ButtonMasher: GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

ButtonMasher writes: "The final instalment of GTA IV's exclusive DLC is here, The Ballad of gay Tony (TBOGT). Boasting over ten hours of new game play and new multiplayer features including parachutes, kill streaks and assisted kills. Seeing as it's most likely the last major full instalment we'll see for GTA IV, you'd be forgiven for expecting it should be the best yet. Well, you might just be right.

The campaign follows the life of Luis Lopez, business partner/body guard for Gay Tony (Tony Prince), owner/manager of the hottest night clubs in Liberty city. Without divulging to much about the story line you spend the majority of the game rectifying bad debts/business decisions made by your impulsive and flamboyant partner Tony. Like The Lost and the Damned the story is interwoven with the original GTA IV."

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