Sony Officially Kills UMD Format

This should not be coming as a huge surprise, but the demise of Sony's UMD format for movies is going away faster than the Mini Disc got shelved for music. This week Sony quietly announced a new entertainment pak called the Memory Stick Entertainment Packs (MSEP) that contained movies on a Sony Memory stick, and many paused to wonder what that meant for the UMD. And now it is official.

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Marriot VP3938d ago

dang, that's big news but it was eventually gonna happen.

TheXgamerLive3938d ago

Dunt dunt dunt...another one bites the dust. Some things you can just tell before there launched that it's not gonna make it.

Arsenic133937d ago

hahahah same is going to happen to its to funny . ouch my splean!! Tom Cruise heal me with ur witch craft......

Marty83703937d ago

You wait till M$ pulls X360 cos its getting whopped by PS3 & WiiM$ did it last gen cos PS2 was whopping Xbox,M$ will do the same nex gen.PS3/Bluray are the future.

deepio3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Microsoft never pulled the Xbox out in the last gen, so what are you talking about??

Bill Gates3936d ago

It's funny how pathetic xbox fanboys actually voted "COOL" on this news. Some of you people really are pathetic. Get a Life!! Cough,cough..PAUL CERULA

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