A Letter to Tony Hawk writes:
'You may or may not have read about this, but yesterday Tony Hawk defended the frankly shameful review scores for his latest bone-headed endorsement, Tony Hawk Ride. A game which was never going to be any good, as they've been getting steadily worse and worse since Tony Hawk's 3. I say defended, though it was more a violent outburst towards anybody who disagrees with him, and in the case of the game, I imagine that's probably everybody.'

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mark20123089d ago

Boo. Just boo. I used to love the Tony Hawk games. Tony Hawk 2 on PSOne was amazing. It was my favorite. Epic downfall from that point on. I guess Mr. Hawk is just pissed because no one is buying all his useless crap anymore. Who still skateboards? I sometimes see kids CARRYING skateboards....but actually riding them? No. Their girl pants are too tight.

ZombieNinjaPanda3089d ago


I skateboard everyday.

I see skaters every day.

It's just in certain areas where we're a dying bunch now.

badz1493089d ago

I really hope he'd learned a lesson or two with this. and by hope I mean FLOP and TANK HARD alongside Activision!

Hisiru3089d ago

Bring the "Pro Skater" series back. Where is my "secret tape"?

mauleriscool3089d ago

I played the series since ps1. Upgraded to broadband just to host 8 player matches on THUG. Bought thug2 which wasnt great. Played a copy of the next gen ones and it was awful.
If they made a "next gen" of THUG, I'd buy it day 1.

oli3089d ago

tony hawk is gay anyways, rodney mullen is better, that guy needs a skatinng game based on him
WTF!! tight jeans arent girl jeans

Nihilism3089d ago

I know skaters that actually go out and buy female jeans because they're tighter, it is true.

f7897903089d ago

The pro skater series sold well because it was FUN. Not realistic. If I wanted realistic I'd buy Skate.

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VenerableBmoney3089d ago

Ahh Tony, how you've fallen from grace. Although he's kind of right- who cares what people think? He just wants more money since he's to old to do anything athletically relevant anymore...

Maddens Raiders3089d ago

crack me up. "He just wants more money since he's to old to do anything athletically relevant anymore..." as if the guy all of a sudden is a bedridden indigent.

& it's "too" old not "to" old.

I bet money you would never hold a candle to the things Hawk has done athletically in his life (No, not Ever), but since you make light of the fact that some people want "more money", you probably don't have any to bet anyway. All the guy has done is basically invented vert and nearly all of the tricks that you CANNOT do today. Pathetic.

Rocket Sauce3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

While you're sitting in your computer chair eating cheetos and bagel bites, Tony Hawk is doing incredible things on a skateboard - not to make money, but because he loves it. He does bagel bites commercials for money.

Speaking of money, this guy has enough money to fill his swimming pool with it and dive in, Scrooge McDuck style. He doesn't need to lend his name to awful games to make money.

And I hate articles like this that are written directly to somebody, like Tony Hawk is ever going to read this or even know of its existence. Yeah, the game almost certainly sucks, but it's funny to get so outraged over it by throwing around "how dare you"'s and what not.

mau643089d ago

Tony hawk 3 is the best in the series hands down.

Ziriux3089d ago

I never liked the series due to it's button mashing.

Blaze9293089d ago

Button mashing? Have you ever played a tony hawk game?

f7897903089d ago

and if you button mashed, you would keep doing flips and grabs even after you're not pushing buttons any more and would scrape your face along the ground.

Ziriux3089d ago

The game is fine, but that skateboard is a bother and the game costs too much with it.

Maddens Raiders3089d ago

they (Acti) should've ditched the board option and just gone a traditional controller route.

Fishy Fingers3089d ago

I used to like TH games, being a skater when I was younger (prefer the long board now), but now I'd much rather play Skate, it's just more accurate, still over the top, but better than the crazy combos you can pull in TH.

dirthurts3089d ago

Longboarding rocks. I do it myself.
I play skate for the same reasons. Can't wait for the next.

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