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Submitted by randomwiz 2251d ago | video

CNET Prizefight: XBOX 360 Elite vs PS3 Slim

It's another clash of the titans as Microsoft and Sony fight for gaming console superiority. The PS3 has yet to win the prizefight ring. Will its fortunes change this time? (PS3, Xbox 360)

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Tinted Eyes  +   2251d ago
PS3 wins this one.
But they still seem really misinformed, listing games like Left 4 Dead as exclusives for the 360 and listing things like, Twitter and Facebook as pluses for the 360 even though PS3 had it from the start.

Cnet needs to learn a few more things about video games before they make more of these vids man.
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Godmars290  +   2251d ago
As far as Facebook and Twitter, they're probably looking at XMB integration.

Though its odd the first time they bring up the web browser having any value, mention it at all, they bring up that Hulu's blocking it. In fact there were tons of things they neglected to mention in past comparisons that they brought up now.
callahan09  +   2251d ago
Are they serious giving the PS3 a 3 and the 360 a 5 for online? I give them both a 4. 360 has more features, but that subscription fee is a huge negative. PS3 has great features, too, like NetFlix, standard internet access, Life With PlayStation and Home, and it's all free, but it doesn't get a perfect score because it's missing a few things here and there. What I do know is that Xbox Live is no where near better enough versus PSN to earn nearly twice as good of a score considering it costs money and the other doesn't.

And about the games, they mention that the PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility "at all." First of all, it does play PSone discs. Second of all, who REALLY cares all that much about backwards compatibility? If you're going to buy a PS3 or a 360 you're doing it for what it offers you now, not how much old stuff you can put in it and play with. And they focus on XBLA and PSN games, and multiplatform downloadable content, rather than on the actual exclusive retail line-up.

And graphics... two of the three of them gave both systems the same score? I find that kind of silly. Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 definitely should have been enough to let the PS3 squeak by with a higher score this time around.

All in all, I think it REALLY pained them to give the PS3 the win here, and they tried to make it closer of a fight than it really is in some of these categories so that the PS3 doesn't wind up with an all-out blow-out win.

CNET has been and seems to still be pretty 360-biased if you ask me. Only now they're giving the PS3 some of the credit it deserves. But they gave the 360 the "games" round and I definitely don't think they should have this year when the PS3 has had ridiculous quantities of amazing games both at retail and on the PSN downloadable front. And as I said before, they give XBL way too much credit considering that you can't even play any games online without paying a fee, and they don't give the PSN enough credit considering that it has some unique features of its own that the 360 doesn't have, it has most of the important features (online gaming, voice chat, private messages, friends lists, video chat, netflix, etc.) and it's free.
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IzKyD1331  +   2251d ago
Anyone else wanna punch the guy in the video? The way he talks and acts just screams douchebag
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Perjoss  +   2251d ago
people still talking about the xblive fee? wow, you'd think it was some giant heap of cash you have to hand over, you guys know about jobs right?
LordMarius  +   2251d ago
I groaned when they mentioned Ratchet and Clank instead of LBP or Killzone 2

And they still only mention Uncharted 2 for the graphics, come on give KZ2 some love(yes I saw they were showing in it but they didnt mention it)
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Saaking  +   2251d ago
There's NO point in comparing them. PS3 wins in all categories with the exception of the one or two 360 exclusive games.

Seriously, if you disagree, then tell what the 360 has over the PS3? Nothing.
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Noctis Aftermath  +   2251d ago
@perjoss: what so people aren't allowed to point out the fact that you have to pay to play online with live but it's free on PSN, who cares if it's a 3 year old argument, it's still a valid one seeing how you STILL need to pay to play online with Live.

