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Submitted by Gamedot 2256d ago | news

Why Is New Medal of Honor Game Not Controversial?

After a bit of time without the internet, Liam had nothing to do but think. And so think he did and he wondered why EA hasn't received the backlash that Atomic has for its game set in the war in Fallujah. (Culture, Industry, Medal of Honor, PC, PS3, Six Days in Fallujah, Xbox 360)

Noctis Aftermath  +   2256d ago
Maybe because there is very little information on the title?
Sarcasm  +   2256d ago
lol seriously

They could throw a right hook at us and make the game set 20 years in the future or something for all we know.
presto717  +   2256d ago
Do we need controversy in gaming?
Like the MW2 scene was totally unnecessary. It just gives non-gamers an opportunity to talk sh!t about video games
Sarcasm  +   2256d ago
Yeah the MW2 scene should have been a short cutscene.
wxer  +   2256d ago
i hate to say it but
all of this is just a pure hype
even those ((Controversial)) levels or cut scenes is just to get every one talking about the game
so its like this
controversy is free advertisement and free hype just to get more sales
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Shepherd 214  +   2256d ago
it wont be a controversy until the game is released and the media sees a couple screenshots of people in a desert, then it will be all over Fox and CNN as being "disrespectful" or "shameful" or something else.

kinda like the media claiming Mass Effect was a space porno even though there were only two sex scenes that were very short and you saw no full frontal nudity at all.
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2256d ago
"It was because the game was set in Afghanistan, a hugely unpopular war particularly in America."

And the Iraq war is popular?
Gamedot  +   2256d ago
No but we'd be having the same discussion of the game was set in Iraq
SuperM  +   2256d ago
vietnam war was unpopular. doesnt mean we shouldnt make games about it. I honestly feel all the controversy and complaining about games like six days in fallujah is stupid.

So what if you arent in favor of the war, it doesnt mean we should just put it to the side like it never happened. Who here favors what the nazis did during ww2? probably nobody, i still get to play as nazis online though, slaughtering allied soldiers. noone seem to care. and ofcourse they should not, its just a game.
Sarcasm  +   2256d ago
SuperM, you have to look at it both ways man. If people are offended or sensitive because they have loved ones that died in the war, so be it. You need to respect that.

If they made a game that really offended something personal in your life, you wouldn't be having the same tune.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2256d ago
First of all it's a quote from the article. Second my question was rhetorical. The point was that flew over your head gamedot was Operation Phantom Fury the U.S. offensive in fallujah occured during an unpopular war.

And learn some geography and facts before writing silly articles. Fallujah is a city in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar, located roughly 69 kilometers (43 miles) west of Baghdad in Iraq not Afghanistan!
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IaMs12  +   2255d ago
You see and that pisses me off, I understand it wasnt Afghan who attacked the US on 9/11 but the tailiban was hiding there so we went after them, wouldnt you! I knew people who were in that building, alive and dead to this day, so i say go after those B*stards! It has been a long time indeed too long in fact. But no matter what our country needs to back up their troops, give support, not bash them its not going to help!
BX81  +   2256d ago
Iraq.... Afghan.... No difference as long as my m-4 has fresh bodies to munch on! Hmm Mk-19 hunger for brains as well...
tehk1w1  +   2256d ago
Gamedot  +   2255d ago
My mate has got back to me. Pretty much what he has put is for him it doesn't bother him. It's a game at the end of the day. But he did say for others it is probably too close to the borderline for them.
IRetrouk  +   2256d ago
people are just too damn sensitive, ITS A GAME NOT REAL LIFE, who cares where its set, if its good its good, a game will NEVER recreate the true feeling of being at war ever.
MrJackOfAllTrades   2256d ago | Spam
evrfighter  +   2256d ago
A lot of service men are gamers. Quite a bit actually. I'm sure the first thing they wanna do when their tour is up is come home and start fraggin "six days in fallujah"...
Gamedot  +   2256d ago
"A lot of service men are gamers. Quite a bit actually. I'm sure the first thing they wanna do when their tour is up is come home and start fraggin "six days in fallujah"..."

