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Demon's Souls Holiday Surprise On The Way?

It could be a very special holiday season for fans of the PS3 RPG Demon's Souls. Sony teased some sort of announcement earlier today. (Demon's Souls, PS3)

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maskedwarrior  +   1996d ago
I don't think it's a new game. The announcement is probably for a Pure White World Tendency Event.
Rumor Monger  +   1996d ago
i hope a EU announcement
Noctis Aftermath  +   1996d ago
Dear Santa,

Please give me some DLC for Demons Souls for Christmas and not some stupid option to play the game on easy which is not needed.
guitarded77  +   1996d ago

I was thinking the same thing since the did pure black for Halloween.
Pennywise  +   1996d ago
It is most likely a EU date.
Timesplitter14  +   1996d ago
Oh please god let it be this.

I want my wizard robes in 3-1!
lordgodalming  +   1996d ago
PW WT would be a nice gift, as you can change your PS3 to October 31 and get PB WT anytime now. This would negate some of the problems with the tendency getting buggered up when you play online.

Halfway through NG+ and loving every minute.
specialguest  +   1996d ago
Dear Santa,

Please give me the strength to destroy these soul-hungry black phantom invaders.
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Myst  +   1996d ago
Yeah it's pure white world tendency because of this:

""Heroes of Boletaria, take heart: rumor has it the Old One's power will falter in the days following the winter solstice"

On Halloween it said his strength grew or something like that, therefore if it falters it means everything will be pure white or at least close to pure white, then when you beat a boss or something it will be pure white. The wording basically gives it away.
fallingdove  +   1996d ago
@ lordgodalming

WHHHAAT? Change the PS3 to October 31st and get PB or PW? What is this magic you speak of?
WildArmed  +   1995d ago
considering the jap version of the game has been out since '08.. i dont expect any big news other than an event for WT.
Which is fine. I love DS ;)
that event might incline me to finish up my NG++++++ that i've been slacking up on.
LBP, Uncharted 2, GoW3 demo and BC2 beta have been taking up all my time
(yes.. i've clocked about 40 hours into the GoW3 demo by now =/ )
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MEsoJD  +   1995d ago
It defiantly sounds like an World Tendancy Event
Like the Halloween one.
JoySticksFTW  +   1995d ago
It definitely sounds like a pure white world tendency too ;P
but really, I'm hoping for that broken archstone to be fixed for some DLC

I think it was mentioned by some gamers here that the archstone could lead to 'The Land of Giants' mentioned in the storyline

aww yeah...
lordgodalming  +   1995d ago

For awhile after Halloween you were supposed to be able to just manually change the date in your PS3 to October 31 and get the Pure Black World Tendency. I've just tried this right now and it did not work for me. I guess they've turned that particular cheat off like they did with the infinite souls glitch.

Sorry to have confused everyone. You may hurl rotten fruit at me if you wish.
rockleex  +   1995d ago
"'The Land of Giants" could be...
Shadow of the Colossus!! :D

They should also add snow for the pure white world tendency holiday event.

Snow is white... if you didn't know.
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bot slayer  +   1996d ago
Demon's Souls

TheBand1t  +   1996d ago
I hope it's DLC that unlocks the 6th archstone.
The_Firestarter  +   1996d ago
That's exactly what has been driving me absolutely crazy! I want to know what the 6th world looks like! They need to AT LEAST make it into DLC. I would buy it in a heartbeat.
Pain  +   1996d ago
oh boy!
A hole new form of "getting your Butt kicked" I hope its the land of the Giants that would be PURE insanity.
WildArmed  +   1995d ago
simple... to play the 6th archstone insert Shadow of the Colossus into your Backward compatible ps3, if you do not have one, one will not be provided for you. please insert Shadow of the Colossus into your ps2. If you do not have one, one will not be provided to you.
Shadow of the Colossus was equally epic as Demon's souls :)

they mean the broken stone located right after the 3rd archstone (the Tower of Lataria) The valley of the giants
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Sangria  +   1995d ago
Isn't the 6th Archstone the final stage?
The_Firestarter  +   1995d ago
No. The 5 playable worlds are:

