SCEA Santa Monica Working on New IP After God of War III

Split-Screen: "If it weren't enough that Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), Santa Monica is releasing arguably the biggest video game trilogy finale of this decade in March next year with God of War III, sources indicate there's more in store."

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Serjikal_Strike3299d ago

expect them to quit after this is no surprise..

bring it on SM

WildArmed3299d ago

hey as long as its not a shooter.. bring it on!
FPS market is already too crowded.. need more variety..
SM does Action games best.. i hope they continue with that genre (or something close by)

lightningsax3299d ago

Let's hope we'll hear something at E3!

WildArmed3299d ago

I'm betting it'll be a good year or two until we hear about it.
esp. since GoW3 is gonna keep them busy till mid next year.
So they'll probably take a year or two to get the game rolling in all fronts

sikbeta3299d ago

SCE Santa Monica Studio Crew are such Great Devs, we can only Expect a really Awesome Game

Nike3299d ago

Agreed, E3 is too soon for all this. God of War 3 will be releasing just a few months before the show, so it's too soon to show anything. That said, Sony can definitely tease something in the offering for the next year or subsequent shows thereafter.

xTruthx3299d ago

I recently bought the Gow collection and man, I didn't know those games where that good. now I'm even more pumped for Gow 3

Dark General3299d ago

I love it when these companies bang out a new IP. It's always nice to see them not confined to one particular franchise until it's ran into the ground.

raztad3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )


Come on man, what were you playing on your PS2? too much madden? PES? :D tell us.

I still dont undertand how so many people missed this awesome game out. It was the pinnacle of the PS2 library.

Ontopic: Anything coming from Sony Santa Monica, it's warranted to be top quality. Looking forward to whatever it is.

@xtruth bellow

Awesome. Welcome to the black side. To tell the truth I was a Pc only gamer till 2005, but I was a bit tired of FPSs and RTSs so I decided to search for more variety. When I needed to pick a console, GoW, DMC and Shadow of the Colossus were the games that made me pick the Ps2. Never regretted that decision.

Enjoy that collection. GoW2 is even better than the original. It will blow you away.

I dont know why I got I disagree. Odd.

Darkstorn3299d ago

Nice. Hopefully it will come out this gen!

Darkstorn3299d ago

Well, I'm a prime example.
Last gen, I only had an original Xbox. This gen, I defected to the PS3. I missed God of War since I had no PS2, and my copy of the Collection came yesterday. I've never even touched the original God of War games, so I can't wait to play them this weekend.

Ravage273299d ago

It's also the reason why i love my PS3 so much. I do enjoy some sequels of PS2 games(MGS4,Crack in Time,etc) but i spend most of my time on IPs that are created this gen such as Uncharted,inFamous,RFoM,Motors torm,
Warhawk,LBP and the upcoming Last Guardian,WKC and ModNation Racers.

Sarcasm3299d ago

Maybe they might as well just make Heavenly Sword 2.

Aquarius3299d ago


Trebius3298d ago

Part of me hopes it still involves Greek Mythology...

Cause games dont do that often...

And I think it's pretty neat :\

xTruthx3298d ago

lol i dk aether :P, thx man. I started to leave the pc gaming after MGS4, then even more when kz2 came and then I just started buying every ps3 game i could and i barely play on my pc anymore.

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unrealgamer583299d ago

they'll most likely be a spin off

Nike3299d ago

Which would commercially be the safest bet (and allow them to take certain liberties creatively. Like ODST, only fun and done right). It'd be interesting to see a spin-off on the Titans, or even one featuring the original God of War, Ares, before he bit the bullet. Time will tell.

Bebedora3299d ago

I think they will hold on to the concept of it being brutal. That said, I don't think it will so 2 dimensional as GOW series is. A development of it. A sandbox game?

Nike3299d ago

The brutality will definitely be there, but the chance of branching out into other genres is also a strong possibility. Well, that is, if it really is a spin-off of God of War.

Cajun Chicken3299d ago

I can't wait to see what Santa Monica come up with next. I think they need Jaffe again to kick the next series off though, what great design he lead in the first game.

LordMarius3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Gotta love all those AAA exclusives

And what is MS Studios working on

Obama3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Halo cricket starring Master cricket?

SilverSlug3299d ago

It is a new franchise. Sony has really been pushing for new hits and I hope that they can give us the 'next God of War' on PS3. Doesn't mean I want the next game to play like God of War, just be as big as God of War. To me GOW came out of left field and kicked me right in the arse.

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