Tecmo Launches Ninja Gaiden Sigma Site

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is less than a month away now, and Tecmo is kicking things into high gear to prepare gamers for the best Ryu adventure yet.

They have officially launched the Ninja Gaiden Sigma website, and it already has plenty of info concerning the upcoming action title. Most importantly, it reconfirms all the sweet extra content exclusive to Sigma, along with plenty of screenshots and other media.

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theaceh3788d ago

GameStop says it will come out 06/27/2007 ?!?
When is it really comming out?

Bill Gates3788d ago

Just of curiosity, who in here will be picking up Ninja Gaiden Sigma? I know I will.

americanGTA3788d ago

one for each day of the week

kingofps33788d ago

I will too.

Tecmo loves you.

power of Green 3788d ago

You guys are going to love the Full game even more so then I sence it has more content than the original. Some of the bosses are crazzy, the combo's are off the hook and the RPG-ish elements is Icing on the cake. AI is great too.

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