Europe Getting a Chance with Machinarium

Every year, it seems like one or two adventure/puzzle games comes along that sweeps us off of our feet, reminding us why the genre is still alive. This year, one of those titles was Amanita Designs' Machinarium. Sadly though, this gem has been given limited exposure in terms of its release scope. That is about to be amended though, as Mamba Games has obtained the rights to publish the game in the UK and Europe.

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nkakolowski3211d ago

I can't wait to see how this game turns out. I'm a big HP fan, but have been perpetually disappointed by the games up to this point. This series has so much game potential that it is sad to see it go to waste. I can't wait until they start going beyond the plot of the movies, but still in the world of Harry Potter for new games like Lucas Arts did with KOTOR. Going outside of the usual movie plot is usually the best way to make a movie based game good.

The Great Melon3211d ago

I like the style of this game, from what I have seen with their online demo. I'll come back and look at this after my final is over tomorrow. (Must stop procrastinating!)

monkey6023211d ago

I downloaded this a while ago. And I loved it. Such a great little game. Afterwards I went back to play click adventure games I'd never tried before like Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle, All because this gave me a good taste for the genre

mrwiggles3211d ago

Never heard of this game, but I'll look out for it this Chrimbo..