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Submitted by DrunKao 3164d ago | news

Halo 3 - it's big, but not THAT big

Bungie is pretty amused by the misinterpretation of the artwork; there'll be more info in tonight's Weekly Update, but for now, you should understand that one of the discs is a DVD and the other is a 360 executable - sort of like the discs that come with magazines like the Official Xbox Magazine. They're labeled the way they are because they have to go through test - but they are NOT both game discs. (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

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Sangheili85  +   3164d ago
Well thats good. All those fanboys just couldn't help but talk crap.

Why can't we all just get along...or grow up i mean ether way
MADGameR  +   3164d ago
Well the tittle of that news is true
Halo 3 IS big but not that big. I am no fanboy, I am just a gamer. I like all games. The only people who is going to make a huge deal out of it are the Halo 3 fans aka 360 fans. This is how it goes.... MS ''Ladies and gentleman... I am proud to bring you...Halo 3!'' *Catholic hymn* X Box 360 fans ''OMG! This beats GOD!!! F-ing AMAZING!!!!!'' Gamers ''wow this is going to be great!'' haters ''bah, this Halo 3 sucks anal beeds''. I say Halo 3 is going to be great but not as good as 360 fans will think it is, is'nt that good enough for you? There is no fanboy finger to point. I am just a gamer with opinions. Not everyone has to say Halo 3 is so amazing this and that. A whole lot of people have their own opinions. Halo 2 was'nt that great, it was just overhyped. Halo 2 only sold 2.5M, while a REALLY amazing game ''Resident Evil 4'' sold over 3M. That tells something here, RE4 wiped out Halo 2 in sales. So, you think Halo 2 was the king? No, RE4 was so great it was put on 4 platforms. Halo 1 I recognize as the greatest Halo so far. Will Halo 3 be the biggest sell? Yes for awhile, but one game will pwn it in sales. Resident Evil 5!
closedxxx  +   3164d ago
@ MADgamer- try 5 MILLION
RE4 was indeed an awesome game, and I believe it was a better all around game than Halo 2. And the fact that it looked as good as it did on the GC is amazing in itself... But... HALO 2 sold 5 million copies... And that's on a SINGLE platform. If HALO 2 had been multi platform it would have tripled RE4s sales. Don't want to believe it? Look it up-
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gta_cb  +   3160d ago
@ MADGameR
got to say its not just Xbox360fanboys which will make a big thing of this, i can also see SonyFanboys saying stuff like

"oh well i spose Xbots will just have to stick with crappy graphics as there is little space etc etc etc"

what we have to do is ignore them/take there bubbles away so they can do as less flaming as possible.
eques judicii  +   3164d ago
360 executable eh?
hmmm... halo 1 and 2 redone in the halo 3 engine!!!

hey, a guy can dream can't he?
THE TERMINATOR  +   3164d ago
Looks like another 8 hour experience like Gears, man you xbots make me laugh "welcome to the next generation" NOT!!
God of Gaming  +   3164d ago
Yea that motorstorm was a marathon of a game
PS360PCROCKS  +   3164d ago
8 hours? More like 14 for me...your ridiculous...maybe other than you I like to explore and screw around. My goal is not to run to the finish line as fast as possible.
Mike134nl  +   3164d ago
8 hours experience
forgetting about xbox live are we.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3163d ago
motor storm, and Resistance were marathons all right.

so was Gow2 (beat it in 7 hours on hardest dificulty).
gta_cb  +   3160d ago
once again canon making fanboy comments! i wish someone could take his last bubble away! =(

i agree with xbox360rocks it also took longer then 7 hours, especially with looking around for ammo, cog tags, playing tacticly rather then "rushing to the finish line" and yeh as stated above, your forgetting about XboxLIVE, i dont wanna know how many hours i have spent online lol, i know its a lot. i have had this game for about ... 4 nearly 5 months now, and i still play on it with mates etc every day, great game, i would give it 10/10
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3164d ago
if it's a map editor,
then i'll give them would make the game last.

we shall see.
Sphinx  +   3164d ago
That had me worried for a sec... not that having to change the disc once through playing the entire campaign would really be all that terrible anyway. I just wasn't looking forward to having to hear all the fuktards screaming things like, "man you xbots make me laugh 'welcome to the next generation' NOT!!"
kspraydad  +   3164d ago
Official Bungie Word
“Can you comment on Halo 3 being on two discs?”

“Eh!?” says I. “The game’s not done yet Claude, it could ship on one disc, it could ship on five flippin’ discs.”

“Yeah, but Amazon shows the collector’s edition has three discs, and two of them are game discs,” says Claude.

