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nVidia GF100/Fermi SLI-powered Maingear PC pictured

Continuing to raise hype about the upcoming launch of their first NV100-class hardware for the consumers, nVidia's Twitter page posted an image of Tom Petersen, Director of Technical Marketing showing his latest baby - a Maingear SHIFT machine powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, 6 or 12GB of Kingston DDR3 memory and two GeForce GTX 300-series cards paired together in SLI mode. (PC, Tech)

Pandamobile  +   1809d ago
Holy sh1t :o
evrfighter  +   1809d ago
wonder if they'll be a paper launch like the 5800 series.

I would be interested if Nvidia decided to go the route of AMD/ATI and went for mainstream pricing.
toaster  +   1809d ago
I'm sorry nVidia
The last article about nVidia I said I was disappointed. I take it back, honestly I do. :(

Won't doubt you again.
INehalemEXI  +   1809d ago
she's beautiful
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krouse93  +   1809d ago
Simply Amazing
tdrules  +   1809d ago
im just happy to know they arent getting any bigger, my overclocked gtx 260 which is in a 280 case is nearly touching the HDD D:
STONEY4  +   1809d ago
I want one of them GTX300s.
Nihilism  +   1809d ago
Benchmarks or F off nvidia. The loyal customers have been waiting too long, if they have working cards, bench those mothers and share the love, pictures don't mean much. I couldn't care less if it was pink, as long as it performs
darkequitus  +   1809d ago
Agreed. The, cooler etc look nice and all, but I want to see some benchmarks. As far As week know they are just empty cases, just like the Fermi reveal.

Anyway my system is getting old now, and I will not be building another one till late 2010 When the Radeon 6000s are out.

The Fermi is too powerful (and to large) for HTPC my system. The HD 5770 is no step up from what I have got. The 5850 is overkill as I will be CPU limited. I need a ATI 5830 to exisit or a Nvidia equivalent. 1200 shaders and 192bit bus
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DiffusionE  +   1809d ago
Double Agreed. We want some numbers to go with those pics. I sincerely hope it lives upto it's hype, because right now I'm very close to going for the new ATi cards.
Nihilism  +   1809d ago
I'll be getting one in later 2010 also, like you said the 6000 cards will be out and if we're real lucky, maybe even a fermi die shrink, there are already rumours about a 28nm 5000 series die shrink early in 2010, best to wait, but I still don't see the point in showing pictures of cards that prove nothing. I will definitely buy a fermi card, but it seems to me that this is marketing B.S to try to steal some of ati's thunder
mcgrawgamer  +   1809d ago
I smell some marketing B.S as well. Pic's don't mean much when the competition already has everything Nvidia say's they are gonna have. By the time the 300 series launches AMD/ATI will be launching their leo platform and quite possibly the scorpius platform before Nvidia even blinks.

Personally I'm gonna skip on the leo platform cuz I still got a few years left in my rig, but if it's priced right and if Nvidia keeps dragging their heels I can see me going all the way amd/ati with the scorpius platform i.e Am3r2 cpu with the 6000 cards.
Nihilism  +   1809d ago
There's nothing of interest to me, cpu wise until q1 2011, a quad core is plenty enough for now, save those $'s
mcgrawgamer  +   1808d ago
u got a point. my quad still has most games screaming with no problems at all.
Johnny_Cojones  +   1809d ago
ATI STILL has driver issues.
I have 2 5870s & a GTX 295.

Although the 5870 benches great in 3DMark Vantage, it has regular framerate drops in many of the games I play, such as Red Faction Guerilla & Grand Theft Auto 4.

Both the HIS brand & the Gigabyte brand performed identically. While games like Batman:Arkham Asylum & Left 4 Dead played fine, open world games seem to struggle to maintain a decent framerate while driving around at high speeds.

Dirt 2, on the other hand, admittedly looks better in DirectX 11, & plays smoothly. Any framerate difference between that & my 295 is imperceptible to my eyes.

Every Nvidia card I've owned in the past year (GTX 260, 285, & 295) worked silky smooth in every game I played, with the exception of Quad SLI with the 295s.

The best set up I had was 2 GTX 285s in SLI. You'd probably get similar results with 2 GTX 260s, but I like the full gig of RAM vs the 896mb.

Sorry to be so long winded. My point is that you're much better off waiting until both have been out several months to buy either of them.

Let the early adopting morons like me play guinea pig, & save yourself a few bucks.
likedamaster  +   1808d ago
That's good info, I don't have the money to test different setups like such but I knew 2X285's were the way to go until a better set of cards get released from nVidia. I did have several ATI setups which did give me more problems than my nVidia ones ever did. +bubbles

Edit: To anyone interested in a 1-card setup, the 295 is a beast.
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