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Submitted by ninamyers 3173d ago | news

GWN: Colin McRae DiRT Demo is Rubbish!

GWN editor Richard Manley has shared his thoughts on the new DiRT demo:

"I hope they fix the physics of the game before release, or this will be yet another disappointing Colin McRae title.

I've played the DiRT demo on the Xbox 360, and I have to tell you guys I think it's pretty god damn awful. The physics in the Colin McRae series have been going down hill since Colin Mcrae 2, which actually sold really well. Driving the rally cars in DiRT feels more like you're driving a boat. The physics are very floaty. The turn-in feels wrong, the steering is not progressive enough, and the vehicles can come to a complete stop surprisingly quickly, even on a loose gravel surface.

The designers of the game claim it has a new, ultra-realistic physics system, but I just don't feel it. I believe Codemasters should have spent more time on the physics of the driving model, even if it was at the expense of the pretty graphics." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

spacetoilet  +   3173d ago
This the same game the xbots name as a AAA title?

*edit* For Xbox360COCKS below, I was not alluding to it being multi or not. I was just commenting on how tons of nerbot posts in the past on this very forum, trying to trash Motorstorm brought this crap up as a better game. So STFU.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   3173d ago
the same
multiplatform game.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
wow what a fuc*ing idiot you are...M-U-L-T-I P-L-A-T-F-O-R-M moron...god some of you mindless idiots never think before you spew your bullsh*t
Blackmoses  +   3173d ago
you know what humors me you guys get so wound up over a comment that you start cursing in there really any need. What are you twelve? c'mon grow up!
Why are you even calling people names?
Anyways there were a lot of Microsoft fans claiming that this game will blow motorstorm out of the water. I seriously believe he knew it was multiplatform. It was just the fact that everbody felt this game was gonna be better than MOTORSTORM, and now it appears that it may not actually turn out to be. But this guy could be biased.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
No this is just like the 5th straight idiotic comment I saw so I went off just a little I was just really irritating because it's multiplatform and he just made himself look absolutely retarded
PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
Oh ok. Well here is a hint next time post something like...

"This is the AAA game everyone is saying beats Motorstorm, ha I guess not!"


"This the same game the xbots name as a AAA title? Hmmmmm."

I guess maybe you don't see how that comment could preclude that your calling us all OUT and name bashing all at once? So if you didn't like how I responded, maybe next time try to be a little more clear in your meaning. Oh and for the record I agree that Motorstorm is a better off-road rally racer. I would have agreed with you if you would have said that.
Numark  +   3173d ago
I have simply never liked this series to be honest, I suggest everyone just gets forza 2. It is such a great game everyone is ignoring due to graphics.
Diselage  +   3173d ago
I've never liked this series
While i've never thought much of the CM games but this demo was great, it may not be a pure sim but it was fun to play.
razer  +   3173d ago
Has horrible physics when you compare it to a sim style game. But it still fun as hell and I always prefer a more arcade style racer to the sim experience.

This game is no different. I find it funny that every other review I've read of this game is saying how great it is... I've played the demo and I liked it a lot compared to Forza, but I'm just not a racing sim person.

Spacetoilet - You 1 bubble wonder boy.. Your response is typical of a PS3Tard! (see I can use stupid references like xbot too!). Get a life!
Shake  +   3173d ago
You know...
When I downloaded the demo of this game,when i started it up,it went ok starting with the menus.Then when it was time for it to load(to go to gameplay)It says disk might be damaged or dirty.But there was no disk in the tray!Can someone help me out?
AcidRhain  +   3173d ago
Used douchebags!
All of y'all who talk like this moron editor who's ranting about how much he's a biased assh*le. It's a decent game, the physics aren't the greatest but they are good. All I have to say, is Blow Me!

EDIT: sorry this article kinda pissed me off. I appologize, but still... Who the f*ck does this guy think he is. a NOBODY... an 'editor' whose oppinion counts for sh!t.
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ninamyers  +   3173d ago
None of what you just said makes sense. Try reading the actual article. All you can say is "blow me"? errr..
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marionz  +   3173d ago
sooo funny!
ninamyers was the editor! ouch!
MrBIGGLES  +   3173d ago
HAHA. "blow me"

This is a good game. I mean, I'm buying it. The article was totally off.
Clinton514  +   3173d ago
Generally I wouldn't reply to many threads that call a game "rubbish" straight up simply by playing the demo, but I disliked the demo as well. I can't say I'm excited for the final product.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
yeah for some reason I don't believe you have tried it is the fact you have a PS logo for your avatar and last time I checked, no PS3 demo.

