Looking back at Killzone 2 and what it did right

PS3Vault writes: "2009 has been a year packed full of amazing titles across all platforms, and as the year comes to a close, gamers are starting to make their picks for the "Game of the Year" categories. Early this year, the Playstation 3 was treated to the highly anticipated Killzone 2, a visually stunning and adrenaline fueled First Person Shooter. When KZ2 first came out, it was well received gaining a 91 on Metacritic, and to many fans instantly earned a spot in several GotY categories, such as best PS3 game, best graphics, best FPS and even GOTY. But as I was glancing over the various categories and nominations across the web, I began to see that KZ2's competition may be to much, Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 being the biggest obstacles. Both games are fantastic and certainly deserve any awards given to them, however I wanted to take a moment to look back at one of the years first heavy hitters to see what it did right."

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clixx333294d ago

Good read...
Guerilla Games definitely beasted this game.

mal_tez923294d ago

The level of immersion in Killzone 2 is unmatched (especially with HUD turned off)

The feeling of the movement, aiming, shooting and surroundings made it the best FPS I've ever played. The cover system was also very nice and should now be standard in all FPS games.

The way the guns react when shooting make it a much more skillful game than Call of Duty with its arcade style shooting; skill being something I respect.

bnaked3294d ago

Killzone 2 is the best Shooter of the year..

Eamon3294d ago

I tried out Killzone 2 a couple of days ago, and I really didn't like it. I didn't like the controls, the over-shakey camera, and the gameplay itself. The graphics were immense, no doubt about that. I didn't like how when its time for shooting, you would be forced to stick in one location to take out enemies for a long time (something I didn't like in Halo 3: ODST)
Also, I hated the cover system. The cover system should have been just like every other FPS where you crouch or manually move yourself.

Although, I only played like 15 minutes. But please don't rape me for having an opinion.

WildArmed3294d ago

aye. pretty much agree with everything on the list but the squad system. I like the Bad Company 2 squad system alot better.. spawn on anyone thats alive in your squad.. not just ur squad leader

DaTruth3294d ago

It only does everything... right!

Simon_Brezhnev3294d ago

i loved killzone 2 but it was the most hated ps3 exclusive in the media. i remember them 1up guys saying they hate how helgasts look saying they rather fight zombies and aliens lol.

AAACE53294d ago

I'll admit, Killzone 2 did some good things, but it just wasn't for me! I bought it and took it back 2 days later. To me it suffers from the same thing as Killzone 1 did... It just doesn't grab you and take you for a ride! For those who like it, i'm happy for you!

It sucks for me because Killzone 2 was the main reason I bought a Ps3! The only reason I waited so long to get it is because of that rumor on here about it getting dropped to $30!

s8anicslayer3294d ago

His comment: "You guys might hate me for saying this
I tried out Killzone 2 a couple of days ago, and I really didn't like it. I didn't like the controls, the over-shakey camera, and the gameplay itself. The graphics were immense, no doubt about that. I didn't like how when its time for shooting, you would be forced to stick in one location to take out enemies for a long time (something I didn't like in Halo 3: ODST)
Also, I hated the cover system. The cover system should have been just like every other FPS where you crouch or manually move yourself.

Although, I only played like 15 minutes. But please don't rape me for having an opinion."

All from a guy with a MasterChief avatar; The Irony!

Trebius3294d ago

Your Master Chief avatar says 'hello' by the way...

But anyway...if you played the game for only 15 minutes, your opinion doesnt matter...because that means you probably played the first few minutes of the first level and kept dying and convinced yourself the game was faulty because you sucked at it.

Why give an opinion on a game you didnt even bother to give a chance?

Stick with arcade shooters like CoD and Halo, obviously Killzone is too challenging for your feeble brain to grasp and be able to play.

God forbid you try to play online multiplayer, then you'd REALLY b!tch about how much the game sucks, cause you would get owned in a heartbeat.

Shaky camera...yeah ok...the first 10 minutes of the game are full of explosions and there IS some shakiness to emphasize the scope of the battle you just crash-landed on.

