NPD: 82 Percent of American Kids Say They're Gamers

Gamesthirst: Our very good friend from the NPD Group, David Riley, has just sent in some rather intriguing news, if you're between the ages of 2-17, then most likely you're a gamer.

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FishCake9T43246d ago

Every kid i know here in the UK has a games console. I just guess its whether or not you take games seriously enough to call yourself a gamer.

movements3246d ago

Own a console. Impossible

solar3245d ago

i remember when gamers where nerds and outcasts of social activities. seems like i was a head of the curve a mere 10 years later. :P

Montrealien3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

but the real question is, are they hardcore enough to be gamers? The N4G savants will determine that, cause lets face it, they are savants.

Arnon3245d ago

Gaming is now the leading form of entertainment. It's almost expected, nowadays.

Saaking3245d ago

They may be gamers, but they're just CASUAL gamers. There's a difference.

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movements3246d ago

What's the percentage for 18+

darthv723246d ago

at 17 you are still being called a "kid"??? I guess that is better than young whipper snapper.

RockmanII73245d ago

I'm a kid even though I can buy rated M games and see rated R movies. I think the proper term is 'young adult'.

PopEmUp3245d ago

can you go to a night club? if not you still a kid, otherwise you're a young adult :P

Carl14123245d ago

I'm technically an adult (18+) but wouldn't consider myself to be one

Sarcasm3245d ago

Once you start paying a mortgage and bills, you are no longer a kid.

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movements3246d ago

Seems like everybody have some kind of system over there; seems like they all play games

RockmanII73245d ago

Where again was this poll taken place? I should go there some time.

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The story is too old to be commented.