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Submitted by Hellsvacancy 2251d ago | screenshot

High-Quality Photos of the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Bundle Leaked

VGChartz: We all know Final Fantasy XIII will be HUGE in Japan. We also know that it'll have its own fantastic bundle with a Lightning-themed PS3. Now, we can see what it looks like... and what it contains! (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3)

mrv321  +   2251d ago
I wouldn't be surprised is that alone outsold in 1 week all the 360's sold this year.
Rumor Monger  +   2251d ago
they could done it in all other COLOURS
why in name of GOD OF WAR have they choose looks too girlie, nothing against the feminins in here, please dont hurt me^^
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Hellsvacancy  +   2251d ago
Dont worry i agree - i think the whole game looks 2 girlie thats probably y they went with the pink
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Sangria  +   2251d ago
@1.1: I actually believe that, just like Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII has been developed in order to attract the feminine market. It doesn't mean men wont enjoy the game, just that it wouldn't be surprising if Square Enix designed that PS3 in order to appeal to girls.
sikbeta  +   2251d ago
@Rumor Monger
PS3 Theme based on Lighting, She is a Girl, so what do you expect
jack_burt0n  +   2251d ago
Every gaming female I know would kill for it literally. Thats who its aimed @.
soljah   2251d ago | Off topic | show
presto717  +   2251d ago
The console looks too girly for me
My glossy ps3 is just fine. My sis wants a ps3 and she loves final fantasy. So for her its an easy decision.
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Chubear  +   2251d ago
This is done for JPN not NA. JPN will eat this themed console up.
REALgamer  +   2250d ago
We need more themed consoles outside of Japan!
They tend to get lots of colours and designs that never make it overseas. =(

It would be nice if there were more limited edition consoles along the lines of the RE5, Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2 360s, and the MGS4 PS3.

- God of War III PS3: white with red blood trails down the side.
- Halo: Reach 360 - black with the orange planet silhouette that's in the promo image.
- New Super Mario Bros Wii: just make it red with the mario logo, it would sell crazy well!
- Alan Wake 360: semi-transparent grey.

I know there were a lot of people wanting to trade their white 360s in for the RE5 one, just as lots of people trade their DS's in for new colours when they come out so it should make sense from a marketing perspective.

Microsoft has those Zune HD Originals that are only available online direct from Microsoft but you can choose a colour and laser-etched design, so why not have an Xbox 360 Originals to choose a custom colour and maybe engraved design? I'm sure people would be willing to pay a slight premium for their own semi-unique console.
rockleex  +   2250d ago
If you guys want a more manly PS3...
Check this out:

Related image(s)
thereapersson  +   2250d ago
Don't go claiming victory for the PS3 just yet
Look what happened in October. PS3 fanboys claimed the PS3 would utterly destroy the 360 in November's holiday sales, and all month the ranting continued. Then the NPD results were released and the place exploded into a fit of fanboy rage and distress.

All I'm saying is, don't count your chips until you know you have a good hand...
Mr Tretton  +   2251d ago
No man would buy that. JRPGs have always been fruity though. I keep wanting to maybe get into FF, and this is why I don't. No appeal.
MajestieBeast  +   2251d ago
light blue would have been better
Mista T  +   2251d ago
well a real man does pink!!! I guess... :P
LittleBigSackBoy  +   2251d ago
Looks good. Best looking PS3 IMO.
MajestieBeast  +   2251d ago
Little that award goes to the Yakuza ps3 i find it more stylish. I wish they would do this with every big ps3 exclusive so that you have a uncharted 2 slim ratchet and clank slim or gow3 slim that would be awesome.
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tientch1  +   2251d ago
I praying they do the same for GOW III
Man I hope they do a similar painting for God of War III
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2251d ago
Just like how Sony have made a female bundle they should think about making a male version but instead of lightning they should put a picture of this guy on the top with the PS3 being white and the picture coloured crystal blue.

And for a the PS3 exclusive FFvs13 they should bundle a Gloss Black PS3 with this guy painted on in a metallic blue finish
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gumgum99  +   2251d ago
My god, its just a color dude. No one is telling you to wear a dress to play Final Fantasy XIII, ok/lol
hatchimatchi  +   2251d ago
man, why couldn't they have taken a nice photo of the back of the game case so we can see if the game will have english subs or not?

tordavis  +   2251d ago
That thing is beautiful. Makes me want to buy another PS3 just to have the friggin box!

Oh wait, this is VGCHARTZ so those must be fake. ;)
user3915800  +   2251d ago
Im the gayest console of them all
Fandroids stated, wait me too.
DigitalAnalog  +   2251d ago
Now that is a bundle for Japanese owners to buy...
I'm pretty sure it would be arriving here in Hong Kong soon. But damn, I still love my Silver PS3 model.

-End statement
Ninji  +   2251d ago
"Now, we can see what it looks like... and what it contains!"
Well, it's a bundle containing FF13 so obviously it looks like s**t and contains nothing but fail.
Rixynator  +   2250d ago
this is really gonna be selling I TELL YOU, not only are Japanese huge fans of FF series all other neighboring Asia countries are into FF including myself although I got a PS3 already. My friends were all waiting for this like God know how long. Well done Sony.

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