Go play your Gears of War, because I bet THAT game's shaky cam and horrible Tank-like controls are a GODsend compared to KZ2 right?


sikbeta3294d ago

KZ2 did everything right, but then whiners started to bash it because it wasn't like teh CODz and because it didn't have Co-op mode

Really Amazing Game, KZ3 with Co-op will be BEAST!

blackpanther253294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I feel they should have really had a true pre-game lobby so that you could invite your friends and they should have had a quick-play(play now) where the game searches for a good match for you. In essence if they did it just like Resistance 2(it was dedicated servers as well i believe)it would have been great but it took way too long to patch in join friends game and invite friends.

My friends were all on R2 playing together but killzone kinda made it hard to play together at first(if you weren't in the same clan together)

But hey Killzone 3 will be insane because they can probably take uncharted 2's pre-game lobby code (or get help from them) and use it because they are both owned by sony

Lifendz3294d ago

and didn't get the game because of that, then hey, I cna't fault you. I wasn't a huge fan of the controls at first either. You really have to play the game for some time before they grow on you but once they do, you'll appreciate them. Going back to COD after this was really weird. Killzone was a simulation. If you've ever held a rifle you know there's some kick. If rifles handled like they do in COD then just about everyone would qualify as an expert on the range.

KZ2's graphics, multiplayer, soundtrack, AI, and story were awesome. For KZ3 I want Rico gone and some environments that are luscious jungle type areas.

edgeofblade3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I'll save you the trouble and just suggest the PS3 fanboys click disagree. Because that's your typical reaction to anything negative about Killzone 2, even if it came from someone who had a reasonably good time playing it. Still, I'm not going to laud and applaud a game that didn't deserve the massive amount of praise it's getting. Any realistic praise I could give it has already been drowned out several times over by the blind fanboy factor.

It was good. It wasn't OMG,thisisthebestshitevear!

@blackpanther: Why did you buy two? Are you trying to prove something?

elpresador3294d ago on the single player. I mean the plot was crap. the characters were as 1 dimensional/cardboard you could get (look at rico), the voice acting was overdone, and the script with swearing every other word for no reason then to swear (i get in while in a firefigh but while just walking around?) made the single player not that great. Add in that with the the harder difficulty there were more than one point where it felt more like that enemies just kept coming as opposed to fighting smarter.

Simply put, half the game was great (multi) half needs work (single player)

ThanatosDMC3294d ago

Those people that buy two copies of that game. The other copy is usually for their significant other or for another family member. I always buy two games if it's great or has co-op. Yeah, it's expensive!

D4RkNIKON3294d ago

In my opinion, KILLZONE2 can't be touched by other FPS this year. The Graphics, guns, squad system, ACTUAL F*CKING CLAN SYSTEM!, Online game modes and more. I loved how the game types switch in game and run through all of them instead of like COD makes you pick one just one game type. Also COD has a joke of a clan system that doesn't hold a candle to KZ2.

Nikuma3294d ago

I loved KZ2 and it is an amazing game but there is definitely some things they could work on for the next one. Mainly with the single player campaign. The vehicle sequences need some work... it seemed like the tank part was just thrown in there just to have it. You couldn't really go anywhere in the tank so all you really did was sit there and blast stuff for a min.

I'm all for some variety and while the tank and mech suit were "okay" I certainly think they could amp it up by a good margin. I remember towards the end of the game when you jump into a dune buggy type ride with a mounted gun and you're thinking "ok cool an on rails part" but it never happened.

I look at a single player campaign like Half life 2, and then look at KZ2 and it just doesn't measure up in terms of shear fun, and variety. Killzone2 is probably one of my favorite FPS games(mostly due to the MP) but I think they can really amp up the SP and truly make it epic. GG has everything they need to making a blowout blockbuster game.. then just need to tweak some things IMO.

Eamon3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

@s8anicslayer: So if I had a display picture of Nathan Drake, what would you have said instead? Just to let you know, I've had this avatar since around Halo 3's release.

@Trebius: Seriously, judging from your comment, you must be one really sad guy and take games way too seriously (probably more serious than life). The way you replied sounded like I insulted your mother lol.