If you think it's about "how much" you need to pay you are mistaken, it's the fact that you need to pay when it's provided for free on other systems.
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HDgamer  +   2251d ago
Can't believe I watched this crap, this guy was basically spreading misinformation around. It's pathetic really.
Saaking  +   2251d ago
CNET IS biased, but as bias as they are even they can't deny the PS3 is the overall better console. I wouldn't recommend watching this as it is honestly disgusting. Full of lies and anti-Ps3 comments (which are mostly made up). This is why CNET should not be trusted for anything.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2251d ago
Cnet prizefights are always bias towards the 360.
The last one was pure CRAP.

The only reason they gave it to the Ps3 is because they can't deny it anymore without looking (More) stupid and (More) bias. The whole ride they tried to give all the positive words to the 360, and tried to make it sound like the PS3's greatest positions were purely in it's "Recent Strides"
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Greywulf  +   2251d ago
Eh, ok... Watched it.
Cnet definitely has a problem giving the PS3 credit for PSN features. I know I can list more higher rated PSN games than XBLA games out. Especially when the only highlights = "FAT PRINCESS & FLOWER" really?

Cnet also says PSN is good because it also has netflix & a browser.. but XBLA is better because it has a game selection? Yet, they ignore all the PSN games which are huge mind u as far as Arcade titles go, as well as critically acclaimed. To just give the PS3 credit for MGS4/Killzone/Ratchet is a bit... misleading as well. They say "HALO GEARS AND LEFT 4 DEAD!" 2 of which aren't even exclusive to the console.

The tide is definitely changing. I just feel like as CNETS job to inform a consumer, their coverage of the PS3 was lacking. Home is a multi-milliondollar money maker for sony, and has a ton of third party support and home spaces. Saying "its not worth talking about" is a flat out lie. They just didn't want to compare avatars to home.

Overall, their scoring system had the 360 clinging on with bs points.
-Alpha  +   2251d ago
@ tinted eyes
twitter, last FM and Facebook are much better incorporated on LIVE than using the clunky web browser on PS3.

And I assume they mentioned L4D2 because its not on PS3 so it counts as a bonus for 360 (this isnt about exclusives).

As soon as round 5 and round 6 came I knew that the 360 would be knocked down.

I find value and features are redundant as they both are pretty much the same thing, but regardless, the Trey finally tastes it sweet victory and it only gets better from here.

Oh, and the 360 Elite really looks clunky and outdated. If anyone needed a redesign it was the 360
cyborg6971  +   2251d ago
It's all about exclusives alpha, and considering a pc/360 game exclusive is retarded.
ultimolu  +   2251d ago
I'm not even watching this. Based on CNET's history, I'm not surprised with their treatment of the PS3. They won't give credit when credit is due so what did you guys expect?

It always has to be some half-assed credit.
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bigrudowsky  +   2251d ago
I dont see what the problem is with them saying that l4d2 is exclusive to xbox I mean you cant get it on any other console and the vast majority of console gamers will not pick this up on pc.
flirt_games  +   2251d ago
CNET ass holes are owned by Microsofties....
That's why the bias.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2250d ago
I GUARANTEE that they give it to the 360 in 2010.
Microsoft will make sure that media outlets (Especially ones owned by them, like Cnet) claim that 2010 is the HOLY REVIVAL of the 360.
Then they will tell people that Natal isn't boring casual snoozeware.
Sarcasm  +   2250d ago
"people still talking about the xblive fee? wow, you'd think it was some giant heap of cash you have to hand over, you guys know about jobs right?"

Right, because if you have a job it's OK to pay an unnecessary fee. Your going far in life.

Sarcasm  +   2250d ago
At the end of the day, what should matter most to consumes is value. Although most people (judging by 360 sales) have no idea what value is, the PS3 is still the best value out of all the consoles as far as overall cost per entertainment features.
DevastationEve  +   2250d ago
Xbox 360 FTW
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Ichiryoka  +   2250d ago
@ ApocalyPS3
Too bad it lost,but thats not funny is it?

