Planescape DVD Edition Released

GN writes, "Planescape Torment has been re-released on a gaming retail site (linked below) as a DVD edition. The classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) game is on sale for the next 120 hours, priced at a modest $20. The RPG holds the top of the PC RPG charts to this date, and is definitely worth the investment. See where games like Dragon Age: Origins get their roots, pick up Planescape!

The description of the game, as per 'GoGamer' below..."

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Jamescagney3260d ago

This game has some of the best written dialogue in any rpg game ever released, even surpassing BG2. If any rpg gamer hasn't played it yet I'd recommend it, as long as they were willing to play a game with obviously outdated graphics. If you can get past that it's really engrossing.

GWAVE3260d ago

Agreed. This game is great.

If you want to see the time when Bioware (then Black Isle) was making REAL RPGs, pick up this game.

Elven63260d ago

BioWare has always been BioWare, Black Isle is a completely different studio that was shut down a few years ago, most of the staff created Obsidian Enteratinment.

Tony P3260d ago

I hope Obsidian's Alpha Protocol is good. Their first original work in years. At least it's a fresh setting. Don't see too many RPGs from the modern day spy perspective.

tdrules3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

this is certainly quite tempting.

Whiptcracker3260d ago

Lots of errors with this story. This DVD re-release for XP and Vista systems has been out for a month and the price here is actually more than what you can normally pick it up for.

I imported it for twenty dollars plus shipping off on when it came.

AS WELL, the site Gamernexus links to is selling the Region 2 version which is encoded as such, so make sure your PC can play Region 2 DVD and games.

As much as I'm happy Planescape has been re-released, this is sloppy journalism and shady sales that doesn't warn its customers about the region coding. Not cool at all.

lucifon3260d ago

Does this work on Windows 7? Also can it be played in a windowed smaller screen? Tempted to pick this up as I never did play title originally, also for a tenner off seems like a pretty good price.

Christopher3260d ago

But, this is just Interplay releasing their old games on DVD at some ridiculous prices to earn money to make a Fallout MMO they really aren't prepared to make.

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