Another MW2 hack, earn all SP Veteran trophies while not playing it

PS3-Sense writes: Yesterday we had a post where someone shows us how you can get all the spec ops stars while not playing it. This can be done very easy with a little hack in the savegame.

The game also has trophies to play all missions on difficulty level Veteran. Now there's a hack which makes it possible to earn all these trophies on Veteran mode while not playing the game. The only thing you have to do is a hack in the savegame. Of course he filmed it and he shows us how you got to do it. Activision didn't responded to this hack (yet).

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Pennywise3302d ago

10/10 game, right? lol

COD:Modern Glitchfare 2.

Double073302d ago

Lol @ this game.

If it gets GOTY over Uncharted 2 im actually gonna be laughing for weeks to come.

TheHater3302d ago

oh it probably will by site such as Gamespot, ign, and gametrailers.

WildArmed3302d ago

well giving multiplats GOTY is the safest way to go after all lol

heroicjanitor3302d ago

Where you could use infinite ammo and one shot kills on a difficulty you hadn't beaten yet. Still though Uncharted 2 is the best game this generation and the first time I bothered getting a platinum.

Shotgun_Roamer3302d ago

So tempted to do this, i really don't want to waste my time playing a 5year olds war fantasy on normal AND veteran. However my integrity keeps slapping me whenever i get close to my controller.

Zydake3301d ago

I'm going to do it cause I hate activision whose with me !?!? =D

uie4rhig3300d ago

are just pussies who can't win otherwise.. play your game fair and square like everyone else does..

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3302d ago

Lol @ infinty ward who cant do a game correctly

TOO PAWNED3302d ago

I find this lame, why would you want to fake your trophies? What's the point, you just lie yourself.
When i look at my trophies i want to have that feeling "ok i earned this". If i did what this guy and likes of him do, i would lose interestet in trophies.

Hellsvacancy3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Coz not every1 thinks like us mate, hence y the worlds full of thieves, rapists and other breeds of criminal - its easier 2 take wot isnt yours

All 1044 trophies i got hav been earned entirely by me (thats not true, my missis earned 1 trophy playin Bomberman lol)

The Hunter3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I am totaly suprised that u got agrees and I with my comment below got disagrees with the same opinion about CORRECT earning trophies! And YES this site must banned! They say it in their discription: "Yesterday we had a post where someone shows us how you can get all the spec ops stars while not playing it." So YES they promoted it!

IdleLeeSiuLung3302d ago

The fact that you can do this on the PS3 invalidates the idea of a trophy.

M4GN3T3302d ago

Site banned? You don't even know what your talking about. Never heard of bringing news to people, even if its bad news? And do something about your English, go to school or something.

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lordkemp0073302d ago

I went to the shops to buy a pair of camouflage trousers in order to play this the other day, but i couldn't find any.

SeanScythe3302d ago

Again another way to know who to laugh at and block from my friends list. I love it tells you the time and date of when they get the trophy that way you can see they cheated. I hope sony takes some acation for people doing this. Maybe removing all trophies for that game.

Double073302d ago

They wont do that even though it'd be great if they did.

Im halfway through it on Veteran and its not even remotely difficult in all fairness so people really shouldnt need to cheat. And its not as if the game has the longest campaign mode ever made either.

SeanScythe3302d ago

Yeah this Veteran is like hard on COD:WAW, that game had an insane Veteran.

3302d ago
Motion3302d ago

why would you block your friends? and if they aren't you're friends, why would you add them?

MWong3302d ago

Honestly I don't think Sony cares too much about people cheating. There have been websites that have been using cheats & "game enhancements" for years and Sony hasn't tried to shut them down. Why would Sony start now?? I think they frown upon people cheating online.

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Clarence Callahan3302d ago

yeah, well great, uhm, not, i just finished it, and got my platinum, i really can't stand people getting a platinum with glitching or cheating of any form.
this with the javelin glitch really make it a glitchy game, lol

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