WoW: Fall Of The Lich King Trailer

Trailer for the World of Warcraft's patch 3.3: Fall of the Lich King, where ghosts of the past return to haunt Arthas.

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Maticus3291d ago

Love it when Blizzard do this. It seems they do it for every patch now /cheer!

Malfurion3291d ago

The Lich King seems to know he's about to be defeated. Not much fight in him.

ThePostalDudeX3291d ago

Not much fight left in him? LOL i have a feeling we are going to be a bit surprised! And this commercial made me want to go back to WoW for some reason.....*Sigh* it IS the best MMO on the market but I got burned out after the lich king expansion....

Dorjan3291d ago

Pretty cool. But I bet he will be dead before 24hours are up on the opening of his quest

Baka-akaB3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i must be one of the only guys finding it to be a pity ....

I mean they had that amazing story (for a rts) layed out in war3 ... and they basically butchered parts of it , along with w2 books , so they would have content for the mmo ...

Of course it will probably be good as usual , but i'd rather see the end the likes of arthas , illidan or neltharion in a solo campaign for a rts or rpg , than as some loot scavenging fest and raid .

But oh well , i guess that when they feel like it , in the next 20 years , warcraft 4 could have new great characters and material instead ...

The Great Melon3291d ago

Same here. I would much rather see the story continue in its original form. Given its taken Starcraft about 11-12 (lost count) years to get a sequel, I expect to be waiting for a little while.

Leord3291d ago

Awesome machinima.

I wish there were more fully rendered ones though *sigh*

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