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PixelJunk Shooter Review (ResumePlay.net)

ResumePlay.net writes:
'I've not played the first two PixelJunk games, although contrary to what why I originally though, the developers aren't PixelJunk at all, they're Q Games, some crazy Japan-based studio. I've played Eden and it was wonderful. Well, wonderful from an originality standpoint, whilst the difficultly curve was somewhere between ridiculous and suicidal. The concept, while marvellous and the execution being sublime, the main fault being in myself and that I'm far too impatient to see it through until the end. The next PixelJunk title is iteration is PixelJunk Shooter, a sidescrollers (sort of) or as Wikipedia calls it, an Abstract Shooter game, a genre that means nothing to anybody. Gee, thanks open-source encyclopaedia. Unlike Eden, as it's my only reference point for this series, there is a story line. A mining colony has gone snooker loopy and your job is to rescue the trapped miners and scientists, drawing on real life parallels, reflecting global problems with our dwindling resources and the same shit that every game developer is going to angle into their game into we actually do something about it. Rather than moaning about how it's 'all China's fault' even though the USA emits muchmore in the way of carbon emissions, per capita, than any other nation, fnar fnar fnar. Enough of that self-righteous monologue, if this is making a poignant political statement that then mind boggles as to what on earth was PixelJunk Eden representative of, Pollen preservation? Acid?' (PixelJunk Shooter, PS3) 5/5

CheatsMcGee  +   1959d ago
This sounds really interesting. If I had a PS3 I would pick it up, but alas, I do not.
mau64  +   1959d ago
I'm glad to see this got a good review
Chinny1985  +   1959d ago
Nice review, I'm gonna buy this day one for sure!
Digitaldude  +   1959d ago
Pixeljunk strikes again!
dariusy  +   1959d ago
PixelJunk is a funny name.
rogue0674  +   1959d ago
Sounds like a fun game, I wish I had a PS3 to try it out.
spunnups  +   1959d ago
It's PixelJunk, they don't make bad games.
Rama26285  +   1959d ago
'I've not played the first two PixelJunk games' - FAIL - there are THREE previous games :) Clearly not a fan... ;)

Really looking forward to this game :) Good reviews so far...
MostUnfurrowed  +   1957d ago
I hadn't played the first two, but I'd played the third. Keep up ;)
CannonB8  +   1959d ago
He mentions that he hasn't played the first two games - Pixeljunk Racers and Pixeljunk Monsters. He does mention that he played "Eden" - Pixeljunk Eden.

Anyway, I can't wait for this one.

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