Metal Gear Solid 2: The Novel: Sons of Liberty out

Raymond Benson's second novel based on Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid franchise is out. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty the novel follows where the first novel ended. Following the Shadow Moses Incident, Solid Snake and Otacon now members of The Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear organization, head to the Hudson River to investigate the possible existence of a new Metal Gear. Their mission is simple, to prove the existence of the nuclear equipped walking battle tank and blow out the news to the media. Is it going to be that simple? Find out more about Snake's sneaking journey with this 320 pages novel.

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Shotgun_Roamer2877d ago

disagrees? who wouldn't want to read a 320 page book on how great Snake is. Sorry, but i guess i don't understand

Anorexorcist2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Dude don't even sweat those disagrees. They always come from a particular group of idiots who resent what they can't have or understand. Hint: This particular group of idiots associate themselves with a green X.

Hmmm. I must say that book does look interesting though.

rockleex2876d ago

A book will do the story well.

ThanatosDMC2877d ago

I wonder if it's as confusing as how MGS2's plot unfolded.

Batzi2877d ago

Sigh: play the game first and then read the book.

ThanatosDMC: I haven't got it yet but hopefully it won't be as twisted as the game was.

xabmol2877d ago

I'm to lazy/busy to actually sit down and read a full book these days.

Sangria2877d ago

I remember having read all the background stories in MGS2, including the very long but fascinating story of [SPOILER] that kind of journalist that decides to go to Shadow Moses disguised as a giant tuna [/SPOILER].

So It wont hurt to read a 320 pages book if it actually brings something new to the game or the overall story.

Batzi2877d ago

In the Darkness of Shadow Moses book by Nastasha Romanenko was worth every word. I would recommend every fan to go put MGS2 in and read it. I hope it's included in the novel but I highly doubt.

dan03682877d ago

I read the first book, and won't be reading the second. The author turned snake into a real cornball (in the first chapter, snake says "Merry Christmas" before he knocks out a guard. Snake isn't a bad b-movie action star...

table2877d ago

lol. i've heard bad things about the dialogue and how its poorly written. I've always wanted to read it because i'm an MGS nut but now i really don't think i'm missing out on much. 'merry christmas'... *shakes head*