::Laughs like Peter Griffin:: hehehheheheheheheheheheheheheh eheheheh
heroicjanitor  +   2250d ago
Exclusive Fallout3 dlc for 360?
The same dlc I have on my ps3? Two of the judges gave the graphics even?! The ps3 won but c'mon...
Game13a13y  +   2250d ago
well, CNET might be biased
but at least they gave the PS3 a clear KO to the old tech 360. i'm just glad that they repeated mentioned the 360 is lacking in technology and graphics.
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Tavaras  +   2250d ago
@ saaking
Why do you spend so much time spreading hate about anything the 360 has to offer? You honestly believe that the 360 has NO value when compared to the PS3? You make it seem that the PS3 was always at this price point. The Slim is a good deal. I have one. But it doesn't render my 360 obsolete. In fact, I still play my 360 more than my PS3. Most multiplats run better on 360, and Live is better than PSN. There is no doubt about it. It has more features, a better and more simple interface, an option to connect to my network with an N router, and most of my friends game more on 360 online than with the PS3, even though they all own PS3's themselves! Yes, I do know I pay for Live. I have no problem with that at all. I tried PSN to see if I could switch, but PSN is behind in too many areas for me to give up Live. But that's just me. I also pay a heftier price to drive my BMW when a Toyota basically does the same thing. But the Toyota doesn't do it like the BMW... just like PSN doesn't do it like Live. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy PS3, Uncharted 2 is my overall game of the year this year, but the way you guys have this elitist attitude about it when compared to the 360 is just stupid.
The Lazy One  +   2250d ago
PS3 wins > CNet is biased towards M$.
edgeofblade  +   2250d ago
Last time I check out my PS3 browser... I couldn't load facebook correctly. So, I'm not so sure PS3 "has" facebook, and this minor update to let your PS3 post on facebook doesn't count. And I honestly don't want to screw with the PS3 browser. It's clunky and not good for anything but a bulletpoint on the box.

I'm also not sure why I should care what this azn-thug wannabe says, especially when he's so willing to take the first-party graphics of the PS3 as "self-evidently" better when there is a mountain of third-party games for comparision. He has NO CLUE what they would look like on a 360, and neither does anyone else.

And finally, if it's not on PS3, it's a console exclusive to 360. Or we can start harping on all the games the PS3 DOESN'T have. We can start framing this in negative terms... which is what you seem to want.

on Netflix: I like to watch South Park episodes on Netflix. I have watched them on the PC, on my Xbox 360, and on my PS3. Unfortunately, the PS3 is the only one that can't seem to sync the audio and video right. Plus the PS3 netflix menu is quite slow. And least of all... it's on a disk.
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edgeofblade  +   2250d ago
So, Sarcasm, if value is the single most important factor, please chew this piece of used gum. It's free.
Harmy666  +   2250d ago
But Left 4 Dead is an exclusive!
WTF!!! Left 4 Dead is a 360 exclusive and all you ps3 fan-boys its not because it is on pc!!! pcs are all crap (DEFINITELY MACS!!!) and you all sat that because you cant get it on ps3!!!
gaffyh  +   2250d ago
@1.26 - Facebook loads properly on PS3 now, they apparently made a PS3-specific website or something.
Godmars290  +   2251d ago
Wait, The PS3 actually won one?
Al Qaeda's taken over CNET!
kaveti6616  +   2251d ago
And Al Quaeda likes Playstation? You know this how?


You must be one of them. I'm reporting you to the CIA, with the authority given to me by the US PATRIOT ACT.
rob6021  +   2251d ago
They won because it's the tide is so strong in PS3's direction this year, they'd be called out on giving it to the 360 for another year. That was funny to me, they gave 'Games' to the 360, then preceded with two of guys saying graphics were the same.. after KZ2 and U2 that's a joke.