EDIT: On second glance, your totally a PS3 fanboy, I read some of your comments.
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Lord Anubis  +   3173d ago



You got all that just by looking at his avatar?

what does mine tell you?
Clinton514  +   3173d ago
Kids these days
Try taking a look at my bio, child.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
Lol you like Japanese anime? Um his is a little more obvious as it's the PS buttons so it's not like it was TOO hard to figure out...and clinton I guess you can't read... "EDIT: On second glance, your totally a PS3 fanboy, I read some of your comments." I DID look at your profile and from your comments I concluded you own only a PS3 and a Wii and therefore you wouldn't have played this. As the demo has only been released on the 360 and PC, you could have tried the PC demo who knows? Point is you want to call someone a child, maybe you should take into consideration it was a simple comment where all you had to say was "Played the PC demo, or at a friends house" As this site is full of judgemental people who comment about things they don't own, plan on owning or even care about just because they truly want it to suck, which in turns makes these comments full of a bunch of crappy posts. I wasn't calling you out, I was making a simple comment, maybe next time if you respond maturely you will get a bubble from me.

Edit:: Oh and I didn't mean fanboy in a bad way either I am a XBOXPS360 fanboy
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Clinton514  +   3173d ago
Not here to fight.
All I did was comment on the article and the game demo which by the way I played on my Xbox 360.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
"6.3 - Kids these days
Try taking a look at my bio, child." ??ok??

Anyways whole thing is PS3 people and 360 people comment on things they dont own just because they want it so badly to suck and I just wanted to check if you truly played it...whatever though no harm done, I'm usually drama free, I guess I'm just a little irritated so I kinda attacked you.

edit:: Hey buttons. Yes my name is XBOX360ROCKS because my 360 does in fact rock to me...this name is 14 months own I made it when I first got my 360 so I was really impressed with it. and I own a PS3
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WoundedMoon  +   3173d ago
"your totally a PS3 fanboy"
From someone named xbox360rocks..
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ChaosKnight  +   3173d ago
I've never liked Colin McRae's games... but damn, after playing the demo... I loved DiRT... one of the few Racing games I've actually thought of buying... and I thought the physics felt fine.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
Yea me too dude. I thought it was great, I loved the way you slowed down, I thought the driving was unbelievable fun and the sense of speed was fantastic.
DrWan  +   3173d ago
U know
not many of us have the luxury of driving a real ...Rally car the hell do we know what feels 'right' or not to be a 'real' racer? ...just have fun..and if it's fun..then buy's that simple.

And on the motorstorm, i think the intension was NOT to make a SIM, but the physics for motorstorm is not horrible, its just difference, for example if u r on mudding ground it feels different than dry dirt and if u crash into someone it is suppose to have very realistic phyiscs (again, not many of us have the luxury of crashing into someone like motorstorm style).. long as it's fun...its ok.
power of Green  +   3173d ago
The demo states its a work in progress demo, although i agree that the Rally cars suck ass in physics but the buggy and im guessing the truck gameplay only need a few tweeks.

Theres no play in the Rally cars what so ever the steering isn't full enough cars handle like PlayStation games(on rails) or either out of control. So there you have it! the Rally cars are either on rails or out of control nothing inbetween like lets say TDU to say the least.

The breaking is so sensitive it takes the fun out of driving Rally cars; you can be going a hundred MPH and stop in 6 feet. I wonder if this has to do with PS3 in mind?.

HOPE THE DEVs are Listening because i'm buying this game because its kick ass with the Non Rally part of the game the buggies are a blast and i'm sure the trucks on the loose bumpy/hilly terrian will be a blast also.
Antan  +   3173d ago
"The breaking is so sensitive it takes the fun out of driving Rally cars; you can be going a hundred MPH and stop in 6 feet. I wonder if this has to do with PS3 in mind?."

Yes, this is it, you have hit the nail on the head yet again!
Do you have any idea how much sh!te comes out of your mouth? seriously? You should really give stand up a try with the amount of comical statements you make! As per most of your "statements" if you think there is a particular problem/glitch/gameplay issue/graphical issue with any 360 multiplat game, you think the PS3 is to blame? LOL.....oh dear...

"HOPE THE DEVs are Listening"

We are......and we are laughing at the same time!