A very good mate of mine is in the RAF. He has had several tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He's also a massive lover of the COD series. I'm going to ask him what he thinks about MOH. I'm betting it doesn't bother him and if it gets good reviews, he'll buy it.
IaMs12  +   2255d ago
OR wouldnt you want the people to know the kind of SH*T you go through? To show hey look what we go through for YOU.
IRetrouk  +   2255d ago
@ MrJackOfAllTrades
I understand conpleatly what you are saying and would agree if not for my two older brothers having served for the armed forces and being two of the biggest COD fans there are. At the end of the day it is still just a game and should be treated as such.

Also on a side note, A game can never, ever, ever, ever recreate what it is like to be in a real warzone, the solders would know this.
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mattygamefreak  +   2256d ago
There is no mention of Fallujah
Fallujah was a controversial battle which is why the game Six Days in Fallujah copped so much slack.

Medal of Honor on the other hand never said they will feature a Fallujah encounter. For all we know the game may have a fictional storyline.

Point is, Six Days in Fallujah wasn't banned for being in Afghanistan, it was banned for Fallujah.
adriano999  +   2256d ago
fallujah is in iraq, not afghanistan :)
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2256d ago
It will take 5 more posts before it finally sinks in of people saying that.
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BX81  +   2256d ago
@adriano999 "As you may know here at Gamedot we are behind the team at Atomic who are developing a highly controversial game in the form of Six Days in Fallujah, which is of course set in Afghanistan."

When I read it fast I got the same impression. The key is "in the form of Six Days in Fallujah, which is of course set in Afghanistan" I think they're trying to say it should be causing a stir like the Fallujah game since it's based in Afghan and as we all know Afghan is about to pick up here shortly. I thought the same when I first read it, I had to read it 2 or 3 times.
DigitalAnalog  +   2256d ago
Loved the MOH series.. Especially on the original PSX.
I wonder how the "modern" twist would work.
amolang  +   2256d ago
I agree completely with Mattygamefreak,

its obviously because the game isn't (or at least hasn't been announced to be) based on real events. its not something thats happening now, or is known to be a terrible event. if its found to be set in real events, then the media will go crazy, if not there won't be a problem. didn't mw2 have Afghanistan? was there a problem with that? no.
Bloodshedder  +   2256d ago
maybe cuz it aint out yet?
BX81  +   2256d ago
Am I the only one who thinks that pic. makes for a sweet cover?
xAlmostPro  +   2256d ago
maybe because 6 days in fallujah is in iraq not afghanistan and based on the real war there? and this is based on a most likely fictional war that is based in afghanistan? lol kind of easy when you think about it :D
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gamejediben  +   2256d ago
ehhh fock sensitivity. EA should just go balls out and offend everyone they can. Controversy is good for sales.

Lets have the soldiers massacre kids and blow up houses full of families. They'd be rolling in the cash by the truckloads!

Gamedot  +   2256d ago
Article updated due to crappy knowledge of geography!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2256d ago
The thing controversial is that
this franchise went to complete s#!t and should truthfully be the on COD is trying to match!
Magnus  +   2256d ago
A game is only contriversal only if people want to make a big deal out of something. Call of Dutys airport scene I did not think was bad it was only bad because the media made something out of it. I thought it was bad cause the guy walked like a robot.
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monstrado  +   2256d ago
Therre is nothing controversial about this title. With your logic, the first iteration in the Call of Duty series would have been a copy of Medal of Honor...?
Dante43  +   2256d ago
Six Days in Fallujah game had controversy because the Iraq war was bullshit, the US only want their oil field.

Afghanistan war is different, the US and other country are actually trying to help the local population by driving away the terrorist.
Government Cheese  +   2256d ago
Actually, Six Days in Fallujah was more controversial because it was based on a true event. Apparently this new MoH is simply "inspired" by true events. Sorta fiction vs. non-fiction.
Wozzer  +   2255d ago
Warfare 2 has the "Afghan" level. Question is, who gives a sh1t where its set?
R_A_LEE20  +   2255d ago
The difference between Six Days and MoH is that Six Days was based on real events.

MoH, as far as we know, isn't. All we know is that the guy on the MoH poster is a guy in real life who's in the military.

All of this will, hopefully, come to light at VGA.

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