Sun Confirms ZFS File System For OSX Leopard

Perhaps overcome with excitement (and forgetting that Apple doesn't like such pre-emptive disclosures), Sun's Jonathan Schwartz announced today at Sun event in Washington D.C. that Apple would be making ZFS "the file system" in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.

"In fact, this week you'll see that Apple is announcing at their Worldwide Developer Conference that ZFS has become the file system in Mac OS 10."

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ITR4186d ago I can pool any HDD I connect to OSX now.

I wonder how compression will work.

ITR4186d ago

Without a good file sys none of us would be gaming on PC or Mac.

This is in the tech section.

calderra4185d ago

Just for perspective: I'm a computer nerd working at a tech help place, and this announcement still means absolutely nothing to me.

ZFS! It's like NFS, only EXTREME!!!!

ITR4185d ago

ZFS is the way of the future!

God I feel like I'm in a BD commerical.

I think MS will eventually do a similar files sys...eventually.

Firewire4185d ago

This is a good move by Apple, although it was expected.