Online services becomes a category, only because they figured popular perception would give the 360 a win, that's why they put it in there in the first place.
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stonecold1  +   2251d ago
ps3 does win hands down watched the video
it only does everything even they guy metinoed in the video he dodges some questions about face book and twitter for the ps3 which ps3 had day 1 on launch and now with exclusive the 360 is nowhere near the ps3 aaaa games like uncharted 1 uncharted 2 killzone 2 meytal gear solid 4 . the 360 is not in the same leaugue as the ps3 cnet is biased i thought you cant surf the web with xbox does not have true 1080 p high def which blu ray has already have and ps3 games do support 1080p true high def ridge racer gt5 prologue wipe out and ps3 win because of the games what being brought from 2007 , 2009
Pirateogta  +   2251d ago
Games are what's most important when it comes to GAME consoles. And which console won the Games round? Of course, the 360. And the online service you'll be playing those games on is very important as well, and which console won the Online round? The 360.

The only categories the PS3 wins are for being able to play Blu-Ray movies and having a prettier design. Nothing to do with the GAMES. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES are what's important.
Tinted Eyes  +   2251d ago
What a sore loser, lmfao!
krouse93  +   2251d ago
I have a list for Dumb-asses like you Pirateogta
PirateThom  +   2251d ago
The highest rated exclusives this gen are on the Wii and PS3. :)
The real killer  +   2251d ago
"Nothing to do with the GAMES. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES are what's "

Life this joker under a rock or somthing? He said "Nothing to do with games" I still play games on my PS3, this guy need to STF up!!
Saaking  +   2251d ago
Games? Which console had nearly ZERO exclusives this year?

You bots are a joke. PS3, like piratethom said, has higher rated exclusives (LBP, MGS4, and UC2) and a lot more of them. Next year, there's even more. If you're talking about games, PS3 clearly wins. Remember, Cnet is close to MS, so of course they wouldn't disgrace the 360 THAT much. Any sane person will tell you, PS3 wins all around.
Aquarius  +   2251d ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The disc-scratcher simply shouldn't exist in the 21st century.


EDIT: oops, forgot my tag ;)

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infekt  +   2251d ago
Guess whos sucking c0ck these days in the gaming world? Thats right! Microc0ck.
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Comet  +   2251d ago
Want to talk games?
When I look at 360's list, I can ONLY think of 4 games I CAN buy or play on my PC
When I look at PS3's list, I can think of A LOT of games I CAN buy...

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Killzone 2
Demon's Souls
Ninja Gaiden Sigma II
Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time
MLB 09: The Show

3D Dot Heroes
White Knight Chronicles
The Last Rebellion
God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
ModNation Racers
Heavy Rain
The Last Guardian
Trinity Universe
Atelier Rorona
Ar Tonelico 3
Trinity: Zill O'll Zero
Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Final Fantasy XIV Online
Steambot Chronicles 2
The Agency
DC Universe Online
Dynasty Warriors Online
L.A. Noire
Yakuza 4

Soon to come-
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal
MLB 10: The Show
NBA 10: The Inside
New Kingdom Hearts

(List excludes some great PlayStation Network games)