*"because that means you probably played the first few minutes of the first level and kept dying and convinced yourself the game was faulty because you sucked at it."*
^ LOL, look at the excuses you are coming up with. That I kept on dying and convinced myself ROFL. You have no idea how I played so what area in your a55 did you come out with this?

*"Why give an opinion on a game you didnt even bother to give a chance?"*
^ I did give it a chance, hence why I played 15 minutes and not 1 minute of 5 minutes. Unless you mean 'many hours' by giving a chance. Gosh =O

*"Killzone is too challenging for your feeble brain to grasp and be able to play."*
^ Sounds to me like I broke your heart or something when I criticised your mother-oh wait I mean your game. -__-

*"Shaky camera...yeah ok...the first 10 minutes of the game are full of explosions"*
^ I didn't mean shakiness because of explosions. I mean the constant shakiness when you are running/walking or when aiming a gun or shooting.

*"Go play your Gears of War, because I bet THAT game's shaky cam and horrible Tank-like controls are a GODsend compared to KZ2 right?"*
^ Gears of War didnt have a shaky cam when you are simply walking. Also, GoW is a 3rd person shooter, so if the camera was shaky even in 3rd person, then the game would have been horrible.

So Trebius, you've just made me waste 5 minutes here, answering your sad comment. You need to understand that everyone has their own opinions and stop getting emotional on the internet. Remember, PS3 is not God... or your mother (LOL).

talltony3294d ago

Mw2 is the biggest let down which is why i would rather play a game where the killing looks real and the dedicated servers are big. :) Now I can say that killzone 2 is underrated cause everyone that disses probably tried it for one sec and returned it which is a shame.

BattleAxe3294d ago

Just to respond to a couple of things.... 1.If you don't like the cover system then don't use it, because you can still crouch and move around (you couldn't figure that out?lol) and 2. When you go to play a game do you ever go to the controls section of the menu to see what the different configurations are? They actually have a controller setup like CoD.

Anyways, if you're a HALO player then I think that Resistance 2 would be more your type of game. Playing a game for 15 minutes isn't really giving it much of a chance though or enough time to actually give a solid opinion of a game.

Arnon3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It wasn't a bad shooter. I walked away from it with like 68-72% of the trophies. It wasn't something spectacular, as I found moments of the game to be incredibly repetitive and dull. The script needs work. Character development is somewhat dull, and voice acting is terrible. The cover system was also completely pointless. It basically used what every other shooter has (which is just running to a wall and hiding) and added the ability to lean on them, at the expense of not being able to move. It's not a bad feature to have, but I guarantee you that you could accomplish a lot more by just standing behind the wall and running out for a bit and shooting instead of attaching yourself to it.

Multiplayer was fun for about a week, simply because after a weeks gameplay, you pretty much have everything including all of the 10 ranks in the game (sad that there's only 10 in the game). Everything else is basically medals to help you level up, which you don't need, because gaining rank 10 can be done in about 3 days. Then (and yes I know there's DLC, but still) you only have 8 maps out of the box, and before the DLC was released, I played through each one a good 20+ times.

Again, it really wasn't a bad game, but it most certainly wasn't an amazingly spectacular game. In my eyes, it's pretty much paved the way for Killzone 3 to be the game to blow my mind (in something other than graphics).

ViciousBoston3293d ago

I think that you guys are being unfare to the gentleman who has a MasterChief avatar. Personally I loathe the Xbox because of what it represents and their business practices but honestly if he played it and didn't like it, thats him. In my opinion though 15 minuites isn't a solid sample size. You never got to experience the story and how it really puts you in the war and you feel like you're turning the tides. I enjoyed that aspect the most out of Killzone 2, you playing ctually feels like you yourself are turning the tides.

Eamon3293d ago

@Battleaxe & VisciousBoston

Now that I think about it again, maybe 15 minutes wasn't enough time. But developers should understand that the first 15 minutes is important in selling a game. Mass Effect really sucked at the beginning and put off a lot of potential buyers.

Also, I did manage to find the custom control scheme thingy. But what were Guerrila Games thinking about by making R3 as 'Aim' button?
Anyway, on your suggestion Battleaxe, I might try out Resistance 2.


