Nintendo: 60% Of Sales, Marketing To Depart Company

Following Wednesday's report that as much as 90 percent of Nintendo of America's sales and marketing staff were to leave the company rather than relocate to new New York or San Francisco offices, NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime has responded saying the number is closer to 60 percent.

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BIadestarX3609d ago

They are making money! Do they need marketting? Why not make more money by firing the people they don't need. Nintendo is known to use you and then stave you. They did that to Sony which make them bring the Playstation and to developers so they can sell more 1st games.

ITR3609d ago

I figured it was only half true.

I would've moved.

anonymousAJA3609d ago

So they are firing 90% of their employees? Hmmm. Well with the cost cutting they have made in the technology of the Wii unit, the Wii remote, Heck, even the sensor bar lacks a sensor, I wonder how many of those design members it took to come up with the Wii, if any.

Systematrix3609d ago

Their headquarters are remaining in WA, this is just the people that were asked to move to NY or San Fran.

Blasphemy3609d ago

I wander why they are moving anyway.

Diselage3609d ago

They're probably just getting tax breaks or some non-sense like that.

sumfood4u3609d ago

Nintendo's Wii Heating up there sales, like Italian Pasta Steam!

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