Record of Agarest War is largest PSN game ever

If you managed to get into the MAG beta and thought thatwas a lot of downloading, Aksys' Record of Agarest War is going to blow your mind. The PSN title will weigh in "somewhere around 8 - 10 gigs," an Aksys employee posted on the game's forums. We suggest starting the download before you go to bed or -- considering the "100 hour" adventure isn't actually out yet -- taking the Delorean up to 88MPH.

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piroh3059d ago

Bigger than Gears of war :D

HeavyweightInTheGame3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

It's too bad I don't have enough space left on my HDD to download this game though. I'm considering getting the 360 retail version. Anyone know why they aren't doing a retail release for the PS3 version of this game?

Kalowest3059d ago

i read someway they already released the PS3 version, than went back and added more stuff and better graphics to the 360 version.

SixTwoTwo3059d ago

I believe its because the game doesn't have an english dub. I may be wrong though maybe someone else can clarify this.

Redempteur3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

hum ? the game was just retarded for either

- adding trophies ( pal version doesn't have them )
- wait for the 360 version ..

if it's to wait for an useless and shi**y english dub ...well i'm glad i'm not waiting seing the number of rpg this year on ps3 ...

ThanatosDMC3058d ago

My first question is, "is it a good game?" I'm currently heavily addicted to Dragon Age.

Redempteur3058d ago

it's not a bad game ... that's the only answer you'll get ..

It's a early ps3 game that finally got translated..
It's also not a rpg like dragon edge or demon soul ..

but if you like disgaea or cross edge , there is a fair chance you'll get into it ... ( because there an insane amount of thing to do , to custom, to craft ..and characters to get [soul breed system])

There is nothing wrong with agarest beside the intense scrolling during the dialogs parts when there more than 2 people talking ..

a solid rpg at the minimum ..( i can't get into the details as i haven't finish it yet )

ThanatosDMC3058d ago

^Thanks. If it's not at full price say $20 or less. I might get it.

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SixTwoTwo3059d ago

Its going to be close. Siren with all the episodes installed comes close to 10gb.


Is this Game out on the European PSN?

Redempteur3059d ago

this game is out retail on EUR and JAP shores ...

PSN version is USA only ..

OpenGL3059d ago

Siren: Blood Curse is 9130MB with all 12 episodes, and it is only available as a download in the U.S. That was a huge mistake in my opinion, as download only games on consoles don't sell as well as retail, and the size probably turned off some potential customers.

EpsilonTeam3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

The game is already out in europe. Had the Collector's Edition nearly a month now.

Redempteur3059d ago

i have it too

it's a fairly good game ..but many thing can be improved and have been improved in the sequel ( already out in japan )

The size is perfectly normal seing that it's a Normal PS3 Full game ..

Wrathman3059d ago

no space for that on my ps3.40gig model already half full with all the madatory updates sony make me this rate my ps3 has another 3 years left till that other 20gig is full

RankFTW3059d ago

upgrade to a bigger HDD?

jerethdagryphon3058d ago

so spend the price of a game on a new hdd up it to 250gig problem solved

RH063058d ago

Are you talking about game updates, otherwise the PS3 updates don't take the amount of HDD you talking about!

LittleBigSackBoy3059d ago

I bought this last week, it sucks. Took it back for demon's souls.

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