1. Boletarian Palace
2. Stonefang Tunnels
3. Tower of Latria
4. Shrine of Storms
5. Valley of Defilement

There's a sixth archstone that's next to the Tower of Latria archstone and smashed into rubble. You can see this also in the world/character tendency map. The sixth archstone represents a world that has never been seen, obviously.
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Sangria  +   1995d ago
Yes, but once you completed each ones and killed the False King, Maiden in Black gives you access to the Archstone of the Old One. That's the one I'm talking about.
Omega Zues  +   1996d ago
It looks to be pure white WT. Shame, I was really hoping for some DLC.
TheBand1t  +   1996d ago
I hope it's not, since I only play in Pure White almost 24/7.
Nikuma  +   1996d ago
A DLC with a new land to explore would be tit.
Myst  +   1996d ago
Yeah I wouldn't mind if they brought land of the giants back, but after visiting their forums with at least a 4 page thread about DLC and most people asking for it. It's not looking to good..
WildArmed  +   1995d ago
Japan would have got that DLC awhile ago.
It did come out in japan a year before US. And considering Software is a japan based dev team, they dont really believe in DLC. So it's tough love from japan.
Famitsu would have announced something by now
dorron  +   1996d ago
EU release date, please !!!!
calis  +   1996d ago
Get it from play-asia like I did. I live in Australia. It's cheaper too.
itchy18  +   1996d ago
"Demon’s Souls was released in North America on December 7th."

i bought this game like 2 months ago?
WildArmed  +   1995d ago
lol.. Oct 13th if i remember correctly.. what a beatuful day it was.
it was shorting after Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 @ 6th Oct. (i may be wrong)
villevalorox  +   1996d ago
DLC DLC DLC DLC DLC DLC PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! But yeah probably pure white world tendency
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r0s3b0wl23  +   1996d ago
I hope it's not some options for WIMPS to play on easy mode. I hope it's something cool, maybe an online event where other Demon Slayers are all in the same room celebrating Christmas? That would be sweet.

Either way, this game is amazing. My favorite this gen so far.
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1995d ago
Hope it's a new NPC,a merchant selling stones.I'm sick of farming but I'm sooooo close to a Platinum trophy. Damn you chunks of Cloudstone damn you !!!!!!!!!!
Tex117  +   1995d ago
Ummm, Baby StingRays at the end of 4-2?

Its the pure Bladestones that are the problem.
divideby0  +   1995d ago
sorry to all you hardcore skilled gamers....I need an I suck mode...this will not hurt and should not bother you hardcore gamers..
I didnt buy the game after playing at a friends and getting my rear handed to me time after time...great game just wish I could play it
bunbun777  +   1995d ago
oh thats ok
im not upset by you requesting an ez mode...

but believe you me my friend.... go s l o w

really really S l o w

its not a 100% 'gonna make you the best' player-- but really--

Heres a trick-- deep breathing exercises-- works great for this game and wipeout hd, as well as any thing else that pushes you to your limits. If you can't remember to breathe deliberately and slowly, then you probably forgot to play slowly, and then you are going to get worked over.

PS: I still havnt beat this game, a couple of my friends have though. It's a game that i can put down and come back and its fresh and awesome,,,, a truly great game~
Sangria  +   1995d ago
Maybe it's a DLC, but my main wish about Demon's Souls is to have a patch in order to fix some bugs, especially regarding the World Tendencies. Sometimes WT resets for nothing while you were just farming, and I don't get why Pure Black WT resets after a single playthrough while Pure White WT stay Pure White even after several playthroughs.

I don't know if it's a bug, but somehow Primeval Demons didn't gave me any Colorless Demon's Soul at 2-1 and 1-3. I also wish we would be able to sell our extra stuff, honestly it's no use to keep 20 Slave Shields.
Myst  +   1995d ago
Are you playing online or offline? I found out that if your playing online the World tendency tends to shift due to other players at least that's what I've read on the forum a few times. Say if more people had a White world or something it would shift towards that more so than it would black world; though I'm not 100% sure on that one. Because I'm not sure if this includes invaders and those who help you as well or not.

So lately I've just been playing a lot offline.
Darkfocus  +   1995d ago
the primeval demon thing isn't a bug
the drop percentage is like 92.7 or something like that
rbluetank  +   1995d ago
all i want is DLC!
i have already beat the game on Pure wt tendency! i am in my second playthrough as dark tendency. i have over 101 hrs and over 6 millions souls on pwt. i love this game... i just hope more people give this game a chance!!!!
Tex117  +   1995d ago
This is my Game of the Generation so far.

No game in recent memory has gotten in my head like this one.
Shendow  +   1995d ago
DLC free and all Pure White Stages ^-^ oh did we forget 6 stages? Yeah.
Justin_bristoe  +   1995d ago
man i'm only just passing the first stage lol love demon souls though
MysticStrummer  +   1995d ago
I agree with Tex117
For me, Demon's Souls is so far the game of the generation. I just finished my first run through. What a game. I also agree with those who say the Christmas thing will be a pure White event. DLC would be nice, but it's highly unlikely.

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