Perfect Dark HD Announcement Tonight During The VGAs?

Gamertag Radio writes: "This isn't 100% sure but what if tonight we might see an announcement about Perfect Dark HD for the Xbox Live Arcade. Here's why..."

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ape0072927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

this is my favorite game in this DECADE

the ALMIGHTY perfect dark

in 1080P,60fps and with xbox live

looks like im dreaming this can't be real

Im gonna buy it even if it's 10000 ms points

shame about perefct dark zero,it was one of the biggest disappointments of all time(along with shadowman 2)

dgroundwater2927d ago

1080p eh? Considering it's an N64 game I guess that's quite possible. Anyway all PD is good news.

Mista T2927d ago

yes 60fps 1080p is possible with perfect dark n64, with upgraded graphics that the console can handle

dgroundwater2927d ago

Yeah the devs likely have found the sweet spot in their balancing act. After Cod MW2 I had a hard time playing Mirror's Edge at 30FPS lol, this game will spoil me again!

godfree2927d ago

This isn't the biggest surprises but this could be a great way to promote Perfect Dark HD to a large audience.

life doomer2927d ago

Off topic: hey guys, its just been confirmed that there making a GREEN DAY ROCK BAND.