"The demo states its a work in progress demo"

What you see is what your getting.
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WIIIS1  +   3173d ago
After Forza 2, every other driving game is rubbish. Yes, GT series included.
ninamyers  +   3173d ago
Richard Burns Rally is still the best rally sim to date. Considering it's like what.. 10 years old, that really says something.
God of Gaming  +   3173d ago
umm I actually did enjoy the demo. I am very excited for the game..
tehcellownu  +   3173d ago
you want a really great game..motor storm for the ps3!!! cant wait for part 2 is goin to be freaken sweet..
PS360PCROCKS  +   3173d ago
Ok so all this time and i JUST got your name...clever. Anyways lol your excited for Motorstorm 2? Take one year at a time man, that games a long way off. Tonight start dreaming about Heavenly Sword, it will kick Motorstorms ass in every department as well. Heavenly Sword will be top 10 game this year, maybe top 5.
Owner360-PS3  +   3173d ago
I have motorstorm, its not that great ?
Owner360-PS3  +   3173d ago
People that bash all these games that they havent played or dont own should get a life other than videogames.Are you that insecure with yourself that bashing the console or games you DONT have make you feel better? cmon guys get a life and GROW UP.
marionz  +   3173d ago
i loved the demo, i wouldnt call it AAA but its better then forza (ill still buy forza though)
the graphics in dirt are sweet, i dont care bout the physics i like arcadey games better then sims, but i didnt see any real problems with the game!
sonarus  +   3173d ago
Well i actually do remember a lot of people saying this game would trash motorstorm. Not like i expected it to. I mean motorstorm is a great game if it only had splitscreen multiplayer
Rockstar  +   3173d ago
It's coming I'm sure.
Contra26  +   3173d ago
did Motorstorm get a 90% avg. on

didnt think so...

I guess only PS3 owners hype up motorstorm because it's the only game they have. pretty sad.
Did RFOM make a 90% average???

Screw the PS3 owners... I'd rather check out the review scores
calderra  +   3173d ago
Personally, I thought the DiRT demo was rubbish as well. Here's to hoping it's nothing like the final game.
InMyOpinion  +   3173d ago
I totally agree with him. It looks good and all, but the steering feels like driving a shopping trolley. Rallisport Challenge 2 is still the rally king. Bold of him to say something like this. Not many game journalists would dare say something like that about a game that most seem to think is great.
#20 (Edited 3173d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Saint Sony  +   3173d ago
What ever the writer says, it is just his opinion. I love the demo, it is arcade driving indeed but makes the gameplay fast and fun. Game looks stunning as hell and is damn fun to play.. nitpickers like the writer should avoid games like this and enjoy some simulators instead. Colin McRae2 was great but so is DiRT. Must buy for me.

It is good to have Forza2 and DiRT because they're totally different games what comes to driving/racing mood.
#21 (Edited 3173d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AudioRage  +   3173d ago
yeah i agree red avatar
ive always loved the colin mcrae games and the demo is unreal. of course there is no progressive steering, these are wrc cars! in which a half rotation of the steering wheel completely chenges the direction of the car.
Bullseye  +   3173d ago
Like many of you, i noticed the braking
was a little abrupt to say the least,70mph to 0mph in 1 second!To be honest, i thought this was just down to the low difficulty level available,i sought of thought that if a hard option was available, the braking and steering would be more realistic?The most dissapointing thing for me was, you weren't able to actually try a rally course, all you got was that stupid figure of eight track.Also,i thought the tracks seemed a bit featureless and somehow, uninteresting.I will see what the finished game is like before i decide.
#23 (Edited 3173d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bumnut  +   3173d ago
i agree it has got worse since cm 2
try playing it with the 360 wheel, you turn the wheel a couple of degrees in either and the car is onh full steering lock.

not good enough, i also hate the way they have 'yanked up' the game.

whoooooaaa race day baby? colin mccrae is scottish.

forza 2 blows this game out of the water
bumnut  +   3173d ago
i agree it has got worse since cm 2
try playing it with the 360 wheel, you turn the wheel a couple of degrees in either and the car is onh full steering lock.

not good enough, i also hate the way they have 'yanked up' the game.

whoooooaaa race day baby? colin mccrae is scottish.

forza 2 blows this game out of the water
Mycococo  +   3173d ago
"driving a boat" is the only comparison that can be made honestly. lol. hahahahahaha. i had a feeling this game would let me down.
level 360  +   3173d ago
A very nice addition to the Colin McRae Series...
No offence to the late real Richard Burns ( who has passed away recently... ) but I thought the game that bears his name is not a very good sim title. I could'nt find anything fun about the game to comment about, which is suppose to be the main reason for playing it in the first place... A pretty dull game, quite bland in the physics and graphics department. I'm pretty much looking forward to play DIRT: Colin McRae.
BOOSTIN  +   3173d ago
I have to agree the physics are OFF
i was playing forza 2 and downloading the DIRT demo. once it was done i switch over to check it out, and OMG it felt like i was driving a HOVERCRAFT! you dont even have to brake to turn! maybe its just because the physics in forza 2 are lightyears ahead of DIRT.
artman  +   3172d ago
360rocks got burn up here i guess...
I prefer SEGA RALLY hahahahha.
haven't tried the demo yet. coz I don't like to pay for live~ my internet connection is already expensive enough. :(

try real driving~ get the experience first... then comment here.
id dot entity  +   3172d ago
Wow I thought the demo was amazing!

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