Give me your Failbox exclusives list for this year and 2010... I don't want to see no Modern Warfare 2 or Left4Dead 2 in there...
avengers1978  +   2250d ago
hey dbag it's not 2006 anymore if you have been paying attention, then you would see that all the great games lately are for the PS3 not the 360. Xbots have only old arguments to talk there trash, but you are going to lose the 360 and the PS3 are basically tied in sales right now and with more new console purchases going to the PS3 it won't be long before the 360 sits in last place this gen too.
If it was not for rebuys from RRoD's and those who were banned then the PS3 would already be ahead of the 360 in sales and it was out for more then a year longer.
Xbots you are falling, and now the stupidity of your arguments grows even dumber.
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2250d ago
The X360 won that round because of DLC not because of full fledged games... And they said that the PS3 doesn't provide any kind of backward compatibility when it can read and play any PSX disc based format. It is only PS2 BC what the PS3 lacks.
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Kurisu  +   2251d ago
It only does 1st Place!
Sorry, I had to slip that in there. I really believe now is the time to get a PS3. The price is right now, and it's incredible value for what you get. Plus the PS3 library is continually growing - just look at the line up of exclusive and multi-platform games in 2010.
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kaveti6616  +   2251d ago
Unless you work for Sony's marketing department, this is really creepy.
Ps_alm3k  +   2251d ago
they gave the 360 some free pass..........
Oh well it's all about value anyways.
inbetweener  +   2251d ago
wow, even cnet couldn't stem the growing tide
Dutch Boogie  +   2251d ago
Don't be fooled young one. You can tell they where steaming with hate as they announce the ps3's superiority.
rohail88  +   2250d ago
The key to victory
is invincibility and thats the PS3 coz it only does everything!
stuna1  +   2251d ago
Talk about misinformed!
Cnet you better ask somebody!
The_Zeitgeist  +   2251d ago
I think they were pretty damn fair. Honestly though they should have given the 360 a lower score in the games department. They list Gears, Halo and Left 4 Dead. Which is basically the same story for 3 years straight. MS is growing stale and needs some new blood if it hopes to compete with Sony over the long haul. Looks like 2009 really was the year of the PS3 after all.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
They were fair by their standards
Fallout 3 DLC exclusive to 360"
I just recently bought the GotY edition with all the DLC, thay have been in the PSN for quiet a while now. Those same standards were applied throughout the rounds
Equal graphics by 2 judges? sighs what a waste of brodband
SpinalRemains138  +   2251d ago
I have a serious question
How can anyone with eyes look at both platform's exclusives and possibly call a tie, concerning graphics? Was that even real or did I dream that up? Brian Tom had to break the tie? C'mon! Look at any Halo game, then look at KZ2. Look at UC2 then pick up the stick and play for 6 hours.
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The_Zeitgeist  +   2251d ago
I agree but I see how they can justify it because of the multiplatform titles tending to run smoother on 360. But that is a knock really against lazy developers more so than the a knock against the PS3
Saaking  +   2251d ago
You want an answer? Very simple: This is CNET. Of course they're not going to be completely honest about the 360's faults and PS3's superiority.
bigrudowsky  +   2251d ago
Yeah the only game that looks remotely close in graphics quality to killzone and uncharted is gears of war but you know this is all opinions and there isnt too big of a difference between graphics.
The only game that displays some real beauty is Gran turismo but we still have yet to see it.
SARGEHALO666  +   2251d ago
The PS3 was the clear winner from the start, though the 360 didn't go down without a fight however!
bigrudowsky  +   2251d ago
The 360 looks incomplete when you compare it to the ps3.
The ps3 offers this and that all kinds of goodies it has all kinds of options things i care about and things that i dont care about but....
However as gaming machines i think they are equal simply because they both have great games and what it comes down to is the games.
SpinalRemains138  +   2251d ago
@ Zeitgeist yes, but
that isn't even true for all multiplats. Some look better on PS3. I realize that more look better on 360 but the differences really are quite miniscule. Whereas the exclusive graphics on the PS3 heavy hitters greatly outdoes what the 360 has. I mean greatly. So on one hand you have a slight, barely noticeable edge with mulitplats, and thats maybe 75 percent of the time..... VS the PS3 exclusives having visuals that almost look an entire gen ahead of 360. Sure the 360 gets a point, but that round goes to ps3 unanimously. I'm sorry but the multiplat argument is even disappearing faster than Tiger's endorsements with the devs getting on the ball.
#11 (Edited 2251d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
bigrudowsky  +   2251d ago
Nah man they dont look an entire gen ahead they do look great but youre out of your mind or we must be playing different games.
I like you do think that the ps3 provides better graphics but they simply arent out of this world. Unfortunately ms hasnt invested in an engine like lets say killzones but gears of war 2 can stand its ground against it thats without a doubt. From the footage ive seen of mass effect 2 and Splinter cell and alan wake the xbox still seems to have more gas in the tank.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
PS3 3
360 5

