Microsoft low on Xbox 360 coffins

"For the most part, we've given up on reporting every single time one of our colleagues in the gaming press has an Xbox 360 die on them. Frankly, we'd be writing a piece every couple weeks. A brilliant recent example was the Weekly Geek Show's Xbox 360, which we covered, died again in late May. Exactly one month and six days after being "repaired." But, like Peter Moore asked of all of us, we shouldn't focus on the failure rate of Xbox 360s, but on the service in repairing them. And so, we have the story of Officer Craig Ravitch of the New York Police Department.

Officer Ravitch discovered last Friday that his Xbox 360 died on him in a classic New York "You gotta' be frickin' kidding me!" moment. He loves his Xbox 360, it's his "favorite system," but the "constant breaking down is amazing" to him. He called Microsoft, as he's done three times before. This next console will be his fourth since the 360 launch. He bought the $60 two-year warranty after his last failure and also received a 50% repair discount after arguing the last time. Microsoft support told him he'd have his box by Tuesday. After not receiving a confirmation that this Xbox 360 coffin was sent (which he received the last time he did this), he decided to call support again. They informed him his box wasn't sent because "the service department is running very low on boxes, so it will take a little longer than expected to get that box" out to him. Ravitch was shocked. Is Microsoft getting back so many defective systems that they don't have a fresh supply of coffins anymore?"

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nice_cuppa4183d ago

and all i could think about was getting it fixed asap.

its ok though as i have another.

as long as microsoft fix my other one for free im ok with it.

and with forza2 and shadowrun im still liking my 360 more than my wii or ps3.

game on gamers.

4183d ago
Fart_Bubbles4183d ago

but instead of flaming you, I actually pity you, do you value your money so little that you think nothing of buying and putting up with an obviously defective product??

you're a sad excuse for a consumer.

dantesparda4183d ago

Mine broke one week ago (last Wednesday) but i wasnt so lucky, its out of warranty and i have to pay for it, $70 (since they lowered it by half but it was originally $139). I am pissed cuz i shouldnt have to pay for it! its the second 360 that broke on me and it was a year and 3 months old! My 1st 360 (a launch unit) died after 80 something days. And i know 6 other people, who's 360 all broke around the same time as me.

The representive lady told me that MS might send them announcement in the end of June or July about taking people's 360 back in my situation. Until then, i am screwed, unless i pay for it. And i dont want to pay for it. The system has already cost me $520 ($420 plus the 2 years of Live) and it only lasted me 1 year and 6 months total (between the two 360s). MS better come correct!

Saint Sony4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

OK, even though 360 has break down issues (which I have not yet encountered, even with my 2005 version), THIS article is prolly one of the lamest flamewar articles I've seen on N4G.

Can't 360 haters bring up any NEW issues to bash? Come on, I know you people can!

EDIT: drtysouf21, ok I believe you don't hate 360, but people do know 360 has bricking problems. Makes me feel these "news" are made for flaming only. Propaganda is the hip word of the day...for this whole console war.

ps. I don't hate PS3, I hate the PS3 fanboys.

drtysouf214183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

am i a 360 hater i own all 3 consoles and spent most of my money on the 360. I post good and bad news for all consoles i just posted this yesterday and have tipped many good news and bad news articles for all consoles. So think what you want. Here's your proof of what i own.

PS. Check out the Alternative Source its from xbox360fanboy.

VaeVictus4183d ago

New issues to bash? When they refuse to correct the big 'issue' it's hard to focus on any others. Xbots just can't handle bad news. When the Wii outsells the 360 in the next few months will it evoke a "can't you guys find any new issues to bash" response? My 360 died on me two weeks ago. Fortunately, I spent an additional $40 bucks on a warranty at EBgames and was saved the trouble of dealing with M$.

Adamalicious4183d ago

It may not be a "NEW" issue, but it is certainly an ongoing one, and one that Microsoft doesn't seem to be doing much if anything about. I believe Peter Moore said something about it not being "one problem" - which to me sounds like "our hardware is just of low quality overall".

My 360 hasn't broken and I count myself lucky. I suspect it has something to do with the limited amount of time I have to spend playing it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4183d ago

It's that this "overheating" Console is still kicking the crap out of the PS3 on "every" Level. Now what kind of world do we live in where a console's only problem is overheating and still... it out sells the PS3? I'll tell you what kind of world, the kinds that sees reality and that reality is the PS3 is broken on many other levels. Games, service, online, lack of games, difficulty of development, Blu-Ray's importance over gaming, lack of games, GPU, RAM, PSN, lack of games, expensive development, sales, expensive, lack of games, graphics (still look better on the 360), ports, rumble (How could a gaming console company not add one of the biggest tools in gaming?), lack of games, poor line up, laong as hell loading times, low sales, lack of games, Blu-Ray #1 gaming #2, and lack of games.

PS Hey bladestar, yesterday I put up that funny PS3 video and said I would put up a funny 360 one today. Well here it is "funny as hell" I'll put up a funny Wii video tomorrow.

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BIadestarX4183d ago

"Is Microsoft getting back so many defective systems that they don't have a fresh supply of coffins anymore?" And here is how rumors start. Next Sony fanboy that repeats or re-write this article will say.
"crosoft getting back so many defective systems that they don't have a fresh supply of coffins".

Lacarious4183d ago

you can guarantee that!

skynidas4183d ago

The answer to that is that it started first

AngryTypingGuy4183d ago

Could be the superior game lineup.

4183d ago