Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos Has Boob Covering Panic Button

Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos is a PSP strategy RPG with loads of cleavage. Fine if you're playing Queen's Blade at home, but what if you're riding the train and suddenly a scene plays with milk flying all over the place?

Don't panic. Use the built in panic button feature. When something not safe for work pops up hit start + select at the same time to temporarily turn Queen's Blade into a generic looking 8-bit RPG. Basically, it's a "boss mode" to hide boobs.

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MonHun2809d ago

Lol awesome, but wut is this game??

lonestarmt2809d ago

its a game based of a very ecchi, close to ero, type anime. Its real popular in Japan and you can find the fan subs really easy online.

djfullshred2809d ago

Queen's Blade is some eye opening stuff, haha.

Funny thought on the headline "boob covering panic button"...Queen's Blade without boobs is like a McDonald's without hamburgers.