Sure enough, I go to Amazon and there it is, in full color. So, first off, let me clear it up for you:

The Collector’s Edition picture erroneously shows that it ships with a Bonus Content disc and a Game Two disc. Incorrect. It’s a mistake at MS’ end and we’re updating retailers with the correct image. The “Game Disc 2” shown in the art actually refers to an interactive Bonus Content disc. It’s an Xbox “executable” (think of it like a menu-driven disc, similar to the Official Xbox Magazine cover disc) and internally, has always been referred to as “Game Disc 2” because it has to go through the same certification process as Halo 3 itself. That was somehow communicated to MS retail marketing verbatim. Hence the error. No big deal.

The Legendary Edition comes with two extra discs. The “executable” interactive disc listed above, and a Bonus Content DVD – the one pictured incorrectly with the Collector’s Edition. Confused? No wonder.

The upside of that is the “Game Disc 2” itself. Because it’s an Xbox 360 disc and not a DVD, almost all of the content it contains is in hi-def (if your TV supports it). And some of the content is pretty spectacular. Now to clarify: Both premium editions, Collector’s and Legendary, come with the interactive disc. Only Legendary comes with the DVD.

The Collector’s edition includes a bound “art book” called the Bestiarum – a guide to the species and civilizations of the Halo Universe. Legendary Edition purchasers get an expanded multimedia version of the same material, with far more art and illustration, most of which has never been seen before and won’t appear anywhere else. And that’s built into the DVD Bonus Disc along with other materials.

Legendary also features an exclusive printed collection of storyboards from the game cinematics, by Bungie’s own Lee Wilson.

So here’s the real breakdown for each edition and remember, ALL of these items are subject to change or replacement.

Regular Vanilla Edition:

Includes Halo 3 for Xbox 360 and a manual. And obviously hours, days, weeks and months of hi-intensity Halo joy.

Halo 3 Collector’s Edition:

* Collectible Metal Case
* Halo 3 for Xbox 360
* Bestiarum: A hard cover, bound collection of information and art covering the species, cultures and civilizations of Halo 3.
* On the Interactive Xbox 360 Bonus disc (included in both Collector’s and Legendary editions):
o Hi-Def Halo: Bungie’s graphics and audio engineers have created a simple to use, Halo-themed calibration tool to make the most of your Home Theater experience.
o Art Attack: Exclusive Halo 3 Gamer Pics and Dashboard theme, a vast gallery of concept and production art (complete with musical accompaniment) and a fully playable version of a classic Halo-themed mini-game.
o Featurettes: A series of short films covering a range of subjects, from making your Network play nice with Multiplayer, to the challenges of building the biggest Halo ever.

Halo 3 Legendary Edition:

Inside the Halo 3: Legendary Edition

* Fully sculpted Spartan helmet: The most collectible piece of Halo merchandise ever conceived. An accurate model of the Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI helmet.
* Halo 3 for Xbox 360
* Legendary Disc: Found only in the Halo 3: Legendary Edition, this Disc is a DVD disc that will play in your 360 or on any DVD player and features a wealth of rich, unique and exclusive content. Contents include:
o Halo Cinematics Reloaded – completely remastered, hi-res versions of the Halo and Halo 2 cinematics with 5.1 audio and complete with optional “Director’s Commentary” track featuring Marty O’Donnell, Joseph Staten and Jason Jones.
o Bestiarum – an expanded digital guide to the creatures, cultures and worlds of Halo 3, with art and assets exclusive to this interactive edition.
o The Cortana Chronicles – Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana, takes us on a tour of the worldwide Halo fan community ,where she meets Halo fanatics from near and far, obscure and famous alike.
o Plus: All-new, exclusive Machinima episodes from Red Vs. Blue and This Spartan Life and a novel “mockumentary” voiced by Sgt. Johnson himself, David Scully.

* On the Interactive Xbox 360 Bonus disc (included in both Collector’s and Legendary editions):
o Hi-Def Halo: Bungie’s graphics and audio engineers have created a simple to use, Halo-themed calibration tool to make the most of your Home Theater experience.
o Art Attack: Exclusive Halo 3 Gamer Pics and Dashboard theme, a vast gallery of concept and production art (complete with musical accompaniment) and a fully playable version of a classic Halo-themed mini-game.
o Featurettes: A series of short films covering a range of subjects, from making your Network play nice with Multiplayer, to the challenges of building the biggest Halo ever.

