Backbreaker Fact Sheet

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Here is the official fact sheet for Backbreaker."

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doctorstrange2935d ago

I'm not really into American Footie, but this game does look fun

DoucheVader2935d ago

A football game not by EA? :P

rdgneoz32935d ago

The gameplay videos for it look pretty sick. Looks like it'll put the Euphoria engine to some good use and give EA a run for their money. Competition is always a good thing, as without it you end up with the same sh!t over and over with the companies not even trying to improve the quality since they're the only thing on the market for buyers to get.

decimalator2935d ago

But how can it be a sports game if it's not from EA? IT'S NOT IN THE GAME!!

Trexman892935d ago

i wonder how this will sell