12 Great Games with Dreadful Moments on all platforms.


"It's a fact; no game is perfect. Each and every game has some flaw, some issue, whether it's a game breaking bug, a poor development choice or something else. AAA games with top reviews are no exception.

Here are 12 great games on All Platforms listing some of their flaws that some gamers might not notice but that others would find annoying. These issues may even have made some gamers put the controller down in total frustration and simply walk away from the game altogether.

This Top 12 List will focus on key moments that gave me and other gamers trouble, frustration and general annoyance."

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BadCircuit2932d ago

Some of the games in there are surprises. I have the worst moments when a game is repetitive in its level design or its environment is all the same. Variety is what I like in a game.

gaminoz2931d ago

Too right. I like diversity to explore too.

ReservoirDog3162931d ago

I think most are justifiable. I hated a lot of those points.

The Library was just unbelievable. I still don't know how I found my way through that. Wouldn't have made it without that shotgun.

And The Water Temple. Oh The Water Temple. I had a strategy guide playing that and it still took forever.

smittyjerkins2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Even though the water temple in Ocarina of Time is always picked on for being a massive and confusing trudge, it had shadow link, which imo completely justified everything. The fight vs shadow link is one of the coolest and most entertaining boss battles in the game (he jumps onto your sword! can u say badass!) and the reward for beating him is the long shot, it makes everything worth it.

Darkstorn2931d ago

Pretty good list, except that I actually didn't have a problem with Alma in Ninja Gaiden. In fact, I beat her on my second try. I was playing Sigma, though, so it may have been tweaked. Even so, I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Darkstorn2931d ago

I loved how MGS4 changed EVERYTHING for the ending battle. I won't spoil anything, but it was pure BRILLIANCE!

ico922931d ago

does anyone here get that feeling when you replay a game you really like but theres this one part of it that i dread yep the water temple in ocarina of time is one part i seriously hate it was such a chore

nbsmatambo2931d ago

the God of War part he mentioned wasnt that bad lol, extra incentive was that u get a trophy wen u complete it without losing health =]

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gaminoz2931d ago

The Halo Library example or any of the others that use 'un'fun methods to pad out their games really annoy me. A game should not be 4 hours, but a game should not pad itself out just to say it is longer.

Godem2931d ago

God of War 1... AGREED!!!!! RAAAAAAGGGGE!

I just had pleasure of replaying through the God of War Collection on the PS3 last week and had to endure countless attempts of beating that BLOODY HORRIBLE TOWER/WALL.... seriously made me want to scream.

Kudos on the interesting 'top 10' list

gaminoz2931d ago

Nothing worse than getting to a part of the game (often the end) and have to repeat over and over and over.

Parapraxis2931d ago

It only took me a few tries to get past that part in GOW 1 and when I did, boy did it feel good.
I love games with challenge.
Demon's Souls has been fantastic thus far and often punishes you and has many challenges.
I think Vasari's Palace (KZ2)should have been on that list LOL. That level kicked my ass many times =D

LordMarius2931d ago

what a noob, it just takes patience,

didnt die on my first try

No FanS Land2931d ago

this part of the game is lame, but not prince of persia lame. insands of time when at the end of the game you happen to not have the dagger, the prince strangely begins the most difficult wall climbimng part I've ever met. I mean, one single error and you die. Not only this but this is repeated in Warrior Within, the moment you become the sandman, the game gets way harder than normal.

El_Colombiano2931d ago

I remember that being hell to do, but I just did it again in the Collection on my third try, not hard.

ReservoirDog3162931d ago

Oh God! I haven't thought of that in a long time. That was just impossible. That probably was one of the hardest platforming sections of any game ever.

Kakihara2931d ago

I actually got past that Hades tower part easily, I got knocked off two or three times but never when I was near the top so I didn't get frustrated at all. Strangely though I got really frustrated with the horizontal ones you have to walk across. I kept dying on those. I love the God of war games but I think they're both full of frustrating moments.

bnaked2931d ago

lol, after 1000 tries for the first tower, there was another one but harder.. I just thought: "DAMN!"

raWfodog2931d ago wasn't supposed to be easy or enjoyable :)

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GamerPS3602931d ago

demons souls sould be on that list. If you don't play slow, then you will be sitting on first stage forever.

rakunado2931d ago

I have to agree with most of them.

God of War 1's tower and Halo's library really took a helluva lot out of me back then. However the last game that made me throw a controller across the room was Ridge Racer 1 on PS1, trying to get the devil and angel cars. I can still feel the anger... gargh!

Most recent frustration for me would probably have been little big planet's wheel of death(the one where you had to jump the lightning blocks), but honestly i didn't try that many times, i just put the game down for a month and came back later and passed it on first try. :D Games nowadays are pretty much toned down, and much easier than say 8bit Nes Contra when you faced red falcon even with the 30 life cheat... urgh!

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