How Can Medal Of Honor Compete With Call Of Duty?

IncGamers' Andy Alderson works out the path EA will need to treat in order to compete with Activision's Call of Duty juggernaut.

From the article: "OK, so it's arguably the least original concept since *insert Green Day album title here* but I really want EA to get this right. As much as I love the Call of Duty series, I still have fond memories of the PS1 MoH games, Allied Assault and, to a lesser extent, Frontlines. I also think a little competition will be good for the consumer and, like in so many genres, push both franchises forward. However, EA has got to do more than wheel Riccitiello out front and centre to sound the EA war cry. It's all good and well for him to call out Activision, but the game has to do the talking. And let's face it, since the schism which saw the project leads for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault form Infinity Ward (and subsequently kneecap the MoH series), the franchise has never been the same. So how can EA effectively challenge Modern Warfare?"

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Leord3296d ago

They will have a shot at it at least!

Serjikal_Strike3296d ago

but its not Call of duty they need to compete against....its Battlefield Bad Company 2...

CernaML3296d ago

Yeah... let them compete against themselves...

badz1493296d ago

this is the competition for popularity, right? in terms of quality, the competition is by far NOT CoD!

evrfighter3295d ago

The answer is simple.

Do nothing

The road Infinity Ward is on ends at a cliff. While DICE decided to take the tracks along the road that go across the cliff.

Window seats for watching the spectacular explosions and green flares as Infinity Ward and Call of Duty plummets to its demise should cost extra though.

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Relientk773296d ago

They will have to make it as good as the PSOne Medal of Honors

oh Medal of Honor, and Medal of Honor: Underground

good games

AndyA3296d ago

People always go on about Halo popularising the FPS on consoles, but MoH deserves some credit too, IMO.

Fyzzu3296d ago

I think they need to go a new direction. I loved Allied Assault more than I did the PSX games, but Call of Duty pretty much has the "big setpiece" combat sewn up. If they want to compete, they need to make it really special.

-GametimeUK-3296d ago

Simple answer. It cant.

I highly doubt it will match the commercial success of the COD games.


It has the potential to be a better game. Just because I predict it wont sell like COD doesnt mean it cant be a better game than COD.

W1ckeD3296d ago

That's so true man.

A lot of people are making jokes like: Need for Honor : Most Wanted, etc.
But I think EA has a good shot.

Modern Warfare 2 is a GOOD game, we can't argue about that, but it isn't the revolutionary game like everybody was pretending it to be.
It is Modern Warfare 1 with a new story , new features, etc, they are not doing things that are making the shooter genre unique.

It's all about marketing and names, people know the name Call Of Duty, when they hear the name CoD, they go balastic, so it means more people buying the game.

Like you stated, it can become a better game, but selling better then MW2? Don't think so.
However, if this MoH is brilliant, and more people are getting to know MoH as: "That awesome shooter" EA is a step closer to big sales.

Maticus3296d ago

It's all about the co-op.

El_Colombiano3296d ago

So long it's not tacked on.

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