Twitter and Facebook have been there in the browser since day ONE. playing online for free is not worth at least a 4?
They really tried to make the 360 look competitive, but that was bs

Damn the library round was even worse than the online round. If they are going to do a comparison, make it look real, they are just tryting to make the 360 look good while the PS3 is "slightly" better
Cnet at its best
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HDgamer  +   2251d ago
Saying home is bleh is like saying why are so many people using it and sony generating money from it?
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
They say Home is meh
oh but Facebook and twitter are teh sht!
and that defientely justifies the $50 a year tag.... there is something very wrong with how big sites just flat out fail in their bs they call articles
pimpmaster  +   2251d ago
lol, home IS meh. i rarely even use. it once a month maybe
cjflora  +   2250d ago
I sadly agree about Home. I can't bring myself to waste time in there. On the other hand I am NOT a social person, so it really doesn't appeal to me. For people who lean more to the social life, I guess I could see it's appeal. For me though, it's the least used feature of my beloved PS3.
pimpmaster  +   2250d ago
it has nothing to do with being a social person or not. what it comes down to is its just a giant 3d chatroom with a bunch of strangers and nothing to do but stand around. its like if u were playing cod but you cant shoot anyone and your just walking around text chatting with teammates. if it had voice chat it be (slightly) better.
#12.5 (Edited 2250d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
callahan09  +   2250d ago
Just a giant 3D chat room? Have you guys even been there lately? There is so much stuff to do in home it's ridiculous. The amount of games available to play in Home now is absolutely huge, when you buy a PS3 you get Home for free, and in turn tons of games for free. Bowling, billiards, chess, poker, tons and tons of arcade games, etc. It can be a really fun place to go and play games and meet people to launch a game online with. I've met people in Home before and game-launched into something. It's a really good way to get a team together before you jump online, so you can sort of scope out other potential players that you feel you can communicate well with to have a good match in a game rather than stumbling into a match full of strangers and failing to find good communication with anyone. The only problem with Home as I see it is the lines you have to wait in sometimes to play the free games. They could stand to redesign Home in a way such that nobody ever has to wait in line to play one of the games. But even still, the sheer amount of free games to play in Home and the quality of many of them can't be argued with. It's a great feature, in my opinion.
Myth-Psn  +   2251d ago
Either this video was trying to give xbox pity points, or wanted xbox to win, Seriously, No good PSN games?No backwards compatibility?All ps3s support all PS1 games, Regardless of the PS3's win here, I believe it should have been a 4.9 - 3.1, in favour of the ps3.It just seems like mediocre things matter more when comparing, like they mentioned 3 360 exclusives, then matched them with 3 ps3 exclusives?The ps3 has had far more exclusive games, And most new 3rd party games are better on the ps3, e.g, the sabeteur, And the bit about dlc?Wdf?The DLC for Fallout 3 is on ps3 now, and it doesn't take a genius to realise the GTA IV dlc will come to ps3 (Purely speculation, Of course ;) )
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
The PSN lacking titles
this video is aim at people who are looking for their HD gaming console and dont know what each offers by personal experience. The PSN is crowded with titles. Trine, Fat Princess, PS ONE classics, Wipeout HD, etc etc.
They are trying to convince people that the PS3 is not that much better than getting a 360.

