Design for Live caught up with The Behemoth Co-founder and art director Dan Paladin to find out more about Behemoth's next project, the importance of remaining independent,2D gaming, Xbox Live versus PSN and battling for creative control.

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sticky doja3818d ago

Looking forward to castle crashers and I'm with Dan on not owning a PS3 cuz of the price.

dale13818d ago

I dont own a ps3 yet who is this guy the dev or a twat

Eclipticus3818d ago

the dev. Alien Hominid is one of the best games on xbla. i look forward to Castle Crashers.

nobizlikesnowbiz3818d ago

lol even a dev doesnt want ps3. so called "true gamers" only play ps3. what a load fanboys. every game you play makes you a gamer even if its a damn tic tac toe on a chalkboard. f**kers.