Incgamers: Age of Conan Update 6 Preview

The next update for Age of Conan is on the way, and IncGamers has teamed up with Funcom to give an exclusive look at some of the exciting new features that players can look forward to.

Guild renown, the final show-down with Thoth-Amon and fighting alongside Conan himself awaits players in this upcoming content patch.

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Maticus3300d ago

I wonder if you'll have to protect Conan, or if he's just a guide as such...

Leord3300d ago

Oh, pretty cool! Is it update 6 already? Time sure flies!

Malfurion3300d ago

No mention of WHEN just yet, but it must be soon I would guess.

/rubs hands together in anticipation

Dorjan3300d ago

Fight along side conan? AWESOME

Fyzzu3300d ago

Looking pretty cool. Has AoC been fixed enough to be worth playing yet, then?

Leord3300d ago

I love the guild level system. I wish WoW had that!

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