Myth-Psn  +   2251d ago
They can't deny the ps3's superiority any longer, Now their only hope of being able to say positive things about both consoles is to downplay the superiority to only slightly above the 360.In some ps3 exclusives, the gap between ps3 games and 360 games appears a whole gen further,If not more, like the gap between Super mario Galaxy and a xbox 360 game, Maybe even more than that.But thats only talking games.I mean, They could have also said because the 360 still doesn't have an internet browser, they could deduct points but nope, and even the wii has one of those. And the argument about no psn titles in comparison to XBLA, yes, it may have a few more games from 3 generations ago, but its quality and innovition over quantity.
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Saaking  +   2251d ago
There's absolutely no way the 360 can win anymore (not that it ever could). We all know (except for the very delusional) that the PS3 is in every way better than the 360. More games, more features, bluray, free online, higher rated exclusives, better controller etc. The PS3 IS the gamers' console.
NYC_Gamer  +   2251d ago
PS3 leaves that dvd player stuck in stone age....
SpinalRemains138  +   2251d ago
Beating 360 on CNET prizefight
Now it only does everything. That has been missing since launch. For good reason too. The first year was pretty brutal. There weren't many games and the ports were atrocious. Madden on PS3 at launch was a joke. My friend asked me why it went backwards in quality. Now the tide is in full swing and I really don't think SONY will look back. I really do think the exclusives and online content is going to skyrocket. Woohoo!
#16 (Edited 2251d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
a tad retarded?
you are being too kind
After 3 years and many PS3 titles for less than $20, Who The FK wants to play the PS2 games they can already play on their PS2s on an HD TV? they look like crap, just buy a PS3 next gen title for a nice price and enjoy the show, geez!
Myth-Psn  +   2251d ago
I have a launch PS3 and i never go to my PS2 collection for a game, Its nice to have as a feature but its not a necessity, And the origional xbox's back catalog, despite a few gems, has little to attract the xbox 360 users to, though that too is a nice feature, It is definately not a necessity.
cjflora  +   2250d ago
I agree.
My 2nd gen PS3 is backwards compatible, but I haven't used it since playing God of War II, which I can now play on Bluray. It's nice to know I have it, but I don't really use it. Hell, I probably use Home more often.
Wolf873  +   2251d ago
They kind of gave it away in the beginning of who would win, however,
I think the most important aspect of online gaming should be how seamless multiplayer really is, in that sense PS3 should have gotten a higher score: but that's just my understanding even though I don't play multiplayer modes, but I have seen them run smoothly on PS3. Also in terms of content they didn't mention PS1 classics making their way onto PSN, plus other titles such as Siren, Pixel Junkie etc.

However, when all said and done, I'd agree with them that PS3 is a better value: blu-ray player alone justifies the win.
NoPoint  +   2251d ago
What the fu#k I posted the same article hours ago and it got reported for flamebate, just goes to show you how ignorant some members are here.
kaveti6616  +   2251d ago
Under what title did you submit it in?

This current title is "CNET Prizefight: Xbox 360 Elite v. PS3 Slim"

Controversial, maybe. Flamebait, no.

Another title could be: "CNET Prizefight: PS3 Slim makes 360 Elite its b!tch"


Controversial, yes. Flamebair, yes.
maniacmayhem  +   2251d ago
According to a lot of N4G posters, Microsoft owns CNET!

gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
What happened?
did you see the video?
FB and Twitter >>>>> Home
Graphics equal by 2 of the judges
PS3-3 360-5
PSN titles are lacking while marketplace are abundant?
PS3 finally caught up with the game library? this has been so since 2008 and continued in 2009

Do i have to go on?
Saaking  +   2251d ago
If you watch the video, it's clear they're trying to throw as much dirt at the Ps3 as possible. Yes, the PS3 won, but that's only becuase they HAD to let it when. Had they now, they would have been an even BIGGER joke than before. You simply can't say the 360 is better unless you are really, really ignorant and they obviously wanted to keep some dignity (if they have any).

I really wish these guys would just stop talking about the PS3 altogether. It's clear which console they favor so they should just stick with that.
supersonicsaga  +   2251d ago
They are still owned by them right? CNET is biased!
maniacmayhem  +   2251d ago
You know what's better than the PS3 and 360??

