PS3 Has Best Exclusives This Year, 'Nuff Said

Gamersworldbd: Last year, I wrote that Xbox 360 Has Better Titles Than PS3 and Wii Combined which caused quite a bit of stir. So, what about this year? Does the 360 reign supreme or has the PS3 has stolen the crown?

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WildArmed2959d ago

oh noes
here's the next argument..
'you didnt mention 360 'exclusives', you just mentioned 360 exclusives'
btw i remember Greenburg touting Ninja Blade as the second coming and Velvet assassin as the new MGS =/

DasBunker2959d ago

who cares.. zales are what make a console.. cuz we know if it sells it must be the best thing ever.. just look at the zhu zhu pets..


Perjoss2959d ago

its true, the ps3 does have the best exclusives this year, but this year is almost over, I'm looking forward to next year now.

Saaking2959d ago

This year AND next (IMO). I'm really looking forward to Halo Reach, Alan Wake,and Fable III, but there's so many more PS3 exclusives I can't wait for. Still, both consoles will get a lot of play time next year.

Darkstorn2959d ago

I think the 'best exclusives' argument is completely relative. I for one prefer MGS4, Uncharted 2, and KIllzone 2 to the likes of Halo ODST, Fable 2, and Gears 2. But others may prefer those games.

coolcole932958d ago

Xbox 360: It only does sales numbers

sikbeta2958d ago

Thanks for stating the Obvious -_-

NewZealander2958d ago

yes ps3 had more exclusives, but it was a bad year for gaming all round, i hated killzone 2 and infamous even tho they scored well i found them to be bland and a chore to play, uncharted 2 was by far the best exclusive this year.

whats ps3 got next year that really interests people? im interested in last guardian but i have no idea when its coming.

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chidori6662959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

uc2= 96 vs forza3=92

killzone2= 91 vs halo odst=83 no doubts here killzone DESTROY all fps in 2009 and halo odst is generic 3 hours gameplay.. overpriced 60$

demons souls=89 vs halo wars= 82 another flop game in the series milked of halo

ratchet clank= 86 vs ninja blade=68 holy sh*t ninja blade is flop.

infamous= 85 vs velvet assasin=56 pathetic game

Titles As A Percentage Of Total Exclsuives ps3= 62% 360= 20%!!!! lollll

ps3 dominate the 2009..

treacherous_gamer2959d ago

If you haven't read it correctly, thats A+ Titles As A Percentage Of Total Exclsives, in other words games that have scored 85+

Chubear2959d ago

Please, don't use metacritic type sources to show how good or bad a game is. I HATE it when gamers do this cause metacritic types are all complete horse s*.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2958d ago

It was a good year for the PS3 but it sure didn't help much. To bad about 2010 though. Must be tough going from 2009 the year the PS3 had games, to 2010 the year the PS3 has no games. GOW and GT5 sure isn't much for a whole year. It wont matter anyay because PS3 owners still wont buy the games.

OmarJA-N4G2958d ago

Hey Jessy why didn't you bought Flopza 2.5? :D

Poor Jessy GoWIII alone murder your whole so called exclusives next year which sadly only a few compares to what the PS3 will deliver. :D

talltony2958d ago

Why don't you add the agent and the last guardian to gow3 and gt5? Their are more than these to and you know it. Ps3 exclusives will own next year too and you will be owned once again.

Foliage2957d ago

It's not really a competition. The 360 has no quality exclusives, and the Wii only has mini games. The PS3 would win by default, but instead they have the most incredible lineup in video game history.

It truly only does everything.

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Bungie2959d ago

too bad nobody want to buy them

*unfarted 2* buy it plz

Sunny_D2959d ago

sales sales sales.... Oh where art thou Flopza 3 sales?

NYC_Gamer2959d ago

what about those poor Gta;Liberty city sales?besides 360 doesnt have any exclusive worth playing in 09...

danthegardner2959d ago

Games got better the more they sell. But they don't, they stay the same. Ps3 games could sell only 500k units and they would still be better than 360 exclusives which sell more.

Megaton2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Best exclusives last year too. In 2010 they'll actually have some real competition.

LordMarius2959d ago

Come to think of it, what is Sony's fall lineup...

Resistance 3?
The Last Guardian?

Megaton2959d ago

Don't think anything has been announced for fall 2010 yet.

danthegardner2959d ago

The Last Guardian is the biggest game of 2010. If it comes out in 2010.

Perkel2958d ago

@ MariusElijah

it's not the last guardian it's THE LAST GUARDIAN.

Ueda prove whole world that he is doing dome amazing game. And both of his games are always in top 10 almost every top ten games list. And mainly on 1st place (STOC). Maybe TLG not sell much but for gamer this is one kind of game he will be remembering for years ..

ABizzel12958d ago

Fall may be packed with exclusive shooters. Halo Reach and Call of Duty are coming out, and it's rumored Resistance 3, Killzone 3, and Gears of War 3 may be making appearances next year. I highly doubt this will happen, but if it does OMG.

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MajestieBeast2959d ago

Maybe sony will let microsoft show their hand first for fall of 2010 so they can 1up it.

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