The Best Game You Never Played: LOADED

Joe Mulhern of AceGamez writes: "I don't know about you guys, but when I was a kid, the best games I ever played were the games I shouldn't have been playing in the first place. Yeah, thats right, the ones with all the blood, guts, gore and the occasional bad word (if we were lucky!). Unfortunately, my father wasn't exactly on the same wavelength, so playing such games were a novelty. Owning them, on the other hand, was an honour."

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Gun_Senshi2875d ago

I used to play this game all time with my friend, it rocks :D

Pennywise2875d ago

I popped this in my 60gig a few months back. Wasnt as fun as I remembered it!

Blaster_Master2874d ago

The best games of all time are on the NES. Demon's Quest, Dragon Warrior, Me, Metroid, River City Ransom. Must I go on?

cyguration2874d ago

River City Ransom, too? Man, I loved that game. River City Ransom 2 had more fighting moves and better stage designs, but the original was just an absolute classic. They recently released a pseudo-sequel called Badass Rumble for the PSP.

Back on topic...

Loaded was all right; the best part about that game was the soundtrack.

Prototype2874d ago

Oh man I remember this game, it was the Postal of PlayStation, one of my boys also had Reloaded (or Postal Reloaded or something like that)

whothedog2874d ago

Demons Quest or Demons Crest for SNES? If so I loved Demons Crest, River City Ranson NES was great too. Metal Warriors SNES anyone? SNES is where all my favorite classics are haha, I still love the NES too.

I rented a PS1 and rented this game Loaded or Reloaded(one of the two), RE2 and Skull Monkeys, was fun at the time.

CptBach2874d ago

This is the first game i ever played on my playstation...(the demo actually) i got it on christmas 1995..

Trebius2874d ago

I used to have this game for Sega Saturn...

It was SICK!

Gen0ne2874d ago

Ahhh.... the memories. *wipes tear*

Calvin_ISA2874d ago

Me too. I used to play it at a friends when I was little. That game kicks so much ass. I bought it off eBay early last year. I bought ReLoaded along with it (I'd never played it), and it sucks in comparison. :/

The music in Loaded is so badass.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2875d ago

I remember this game! Bought the sequel too, ReLoaded.

Favorite thing about em, was the music.

Pennywise2874d ago

Thats what I forgot to say... the soundtrack rocked!

NIN642874d ago

Soundtrack by Clint Mansell and PWEI.

Anorexorcist2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I remember first playing Reloaded before Loaded, and once I eventually rented Loaded I remember thinking to myself "Damn in this one blood just splatters all over the place. All over the walls, the floor. The sequel was made for sissy sensitive little religious kids like Rod and Todd Flanders!"

My favorite characters: Cap N' Hands, Butch (the man wearing a purple dress), and Fwank.

LiquifiedArt2874d ago

It was cool. Very colorful.

Man_of_the_year2874d ago

Contrary to the title of the article. I have played it, finished it and loved it. I also played re-loaded which obviously was the sequel. However it was pretty impossible to finish the game with the limited amount of lives that were given so my brother and i just put the code in to have infinite lives and we finished it that way. Great game with TONS of Blood. However the ending sucked.

Attila572874d ago

Wow a few weeks ago for some weird reason this game popped into my head, just the images of it, and I forgot what it was called, thanks for reminding! Fun game btw.

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