The Atari Jaguar! SO THERE!
cjflora  +   2250d ago
You know
Just because someone owns a company doesn't mean that all of the employees agree that the company is the best. While I believe most of the people on CNET are biased, I'm sure they aren't all biased. It may be that someone in the company could influence articles and such, but I'm sure there are people in the company who prefer the PS3.
emk2004  +   2251d ago
kinda stupid with bc on ps3
xbox 360 has bc only on like 5 games from last gen?? ps3 can play all ps1 games just lost ps2 bc.
gumgum99  +   2251d ago
The PS3 did win, but its quite sad that Cnet spins a few facts around just to make it seem more fair game, when in reality, the matchup would be quite brutal in comparison.
SpinalRemains138  +   2251d ago
Back Compat.
I was being kind indeed. Honestly, I think the entire issue is a joke. Anyone who buys a next gen does so to play that gen. From the start I didn't understand the emphasis on back compat. Now after 3 years it's just ludicrous. I'm really glad that lots of you agree with me now. A few years ago I got lynched for saying so. And I erased the post accidentally anyway so I will restate. "Anyone with a pile of PS2 games in all likelihood has a ps2 console on which to play" The ps3 should not be faulted for not being able to run Atari, Coleco or PS2 games. It's a major step forward and need not go backwards.
#22 (Edited 2251d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KillerPwned  +   2251d ago
Watching that video and hearing that dude talk just makes me feel dead inside :(

I wanna find that guy and punch him in the face for how retarded he made himself look and for the crappy video. Then my time will feel well spent ^_^.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
is not his fault
out of the 3 he was the one that said PS3 has superior graphics, but he works for a corrupted site, CNET, and he has to respond to them
shutupandplay  +   2251d ago
The ENTIRE 360 game library definitely deserves a higher score than the ps3s, but if were talking about 2009, ps3 wins. LIVE is better, clearly, I agree with that, PS3 has better graphics-I agree, Slim looks nicer-I agree. PS3 is a better value-I agree. I think its safe to say ps3 took 09.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2251d ago
Bots are stupid
alkaline batteris - last gen
dvd - last gen
multiple disk - last gen
compressed video audio - last gen
wifi adapter - last gen


so bots there you have it enjoy your last gen system and S.T.F.U.
#25 (Edited 2251d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jijoro  +   2251d ago
I go for the Elite simply cause cause your gonna put a heck of a lot more gaming hours on it. All PS3 has is Blu Ray and a very few number of high rated exclusives that dies very fast like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. Everything else I give to the 360 but thats my honest opinion.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2251d ago
Your opinion....
and you're welcome to it...

Seems to be stuck in 2007 or something.
cyborg6971  +   2251d ago
Your opinion is not honest it's skewed and biased like all of your comments. Have fun with your 1 maybe 2 exclusives next year.
#26.2 (Edited 2251d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Somnipotent  +   2251d ago
well master chief
i would be surprised if you went for the PS3, considering, well, you ARE master chief.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2251d ago
Are you posting something you wrote in 2007?
that would make sense, but 2008-2009 your comments is 100% fail
devilhunterx  +   2250d ago
2 hours of gaming, 2 weeks of waiting for the coffin to return from the M$ "we ass-reamed you" repair shop.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2251d ago
What is a PS3 Slim?
There is no such product.
bjornbear  +   2251d ago
Lets face it
if PS3 didn't win this one, CNET, and this "show down" would loose all its credibility.

It was just a matter of time.
Somnipotent  +   2251d ago
I want a refund on that 5 minutes I spent watching that ridiculous excuse of a "non biased" review. PS3 won, true... but the margin should have been much bigger. I can't believe some of the issues and points that were brought up like no backwards compatibility? Seriously, with all the PS3 games I've been playing i haven't even taken a second look at my PS2 games. Anyone who owns a PS3 can vouch for that.

They should have had a 7th catagory: RELIABILITY. Toe-to-Toe, out of the box, the PS3 brings more value, reliability, and a solid line-up of games with the promise of a brighter future. Can't say too much about the 360 in that regard... well, Microsoft would like you to think that Natal is the second coming of the 360. Doods, refresh your console first before tacking on gimmicks.
#29 (Edited 2251d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
keysy420  +   2251d ago
games i have to go with the ps3
dlc doesnt really matter and the psn has a better library than live
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