Games to Avoid this Holiday Season

GameFlavor writes, "This is a list of high profile games that retailers and game publishers were banking on for the Holiday blitz. Unfortunately, lackluster gameplay, gimmicky peripherals, and anemic game modes will kill any chance of them being good games. Avoid at all cost!"

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tinman_licks3087d ago

What? Who doesn't like a good cat game?

swingingape3087d ago

DJ hero sucked. I'm waiting for Scratch! Cat scratch, that is

Serjikal_Strike3087d ago

should be on the list....not gran turismo for psp...

Also any game with guitar hero or rock band in the title should be avoided!

caseh3087d ago

Anything with a name like: Singstar, Popstar, Popstars, Singstars, We Sing, You Sing, We all Sing, Wii Sing, Wii Sing Louder...etc etc I think you get the picture. :D

peeps3087d ago

depends tho, some ppl love those sorta games and they can be especially fun at xmas when ur more likely to have a lot of family or friends round to play...

i know i played a load of GH world tour 1 xmas holiday and then after that never touched the thing haha

Parapraxis3087d ago

caseh, Playing SingStar or Buzz! at parties is always a blast.
Getting a bunch of friends together in a social environment is always a great experience.

peeps3087d ago

what an odd list.

the only 1 that made sense is Tony Hawks Ride cus it's 1 of those games that you would presume is really fun and kids may love the idea of a plastic skateboard game (but infact it sucks)

but i mean DJ Hero?? i've actually heard some really good reviews about this

GT psp. so yes it's not the same GT experience as on consoles, but if u know some1 is a GT fan i'm pretty damn sure they would enjoy this game

and mw2?? it seems to be getting some flak, but that's mainly from the minority. the majority of gamers seem to love it (as indicated by reviews and ridiculous sales figures) chances are if they wanted to play this game they would have bought it long before xmas, but i imagine very few would be dissapointed, particulary the more 'casual' gamers

JoySticksFTW3086d ago

Great mix of music, fun gameplay, but expensive

I dunno

Some people just love to hate

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The story is too old to be commented.