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Submitted by piroh 2258d ago | news

Record of Agarest War is largest PSN game ever

If you managed to get into the MAG beta and thought thatwas a lot of downloading, Aksys' Record of Agarest War is going to blow your mind. The PSN title will weigh in "somewhere around 8 - 10 gigs," an Aksys employee posted on the game's forums. We suggest starting the download before you go to bed or -- considering the "100 hour" adventure isn't actually out yet -- taking the Delorean up to 88MPH. (Culture, PS3)

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piroh  +   2258d ago
Bigger than Gears of war :D
HeavyweightInTheGame  +   2258d ago
I agree. This game is huge!
It's too bad I don't have enough space left on my HDD to download this game though. I'm considering getting the 360 retail version. Anyone know why they aren't doing a retail release for the PS3 version of this game?
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Kalowest  +   2258d ago
i read someway they already released the PS3 version, than went back and added more stuff and better graphics to the 360 version.
SixTwoTwo  +   2258d ago
I believe its because the game doesn't have an english dub. I may be wrong though maybe someone else can clarify this.
Redempteur  +   2257d ago
hum ? the game was just retarded for either

- adding trophies ( pal version doesn't have them )
- wait for the 360 version ..

if it's to wait for an useless and shi**y english dub ...well i'm glad i'm not waiting seing the number of rpg this year on ps3 ...
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ThanatosDMC  +   2257d ago
My first question is, "is it a good game?" I'm currently heavily addicted to Dragon Age.
Redempteur  +   2257d ago
it's not a bad game ... that's the only answer you'll get ..

It's a early ps3 game that finally got translated..
It's also not a rpg like dragon edge or demon soul ..

but if you like disgaea or cross edge , there is a fair chance you'll get into it ... ( because there an insane amount of thing to do , to custom, to craft ..and characters to get [soul breed system])

There is nothing wrong with agarest beside the intense scrolling during the dialogs parts when there more than 2 people talking ..

a solid rpg at the minimum ..( i can't get into the details as i haven't finish it yet )
ThanatosDMC  +   2257d ago
^Thanks. If it's not at full price say $20 or less. I might get it.
SixTwoTwo  +   2258d ago
Its going to be close. Siren with all the episodes installed comes close to 10gb.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2258d ago
Is this Game out on the European PSN?
Redempteur  +   2257d ago
this game is out retail on EUR and JAP shores ...

PSN version is USA only ..
OpenGL  +   2257d ago
Siren: Blood Curse is 9130MB with all 12 episodes, and it is only available as a download in the U.S. That was a huge mistake in my opinion, as download only games on consoles don't sell as well as retail, and the size probably turned off some potential customers.
EpsilonTeam  +   2257d ago
The game is already out in europe. Had the Collector's Edition nearly a month now.
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Redempteur  +   2257d ago
i have it too

it's a fairly good game ..but many thing can be improved and have been improved in the sequel ( already out in japan )

The size is perfectly normal seing that it's a Normal PS3 Full game ..
Wrathman  +   2257d ago
no space for that on my ps3.40gig model already half full with all the madatory updates sony make me this rate my ps3 has another 3 years left till that other 20gig is full
RankFTW  +   2257d ago
Then why not...
upgrade to a bigger HDD?
jerethdagryphon  +   2257d ago
so spend the price of a game on a new hdd up it to 250gig problem solved
RH06  +   2257d ago
Are you talking about game updates, otherwise the PS3 updates don't take the amount of HDD you talking about!
LittleBigSackBoy  +   2257d ago
I bought this last week, it sucks. Took it back for demon's souls.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2257d ago
10 GIGS!!! Thats more than a DvD can hold!!!
venomcarnage89  +   2257d ago
8-10 gigs
not bad, definitely understandable seeing as it was originally on disc. i wonder if its any good of a game, ill have to look it up, im glad my internet is fast ill have to time this game and see how long it takes, with estimates of 1 gig downloads taking about 5 min i guess this should be a 40-50 min DL. no so luckyfor a friend of mine though lol it takes him 3 hours for 1 gig
Perkel  +   2257d ago
em what about GT Prologue 13 GB ?
Elwenil  +   2257d ago
I wonder what the Burnout Paradise bundle weighs in at also. It should be pretty hefty for the game and the expansion together.
OpenGL  +   2257d ago
Grand Turismo 5: Prologue was only around 2GB without the add-on content like intro videos, track videos, etc.
cjp4eva  +   2257d ago
I wont have a problem since I have a 640gb HD in my PS3 :D
adlt  +   2257d ago
I have Siren
I swear all the episode was over 9gigs...

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