KILLZONE2 may be great looking, and works to a certain extent. I for one feel the game is quite standard, quite generic in its game play. It just feels ho hum.I feel that it is missing the fun factor.It is just not that fun to play. but I will say it looks amazing, and I think it looks better than the cartoony UC2.

UnSelf3293d ago

Things wrong wit KZ2: Voice acting, voice synching, pre game lobby, squad system, spawn points

Things right wit KZ2: Controls, Gfx, Sound, Weight, Immersion, Fidelity, Storyline, exclusivity, remarkable for an entry title (on nxt gen systems), tons of replay value

ico923293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

killzone 2 had superb level desingn, extremley powerful weapons (isa rifle anyone) some intense set peice battkles, and an incredible atmosphere helped out by powerful audio visual design also the graphics were amazing ,super controls, i know alot of the COD noobs (EDGE) arn't used to games without an auto aim but to me they were perfect it adds immersion, and challenge ,very deep multiplayer.
but the game had its problems the characters and story let down an otherwise superb concept, towards the end of the game it starts to get interesting but the characters are so underdeveloped for you to care about them, also a co-op mode like uin resisistance 2 couldnt have suited a better game, some weapons were extremley overpowerd (isa assault rifle) its so easy to land headshots its a joke. but other than that the game was great

kwicksandz3293d ago

the thing i think the game did right was online match joining. being able to search from a region filter and an individual game filter should be in every game of every genre imo

As for the gameplay, i feel the clumsy controls and douchey characters hurt the campagin. if they could just make the controls responsive and kill off sev's Dbag squadmate the series would be better for it. and give sev some high heels cause hes one short mofo.

Actual MP gameplay was a good concept but flawed execution. Spawn camping, unbalanced weapons and a punitive unlock system work against it. Rockets on radec academy gets old reeeaaaallly fast but that seems like the only thing people want to play =( Pick up a few more concepts from TF2s almost perfectly balanced gameplay guerilla!

elpresador3293d ago

...I mean you are never even told why you are invading Helghan for god sake. Also, basically the only thing with plot is, we send you to a planet, wrk your way to the main builiding and take the leader bad guy under arrest.

Thats it. There is nothing deeper than that. I mean come on. You feel no real sense that you are actually doing anything while you are on the ground and then you end up getting Visari for no other reason then being the last squad left at the end of the game.

They barely even make ANY kind of refference to what happened in part 1 whch, since this is NOT like the Final Fantasy series (being episodic that is) had the story/writing been better there would be something to tie the 2 together yet nothing is there.

Sorry for the rant but to say KZ2 had a good story to me means that you dont expect much story wise from a game.

jav09183293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The game was amazing graphically played the first level never played didn't grab me like uncharted 1 and 2 did...even ratchet and clank grabbed me 10x more than KZ2 did. I actually felt like I wanted to beat those games. Bought my PS3 in October got Uncharted 1-2 all 3 Ratchet and clank games and the god of war collection and blew right threw them man those are some amazing games but KZ2 just didn't grab me and rape my pleasure center...maybe I'm sick of the shooters or maybe I'm just retarded. I am prepared to lose the rest of my bubbles...take them now.

cyberwaffles3293d ago

i agreed with everything except the soundtrack. i thought some segments of the game would've been better without music just like in KZ1. sometimes the gun shooting and chaos builds an ambiance that you just can't match with a soundtrack. other than that, some of the material was john william's caliber and pretty solid.

Darkstorn3293d ago

Killzone 2 still has the best graphics on console (in my opinion...), so that must mean they did SOMETHING right...
The gameplay was awesome as well :D

Tanny922253293d ago

"Sounds to me like I broke your heart or something when I criticised your mother-oh wait I mean your game. -__- "

lmfao win.

Tanny922253293d ago

Like most games these days, to fully get the story you have to have played the previous games in the series (in this case killzone 1). While killzone 1 was laggy, boring, and pretty much broken, it actually had a pretty good story. And if you were like me and rented the game before killzone 2 came out, you would know the story.