So there you have it. If the contents of the editions change (which is always a remote possibility when you’re making something this complex) we will keep you apprised. But as of this afternoon, that’s what’s planned to be in the boxes.
tehcellownu  +   3164d ago
look at the halo 3 beta graphics..of course its not goin to be on 2 disks
Xi  +   3164d ago
Show me some killzone.
At least you know what's coming with halo 3.
gta_cb  +   3160d ago
@ tehcellownu
well what can i say, i know i will say what everyone else has been saying.

bungie does things this way, gameplay > graphics

and although im not expecting Gears of War graphics, i am still expecting alot from them, especially with the Halo 3 announcement using the in game engine. so i guess we will have to wait and see.
Xboxsuckz  +   3164d ago
Halo 3 is overrated
Xbots are always running their mouths,Halo this and Halo that,f*ck!If I had a dollar for everytime I heard a fanboy talk or mention Halo,I'd be richer than Bill Gates!

Halo 3 is gonna suck!

Same ole' garbage you Xbots always play on suckbox live.
Xi  +   3164d ago
wow... you're not smart.
halo 3 won't suck, and it's not overrated. Overrated games usually score low, they don't get an average of 96 and 95 on gamerankings/metacritic. Overrated games, are games that don't meet expectations, halo does and has every time. And the fact that people went and bought xbox's to play this 1 franchise, makes your sound stupid. I know at least 2 friends that bought an xbox and live for halo 2 alone. Halo is this generation's mario. I've seen it get news coverage, break sales records, and it saved the xbox system. Overrated games are games like motorstorm, games that are hyped up and never delivered(purely speaking by the cgi trailer) and they lack substance(what was it 8 maps, and 2 game modes?), they score low, and yet people will say it's a great game and everyone should buy it. So stop stop speaking for your fanboy arse and start thinking.
DJ  +   3164d ago
That's actually not true.
Gears received almost unanimous perfect scores, but the game itself isn't all that impressive. I felt like I was playing Killswitch with buffed-up aliens. Overrated beyond belief.

Halo 2 though is only slightly over-rated, and not the entire game mind you. The single-player campaign lost steam after the first hour and just ended up feeling repetitive. Even the ending was disappointing. But the multiplayer experience was top-notch, so much that my friends and I play it almost daily (Phantom Snipes, whoo!).

Reviewers are people too, and they can be heavily influenced by both hype and personal views of the system they're reviewing for.
Xi  +   3164d ago
right so DJ you're saying that gears is overrated.
Because you think it is. And because the people that review games also have opinions they aren't always right. So circular logic ftw, I think a game is overrated, though the game gets good reviews, sells well and meets expectations, those that review games are wrong because they're just people affected by hype, I'm not affected by the same hype therefore I'm right because I think It's overrated.

Overrated games - games that suck but still sell well(for example most EA games).
Underrated games - games that are great but no one buys(for example, psychonaughts).

Halo, FF, GTA, MGS, fall under critically Acclaimed cames, games that sell well, and are great games(as voted on by a majority garnishing awards like game of the year, or best X).
TheXgamerLive  +   3163d ago
Halo 3 "overrated"? I don't think so.
Question to DJ: This is the third time asking it, why do you have an Xbox 360 gamertag listed as "DJ_John" when on Xbox live, there is no such gamer tag, and there never has been as gamer tags on there are kept for life and cant be re asigned to anyone.

This is another reason we don't believe you've played any Xbox 360 game, cept maybe on a demo at a local best buy.
luckywaster  +   3164d ago
SuperSaiyan4  +   3164d ago
I am truely amazed at the PS3 fans...
You seem to commit and show loyality to Sony in such high regards but you fail to see one thing...Who has all the games? Who has the best online service with the highest number of users? Who has tons of online content? Who has the best pad for gaming? Xbox 360.

Oh and if you havent noticed look at all the amazing collectors editions Microsoft Xbox has always had - PS3's Spiderman Collectors edition is laughable.

If you dont like Halo then clear off you are not even worthy to be even breathing in the same room as a Halo fan because the Halo fans are like the movie 300...We started with Halo a small gamerbase and now we are in our MILLIONS!!

When HALO 3 is released the ONLY thing everyone will hear and this will be the day Sony fanbabies will be crying for help is MasterChief Sparten 117 saying: 'Let's finish the fight' and then you will hear total destruction - best physics, animation and explosions possible ONLY on:

XBOX 360

With FULL HDR+AA + Multi Texturing + 10mb EDRAM powered on 3 cores with 6 threads + 480mb of available ram (more than the PS3 since 96mb of it is used for just the system and so is 1 SPE).

The one TRUE gamers dream machine.
nice_cuppa  +   3163d ago
even though the fanboys were wrong they still come here and talk smack.

some people really need to get a new game.

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