Which games console is right for you?

British Newspaper 'The Guardian' gives their thoughts on which console is the best for you.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"Whereas the PlayStation 2 once dominated its rivals, the PS3 is a disappointment for gamers. Former PlayStation exclusives such as Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto are now available for rival consoles from the day of release and, at £250, PS3 is still too pricey. An attractive purchase only for those with an obsession with the PlayStation brand."

Maddens Raiders2922d ago

ok...someone @ the Guardian is having a laugh with this one..

callahan092922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The hate against the PS3 will never end. Getting really old. And Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto were NEVER exclusives to the PlayStation. Every single solitary game in BOTH franchises has appeared on at the very least PC, but most of them have appeared on other platforms as well besides just PC and PlayStation. Their arguments against the PS3 are just plain stupid. They recommend the £200 Xbox 360, but then say that £250 is too expensive for the PS3? When those extra £50 get you Blu-Ray, Wi-Fi, and free access to PSN forever. Xbox Live costs £40 a year in the UK, so if you buy your Elite and sign up for a year of XBL, you're already at nearly the same price as a PS3, only you don't have Wi-Fi or Blu-Ray and you'll have to pay another £40 for XBox Live NEXT year, and the year after THAT. Absolutely ridiculous complaints about the PS3.

Unicron2922d ago

Tomb Raider no longer exclusive like it was on PS2? I am disappoint!

Solidus187-SCMilk2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

for me its consoles, 360 and PS3. because I love games. I also like PC too(starting too need to upgrade for diablo 3 and deus ex 3).

Im guessing ANY "which console should you buy" article was written for or by a little kid. If your an adult you can make up your mind on which console(and games) you want or get more than just one if you like. I dont get the "you can only get ONE CONSOLE EVER" articles that pop up every day on N4G.

Id like to see an article which objectively gives reasons for owning all of the systems without telling you which one they like. Because I dont care what systems anyone but me wants/has. I dont even care if Obama palys a GD dreamcast every day(although that would be cool).

There are plenty of reasons to own a 360 and a ps3 right NOW. If you look at all the games coming out next year you will see a crap load more reasons to own more than just one console.

LIke they guy below said, Im also thinking that 2010 might be the best year ever for videogames. My nostalgia of the N64/ps1/dc/PC days when I was 10-15 will fight that but I dont think I can deny that 2010 looks like the best ever for games, and we havent even heard all the announcements. Supposedly there will be some tommorow at the VGAs which will make 2010 shine even more...

Microsoft Xbox 3602922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"PS3 is still too pricey."

He's suggesting you to get an 120gb elite that is priced the same as the 120gb PS3 slim and still has the nerve to call the PS3 "pricey". LOL.

Then he tops it off with:

"An attractive purchase only for those with an obsession with the PlayStation brand."

360 fanboy alert. This line says it all.

Mr_Bun2922d ago

I understand using negativity towards a popular console to generate hits, but where was this "hate machine" when the 360 was running the show a couple years ago?...Was it too easy to attack them and that is why it wasn't done?

Darkstorn2922d ago

It's a shame that once-exclusive Sony franchises have gone multiplat (GTA, DMC, Final Fantasy), but the PS3 is still my console of choice. It has managed to come up with new high-powered exclusives to counter the loss of the older ones, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

UltimateIdiot9112922d ago

We can always report the article.
Report errors or inaccuracies: [email protected]

Redbull2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

In other news "The Guardian" was today pleased to announce Stevie Wonder will be joining the paper as the new Motoring Correspondent.

He has to be able to test drive a car better than Steve Boxer can comment on games consoles!

Dekonega2922d ago

Sounds like the writer did poor job of finding out the facts.

With PS3 having all "cool" exclusive games (as made clear by Metacritic, Technobuffalo, Cnet, etc...) I enjoy as a gamer to play games like Killzone 2, Uncharted 1 & 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Demon's Souls, Wipeout HD Fury and so on and I don't feel any disappointment.

Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto weren't Playstation exclusives to begin with. Tomb Raider was originally released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn followed shortly thereafter for MS-DOS and PlayStation ports. Grand Theft Auto was released for MS-DOS and Windows during october 1997 and for PlayStation in may 1998...

And is it really so costly to pay £250 for PS3 when you have to pay for Xbox Elite (recommended by the Guardian article) costs £250?

And I know this is just stupid but I get the feeling that writer of that Guardian article did purposely dismiss PS3's edges over X360 as a platform. For example PSN being cost free online service unlike XLive, PS3 having Blu-Ray player and so on. Only a fanboy could have done that. And that's a real shame that paper like Guardian has one of those within their ranks.

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Fishy Fingers2922d ago

Hardly what you call an extensive argument for each platform. Few measly lines aren't going to help potential customers much.

ape0072922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

who the hell want to miss GOW3,who the hell want to miss HALO REACH and who the hell want to miss SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2(get a wii or just try to play this one)

xbox 360 has amazing exclusives and I get most multiplats on it

ps3 has killer exclusives too(uncharted 2 =11\10) and I get some multipltform games on it

anyway 2010 looks absolutely stunning,countless amount of games,WTF,I've never seen anything like this

maybe we will all remember 2010 as one of the greatest years in gaming history

come on gamers unite,Im proud to be a gamer :)

and btw im looking forward to AGENT

and I cannot wait for perfect dark XBLA

toutski2922d ago

What a nonsense article.

Capdastaro2922d ago

That article is the equivalent to erectile dysfunction.

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