Sony: 9 new Bravia LCDs PS3 1.8 firmware ready

The nine new Bravias introduced today feature Sony's x.v.Color wide color gamut system, 10-bit 1080p panels, Bravia Engine upscaler, the oh-so-popular XMB crossbar interface, and compatibility with Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link to stream HD video directly to your set over the 'net.

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FadeToBlack3784d ago

Hope everyone has a first born child to trade in for it lol.

Raiyel3784d ago

Fade to black was one of the most awesome/underrated games of all time! bubbles for you, sir!

gta_cb3783d ago

yeh its gonna be expensive.

ben hates you3784d ago

but sharp aqous kicks its ass, but thats my opinion

FadedDRFT3784d ago

Ive heard about the sharp tv's being better than bravia, Is this true??

Lord Anubis3784d ago

I would disagree and I think CNET's rating would disagree.

omansteveo3784d ago

I swear with Sony TV's you pay like an extra grand just bc of the name

kewlkat0073784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

have always had Expensive Hardware. well it has built up a strong brand name, which is being challenge now, with the likes of Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and lets not forget MS.

Man if these TV's were $2000 cheaper I would consider buying one..

IBLEEDBLU3784d ago

go buy one

i have a 46 XBR3 and it simply is amazing!! and looks amazing with the glass around it...

next year ill be upgrading to the XB5 - well worth the money