Go!Cast Episode # 32 - The One with the Wisdom Tooth

Mario and Mike discuss the over-the-top action of Modern Warfare 2 and Mario argues that it is actually a good thing for the game. Mike gives his thoughts on the PSP Go and 1 vs. 100 from the audience of season 2. Thanks to everyone who downloaded Go!Cast Episode 31!

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omicron0092998d ago

Great job as always guys

Murgatroyd72998d ago

Good job, guys. I enjoyed listening to this week's episode and although I'm not particularly interested in MW2, it was still an interesting show.

RaymondM2998d ago

Cool cool stuff you two. Look forward to the next one

LukeA2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I hope Disney does clarify their digital distributions issues, so Mike can get his hands on the new Kingdom Hearts. It's not like Disney is adverse to making money or anything... Nice work as usual guys. Keep it up.

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