2 Years ago I bought a 360 just so i could play halo and gears 2 (having beaten the crap out of gears 1 at a friend's house and loved it). But where is the story in these games? I never played halo 1 or 2 so i had no idea wtf was going on when i woke up as master chief in a random jungle and then found myself fighting through different areas, not being told why, and then getting to the epic warthog scene on halo. After I landed on that space ship, and saw the war memorial thing i was like "wow, that ending was epic. but wait, wtf did that have to do with anything?".

Same thing with gears 2, you know nothing about the story until the last couple hours of the game and then you blow up a brumak, watch some of the crapiest water effects ever, and then listen to marcus' dad say that his son f*cked up. I was just like "wtf."

Sarcasm3293d ago

This article makes me want to play Killzone 2 again. All good and fair points. The only true criticism of the game was the controls.

littletad3293d ago

Purely over the controls. I'm sure others thought it was realistic, the sensitivity. And that's okay, but not when your playing a video game. Everything else, was pretty spot on. The graphics were and still are unmatched. The death physics of the AI was a sight to see each time. I also agree the cover system should be implemented in other fps.

So why did I trade it in? Cause you can have a great game, but if the controls are clunky, how on earth can you enjoy it? I was never able to beat the last level, purely because of the sensitivity. Not my skill. Maybe they changed it in an update, I never really checked. So I'll get it again.

talltony3293d ago

So you traded kz2 before the high precision mode patch was released? Well that was a mistake. I hated kz2 before they fixed the controls and now I am playing it over the noobfest that is mw2.

Xgamerzus3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The next game they make will surely Devastate the FPS clones out there!!
THis game had some moments of sheer awe CGI hollywood level effects and this is just a first gen game on PS3!!!!!

i hope the approach the next with more massive battles massive MECHS and Mech on Mech or versus robots and such that this game deserves im dying to the how far can this engine go!!!

littletad3293d ago

We'll I had no idea they would release a patch after all. Now I do, so I'll be happy to buy it again. At a better price too.

talltony3292d ago

Ok your right no way of knowing. That's why I think most people returned it back then.

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Bungie3294d ago


that's pretty much it

Darkeyes3294d ago

Sadly Bungie doesn't even qualify in that category.

OmarJA-N4G3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Sadly neither the ideas, the same old generic run & pew pew power ranger shooter...

Bungie is overrated they should think outside the box & come with new games.

Karooo3294d ago

you haven't even played it, clan system is one of the best in the world, gun modeling is superb, hit detection online is awesome, 32 player dedicated servers, noobs find it tough because of the realistic controls, I totally love this game.

go back to ur causal game halo noob.

yoghurt3294d ago

Still one of the best FPS games Ive played

technically THE best, only BFBC2 is proving as fun at the moment - but then we have KZ3 on the horizon.....

Tru_Blu3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Should be epic again. It's just a few guys left and a massive reinforcement just arrived. I almost hope they wait till the PS4 to drop that. KZ2 can't get much better can it?

EDIT: this somehow got put under the wrong comment I was responding to but still.

vrc3294d ago

This is the best multiplayer console FPS I've played, hands down. Kudos to the author.

OmarJA-N4G3294d ago

Same here, Warfare + Blood Gratchet = FTW!

gijsbrecht3294d ago

I agree with all the points that are being made; a good list. To be honest, I still do not see any other game to this date that combines this kind of level of graphics ( which also includes lighting, particals and such), visceral gameplay and intelligent enemy AI in one pacakage. Even UC2, which I love to death, doesn't seem yo have that level of AI and hit response as KZ2 does for instance.
I can only imagine that after the refinement the engine is going through right now, the game will even get more impressive. KZ2 was definitely one of the highlights for me this year.

dalibor3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Some people may not believe you but I have played the game myself & have witnessed it's beauty. I don't even need to believe you because I have experienced it myself. I am a witness to greatness. Hopefully it will flourish with Killzone 3.

elpresador3293d ago

...when a developer is using basically what, 4 colors max it is easy to make things look great. Ill be impressed if/when they have an outdoor level that isnt full of sand and gray buildings.

skwidd3293d ago

What's so special about using more color? I always prefer a minimal color palette. More color doesn't mean better looking. Ever watched the movie Amelie? Limited color palette. It's actually very sophisticated and hard to do because you need more shades of those colors and being more particular. Just like lighting a B&W movie is very difficult.