Three Huge Months For Gamers

Halo 3 touches down September 26, GTA IV takes over town on October 19 and now it's been confirmed by Ubisoft that the swelteringly anticipated Assassin's Creed will be pushing its way through the crowds for a worldwide release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in November. That's three massive games in three consecutive months.

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Ru3695d ago

and pratice opening your wallet!

Diselage3695d ago

If I have both kidney's, my house, my kid and my wife after this year with all the games coming out it'll be nothing short of a miracle.

Saint Sony3695d ago

Don't forget rest of the games coming up. I'm sure there are some that will rise from the shadows.

End of this year is surely going to be great for all gamers.

DADO3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Agree with both of you!
To bad that i will not have that much time for gaming in between work ans school.

Ignorant Fanboy3695d ago

I will buy all 3 on release day.

But there are alot more than just 3 good games coming.

I am losing interest in my Wii, playing 360 strong online and off, waiting for good PS3 games and playing online with friends who only have a PS3.

Maddens Raiders3695d ago

PSN - Maddens_Raiders

PSN - Super_Madden_N4G

LIV - JSmooveOperator

Let's rock.

Jay da 2KBalla3695d ago

one console where you can play all three and luckily thats the one I bought.

masterg3695d ago

I would gladly miss Halo 3 in return for Uncharted/Warhawk/Little big Planet/Haze, although I dont have to since i have both consoles ;p

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The story is too old to be commented.