7.0 Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Review writes, "Reviving the PlayStation 2 original in the form of a port, NIS America has brought Phantom Brave: We Meet Again to the Nintendo Wii. The game follows the trials of Marona, a young girl who can speak with spirits and summon them, and Ash, a spirit who used to work with Marona's parents. Unfortunately for the two, Ash was turned into a spirit when he and Marona's parents were mysteriously killed. With Ash assisting Marona, the duo set out with Marona working as a Chroma, moreorless a bounty hunter jack-of-all-trades for hire. Unbeknown to the pair, Sulphur, the being who was responsible for the deaths of Marona's parents, is slowly rising to power yet again."

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mephman3115d ago

Sounds very similar to Disgaea.

Kyll3115d ago

It is NIS after all xD

ShawnCollier3115d ago

Sounds like they did a good port of the original.