging from here."

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Saaking2868d ago

Like I said, it looks awesome.

snipermk02868d ago

why can't I see the premier on the spike Live page? The camera man capturing the stage is downright RETARDED!!!

Sangria2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

You can try from if you have some luck, but according to PRs over there, it's a non-deliberate technical issue.

snipermk02868d ago

Yea, I would say so.. The audio goes off often and the camera man is more interested in zooming into people's teeth than showing a broader view. And to make things worse, there's the really pathetic theatricals by Jack Black and all.

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Myze2868d ago

Although I'm sure this game will be amazing, I'm hoping in the 3rd game it will be a story where you play as the Joker setting up traps and devising evil plans. Of course, I guess it wouldn't be called Batman, but more of a spin-off. Obviously it couldn't all be against Batman since he works alone, but the Joker hates most of the other Batman universe criminals as well, so it could be against all of them where maybe you can even use your henchmen.

Razmossis2868d ago

Batman Arkham Asylum is the perfect example of a 'great' game, and has a quality that all games should aim to for.

GVON2868d ago

Apart from the bosses being bad I loved AA,I just feel it's a little early to hype the sequel,the first is barely 6 months old.

ABizzel12868d ago

Why are we going back to AA. I loved Batman AA, but I thought it should have ended, or be set elsewhere. But nonetheless I will be getting this one as well.

niminator2868d ago

Obviously it's in the title "Arkham has moved"
AKA Arkham has been brought to the streets of Gotham.

On a side note, Joker now looks like my grandad LOL :D

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xXKingofStingXx2868d ago

I loved the last one but man was the last fight uninspiring and easy...hopefully joker puts up more of a fight this time around.

MajestieBeast2868d ago

I wouldve wanted they waited a little longer 4 months after release is a little fast for me if they take 2 years to make it then awesome 1 year is just minimal improvements.

LtSkittles2868d ago

Excuse me, but all we have is a teaser, the ending definitely made it sure they were going to make a sequel anyways, and third RockSteady is a very good developer, because they had post-game support, adding more challenge maps for free, and last, but not least there is not a release date, so we don't know when to expect it.

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